Are Poldark and Downton Abbey dangerous to Europe’s diversity health?

According to the Telegraph , popular television serials like The Crown and Poldark could be ‘scythed’ from European TV screens because Brussels regards them as a threat to European ‘cultural diversity’. Telegraph readers are, quite naturally, apoplectic.

Well, it is a bit rich for the EU to complain about cultural imperialism since they have been busy deconstructing European civilization in the name of ‘cultural diversity’ for years. They even rejected the Hungarian city of Székesfehérvár’s bid to be European ‘capital of culture’ because its promotional video was ‘a propaganda film of white Christian Europe’ – according to the city’s mayor.

But then it is just as absurd for us to complain since we are engaged in precisely the same project, namely the deconstruction of our own national culture (or what’s left of it) sacrificed on the altar of cultural diversity.

It is surely only a matter of time before Downton Abbey and Poldark are pulled from our own screens for their unicolour portrayal of Old England, or else consigned to Talking Pictures (Freeview channel 81) and prefaced with a public health warning. Where are the black aristocrats and Cornish squires of colour?

According to the Telegraph, the EU ‘audiovisual media services directive’ insists that 30 per cent of streamed programming and most terrestrial programming must be ‘European works’. Even more shocking, the French set ‘a 60 per cent quota on streaming services’.

Well, good on the French! Admittedly their experiment in mass immigration, connived in by the mainstream Left and Right, has been a disaster. Even Macron seems to be waking up to this. But at least the French have the balls to defend their national culture, their history, their industries, their language.

Go to a French hospital and you’ll be treated by French doctors and nurses. Go to a French restaurant and you’ll be waited on by French waiters and waitresses. Switch on the electricity and the power will come from a French-built French-owned nuclear power station. 

Our own neoliberal globalists accuse the French of being statist, bureaucratic, inefficient, stifling innovation, not attracting foreign innovation etc. Maybe they are all these things. But where has the global market and its digital revolution got us? A nation of fatties fed on fast food, glued to our screens, watching costume drama kitsch, and ministered to by Amazon, Facebook and Google, who now manage our lives and meet our every need.

Meanwhile, foreign money snaps up undervalued British assets in a feeding frenzy – the AA, Vectura (biotechnology), G4S (security), John Laing (infrastructure), Codemasters (computer games), Spire (private hospitals), and Asda are recent examples – described by the Spectator’s business correspondent Martin VanderWeyer as ‘a giant corporate car-boot sale’.

But rest assured, it was announced last week that the Jeff Bezos (Amazon) backed Canadian outfit ‘General Fusion’, whose research is described by Canadian particle physicist Erich Vogt as ‘pie in the sky’, is to receive unspecified amounts of taxpayer money to build a demonstration nuclear fusion plant in Oxfordshire. The Science Minister Amanda Solloway (ex-head of training at Baird Clothing) heralded it as ‘a clear vote of confidence in the region and the UK’s status as a global science superpower’. It is enough to make you cry. 

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4 Comments on Are Poldark and Downton Abbey dangerous to Europe’s diversity health?

  1. I recall reading this article–FAR-alone.html about David Cameron’s alleged excessive penchant for ‘unions of a different tendency’ … more recently Theodore Dalrymple had this to say:

    “For a man to have been at the peak of political power for six years and to have written a 700-page memoir without a single arresting thought or amusing anecdote, without giving any insight into the important people he has met, and without displaying any interest in, let alone knowledge of, history, philosophy or higher culture, is an achievement of a kind. If banality can startle, Mr. Cameron’s banality startles — because of the position he once occupied. The average barroom bore is Doctor Johnson by comparison. It is only in its vacuity that David Cameron’s memoir achieves significance.”

    How fitting… I think we can safely assume the article was more than alleged… but what a terrible, terrible insult to an evidently significant (a high?) percentage of women. How can any civilisation possibly withstand the corrosive effects of such prevalence of unions of a disgusting tendency?

  2. TV diversity? Has anyone had the patience to count the entire and certainly extraordinary number of TV adverts which feature SOLELY black people, those that feature almost entirely black people, those which (like theatre and film productions such as the latest “Romeo and Juliet”) feature black men with white women, or vice-versa, and those in which the family is multi-racial with several hybrid children, and those which clearly have a “black voice” doing the announcements?

    Given the comparative size of the conspicuoulsy advert-absent Hindu and Polish populations in the UK, are we being told that ONLY black lives matter? If so, why?

    • Nearly as many black faces on TV as in The Guardian every day, and I don’t mean only the football and “music” pages. Is there a subliminal repressed racism at work (or at woke) here?

  3. Good article. But let us dry our tears, and man-up eh.

    At great cost to many hundreds of millions of good people, we now know how to win wars against evil enemies who would enslave us. Sometimes these wars are with evil enemies within our very own nominal borders.
    Now, is there still a critical number of steely-eyed human beings who would take on the tasks required to save enough of the good bits of Western Civ, expunge the bad bits of Western and all non-Western Civs, and work/sacrifice to establish a new viable version of Western Civ.

    And in all of this, let us keep shaply in mind that the idea that every kind of anti-empirical idiocy and addiction is as good as the Good, the True and Beautiful as established by regarding realistically the actual reality of Life-on-Earth is a very destructive idea-

    -as seen today in the misery of the many hundreds of millions of innocent folk who now subsist under the malignity of commissars who now dominate all institutions of the West, and especially those in the Anglosphere.

    Or is it that there are simply too few human beings, born as they are, who are willing to put in the hard, never-ending work required to live properly flourishing lives in the face of the timeless challenges faced by all persons, especially in the context of material abundance. And in the context of the false promise -the terrible lie- that the government can fix everything, especially for parasites.