Black lives don’t matter (to Liberals)

Worshipping the lie of multiculturalism

Black lives matter (so Liberals keep telling us), but I’ve come to the conclusion that they don’t. If they did, one would expect the left to be more concerned with knife crime, gang membership, and absentee black fathers. Instead, the focus appears to be propping up false narratives which invariably translate into nice little earners.  

Police brutality is not borne out by the figures, but does provide the perfect excuse to smash the place up without getting your collar felt. White privilege is a scam even Robert Maxwell would have been ashamed of, and yet it’s a good seller. Tory racism is a curious one, considering 33% of BAME voters favoured the Tories in 2015, and Boris Johnson currently presides over the most ethnically diverse cabinet in history.

So, while departing, ‘trained Marxist’ BLM co-founder, Patrisse Cullors, appears to have discovered a $3M property portfolio hidden between the pages of Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book, left-wing politicians on the whole are quite content to milk the black community for votes alone.

False victim narratives make it essential to oppose police measures like ‘stop and search’; no matter how many black lives it saves. Indeed, you can correlate the success of Liberal politicians with the venom they reserve for Section 60.

Stop and search is ‘Ineffectual and racially unjust’, claims Shadow Justice Secretary, David Lammy; the man whose answer to black overrepresentation in crime is to allow them to ‘hide’ their convictions. ‘Stop-and-search in London shot up, whilst crime actually went down’, notes former Shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott, with trademark comprehension. ‘I’d do everything in my power to cut stop and search’ promised mayor hopeful Sadiq Khan, London’s answer to King Midas (everything he touches turns to shit).  And on it goes.

What they’ll never tell you is the simple fact: stop and search saves black lives. Even the enfeebled Cressida Dick got that right: ‘Somewhere between 23 and 25 per cent of those we stop have something on them they shouldn’t have and that’s the same whether they’re black, white or Asian.’

Scotland Yard proved the efficacy of stop and search in 2018, when they reduced killings by 30% by increased engagement in violence hotspots. Section 60 takes deadly weapons off the streets, with 11,000 knives, firearms and weapons seized in 2019/20, thanks to heightened searches. And it means black boys (9 times more likely to be murdered) are more likely to see the dawn.

This leaves Liberals without much to do, except quibble the conviction rate – which will never be high enough. Only 4% of Section 60 stop and searches lead to arrest. Only 15% of stop and searches lead to arrest. Only 1 in 5 stop and searches lead to arrests. What are the left holding out for? Do they want a guaranteed, 100% conviction rate before the police alight their squad cars, and sashay high-heeled onto the pavement?

It’s a sad fact that officers are no longer confident of using stop and search for fear of being called racist; and they’re right to be so. Stop and search is racist (it’s also sexist, ageist and locationist to boot), and it damned well ought to be. Crime does not adhere to diversity quotas, and neither do its proponents.

Like Oliver Twist’s Fagin, Old Father Crime entices young men into its service, with young black men London’s Artful Dodgers. According to the latest ONS figures, 21% of those convicted of murder in England and Wales are black – 7 times what one would expect by population alone (3%). Take into account the fact that 93% of murders are committed by men, and this statistic is even more stark.

What precisely does the left want in terms of crime-fighting (apart from defunding the police altogether)? Surveillance teams at the old folk’s home? Shakedowns for neonates? Strip-search the blind? In the cold light of day, it’s hard to see their argument against Section 60 as much more than this:

You’re only allowed to stop and search those who aren’t committing crimes, because we rely on the criminal vote

How many black lives might be saved, if Liberal politicians stopped profiteering from false narratives of black victimhood – and started focussing on genuine victims? Victims like Sasha Johnson, Britain’s BLM leader who was recently shot at a South London house party.

The irony may be lost, but had BLM’s calls to defund the police been heeded, the successful stop and search operation would never have taken place, and the ‘four black men’ arrested for her shooting would still be at liberty.

Black lives may matter to Liberals, but not nearly as much as their votes do.

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6 Comments on Black lives don’t matter (to Liberals)

  1. This tendentious slogan, from which none now dare publicly demur, flies in the face of all crime statistics. But then the purpose of those who promote it is not to improve the lot of black British citizens, but to demoralise and eventually disposses their white compatriots. Already some parts of London are going the way of Detroit, and the ultimate destination for Britain is the crime-ravaged shambles that is South Africa.

  2. White police cause black crime, white taxpayers cause black poverty, white teachers cause black under-achievement, white nations cause black underdevelopment….nome sane, bruv?

  3. Two rappers previously responsible for attacking the police over violent rap music bans are now in charge of a new “We” are England soccer team rap music anthem.
    Black Knives Murder.

  4. My sympathy for the shooting victim Sasha Johnson is somewhat reduced by my wondering why a mother of two young children was attending an all-night party.

    As for the perpetrators of the shooting, it’s no surprise to learn that they’re black – not because black people are violent criminals by nature, but because they’re trained to be violent criminals by multiculturalism.

    • Violent crime is often linked to lack of intelligence and the demand for instant reward, and aided by physical advantages like long legs and muscular arms. In the case of Afro-Caribbeans there is the absent-father and male role model filled by footballers and “musicians”. In the Somali case there is a violent background in Africa. Neither “racism” nor “multiculturalism” as such are primary causal factors, but loose immigration control and transnational dope and weapon smuggling play an importrant part.

  5. Very good, yes: “Politicians rely on the criminal vote.” This started with left-wing political parties acting on the marxist necessity to claim that the cause of violent criminality is the free enterprise system -not human propensity to violence. And now, all over the West, nominally non-marxist political parties have followed suit. Ditto in the case of : “Resident parasitism is superior to productive, contributory citizenship.”