G7 Exorcising the People’s’ Choice, Donald Trump.

G7 was really about about exorcising the people’s choice, Donald Trump. With the nasty, low class Donald removed from the public gaze things will get back to normal. The climate change boondoggle can resume, the murderous clerics in Teheran can carry on building their nuclear bombs, and China will expand its network of concentration camps. Oh, and any taxes on the big traders Amazon, Google, Facebook etc, will be been postponed far into a watered down future. 

Tomorrow Biden (is he really the President or should it be Trump?) will be shaking hands with the man whose secret service launched a nerve gas attack in Salisbury, which if it had got out of hand would have killed thousands.

It doesn’t matter who you vote for the same government gets elected.

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9 Comments on G7 Exorcising the People’s’ Choice, Donald Trump.

  1. If I remember correctly it was Lord Hailsham who said, many years ago that we live in a two party dictatorship.
    In so far as that view has changed it has been for the worse: as the perceived party of conservative traditions and values has become increasingly progressive. Buffeted by riptides of irrationality it is now indistinguishable from its former ideological enemy.
    And oh yes, the Democrats, formerly the party of white indentured bondage and black slavery, lead once more in the idealogical imposition of mass servitude.
    Meet the new boss….

    • Hailsham also observed that a multiracial “society” could not be a free democracy and wondered where the English got the feeling of being a “defeated nation”. His postwar classic “Case for Conservatism” confirms the adage that another country is the past. His “successor” Whitelaw once announced that we live in multiracial society whether we like it or not.

  2. Yes, it’s bad alright.
    There’s an unpleasant similarity with Germany, early 1930’s. There we saw the great ideological/power-mongering/resources-grabbing coming together of “elected government”, Big Media, the civil service/public administration, Big Money, Big Business, Big Science, Big Education, Big Tech.