Why I am joining the English Democrats.

At the time of the first Scottish referendum, I was an ardent Unionist. Along with many other voters in England, I have now changed my mind.

In May this year a Glasgow mob, assisted by the local police, freed two illegal migrants from a prison van, an action that delighted the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon. Meanwhile it appears that many Syrians, initially given refuge in Scotland, decided that they did not like living in cold, damp, rural Scotland and preferred the bright lights and expensive property of Cambridge. You can guess who always pays for Scotland’s largesse.

Such actions, along with Sturgeon’s outright hatred for the English, makes me think: Why are we subsidising this behaviour? Why are we supporting people who hate us? Just let the Scots go if they want to.

Meanwhile down in long suffering England, five thousand migrants crossed the English Channel this year, two and a half times that at the same time last year. Twenty thousand will have crossed by the end of the year. Although Boris Johnson in an election pledge promised, ’We will send you back if you come illegally,’ only a handful will ever be returned. Under the Tories deportations are slowing. Only fifteen hundred were deported in 2020, compared with seven times that number in 2010.It is such events that have made me want to join The English Democrats.

Despite the guilt ridden silence of the main political parties, immigration is the voters’ biggest single political anxiety which is why people, both left and right, voted for Johnson at the last election thinking Brexit would somehow halt it. Immigration is not an ordinary anxiety such as a rise in income tax, changes to the school leaving age or the NHS. People know in their hearts, even if they try not to think about it, that in twenty years immigration is able to completely destroy our country’s culture forever.

Of the other contenders for the conservative vote, Laurence Fox’s Reclaim party avoids all mention of immigration, whilst sadly, the party that I started, the Brexit Party, (now the Reform party) spouts a lot of soapy, meaninglesss rhetoric, has no real message and will get nowhere without Farage. The Liberal Democrats talk about ‘dignity for migrants’ concealing a ‘come as you please’ policy more radical than that even of Diane Abbot. Other small right wing parties concentrate on things like FGM which is only a tiny subsect of the problem of mass immigration.

Without control of borders, we cannot control rising crime, corruption, poverty, homelessness, street stabbings, prostitution, slavery (yes slavery), drug trafficking, people trafficking, bent police, bent lawyers and the loss of civil liberties which are all on the advance under a so called Conservative government.

The English Democrats do not pretend that the invasion of our country is a myth got up by the lunatic right. Sensible people believe in protecting their national borders just as they lock their doors.

If we have to say goodbye to Scotland and build a hard border to protect ourselves from becoming a failed Marxist state, an economic basket case and a country ravaged by illegal immigration, so be it.

The time for England and a voice for English people has come. We got Brexit, now we need to get control of our borders and get a voice for the hidden millions.

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14 Comments on Why I am joining the English Democrats.

  1. Speaking as a patriotic Scot living in England, I feel rather like a French refugee in 1789 or a Russian refugee in 1917. What I want my kind hosts to do is to help me recover my homeland from leftist tyranny, but I’m all too well aware that there isn’t much in it for you. So all I can realistically ask is that, when the English Democrats sweep to power, they allow me to continue reading (but not of course circulating) the novels of Sir Walter Scott and to weep occasionally to the sound of the pibroch (in a sound-proofed room, of course.)

  2. We ar3 never going to deal with fake asylum seekers and much else unles we get out from under the leftist Human Rights scam.

    Leftists love judges, who can be and are these days appointed from the ranks of left leaning li and are a means of by- passing democracy.

  3. Beguiling though the idea is how would an English Parliament unburdened of its Scottish contingent differ from the existing Parliament?
    It would still be dominated by the burden of the destructive Equality, Immigration and HR laws, complacent Conservative and self-loathing socialist parties and an Executive now unconstrained by elected representatives. Worst of all, would we also be left with the rump of the present Westminster Parliament, including vestigial Welsh and Northern Ireland MPs, still including absent (but paid) Shin Feiners, so creating a new source of internal conflict, between the old and new legislative Chambers, never mind the still more redundant Lords, in addition to the new hostile EU satrap on our Northern border?
    Defeating the existing two party dictatorship is unfeasible and beyond the current capability of What the English Democrats may be able to offer. That is, the opportunity to force the organic change and reform of the Conservative and Labour nexus parties and offer, phoenix-like, a refreshed national Parliamentary democracy and leadership to a newly re-franchised electorate.

    • Spot on with your analysis and that’s why it was so important that Labour won the Batley and Spen bye-election. Of course, it was fixed- they didn’t. Watch this space, it’s not over with until the fat lady sings…

        • 207 seems a respectable number for a candidate of an emerging party, in a ballot where the result was influenced by tactical voting, fraud and the presence of at least two other plausible “right wing” candidates.

  4. When Scotland leaves the Union, two main effects will ensue:

    1. Many/most of the productive Scots will seek to enter England.

    2. Within ten years, among the Scots who remain in the violent, starving, unmedicated, fast-disintegrating marxist state of Independent Scotland, that has filled with imported violent parasites to supplement the numbers of home-grown ones, there will arise groups that plead pitifully for England to take the place back-

    -and that the English pay to fix it all up again.

    • Prediction. When/if an independent Scotland runs out of money, the first resort will be: ‘give us compensation for all the oil you stole.’

      • Yes. And the correct response is: Were it not for England, Scotland would be still be a morass of warring clans. Ditto Ireland. And Wales too, sure with excellent choirs. And England understands that you lot still cannot pay your own way.