Burkas on the Beach

A quick glance at the BBC News website reveals the predictable headline ‘Record GCSE results’ accompanied by an image of two teenage black girls dressed in hijabs, The Islamic head dress. What a triumph of inclusion and diversity. We can only marvel that our English civilization, which dates back well over a thousand years, that assimilated the occasional influx of newcomers like the Huguenots and Jews to its values, customs, and traditions, including those of the Western Enlightenment, which insisted on the inalienable human rights of freedom of thought and expression (including ridicule, especially of religious dogma), has been so thoroughly deconstructed. And that in its place, in place of a common culture, we have erected a post-Marxist utopia, a multicultural society, in which we are defined by our group identity and ethnicity (apart from the English, who have had theirs abolished) and live apart in segregated communities, whose only shared point of contact is making money and acquiring the status symbols of a decadent capitalist society – iPhones, outsized cars and TV screens, and house extensions.  

Go back to 1945 and there was much wrong with English society. It was rigidly stratified by class, and millions of working people lived in slums, some in appalling conditions. But the English people were still united by a common history, language, and culture, which was admired, and respected around the world. Even our enemies and resentful imperial subjects could not deny the power and influence of English civilization, or its achievement during the Second World War. 

And now we are reduced to celebrating our suicide on the altar of inclusion and diversity. Never mind that the minority cultures we celebrate are riddled with dogma, intolerance, prejudice, and customs that exclude outsiders, or that unlike ours, they have no truck with the universalist ideas of the Western Enlightenment or of liberal individualism. We shall abase ourselves before them and prove that we are cosmopolitan liberals.

Yesterday down at the seaside with my youngest, there was a bit of a commotion outside the public toilets, which seemed to have been partially flooded. To reach them one had to break through a crowd of women in Islamic dress who were talking loudly and excitedly in Urdu (or one of the other 74 languages of Pakistan). I have no idea what they were saying. Maybe the women were scorning the skimpy beachwear of English females. Or maybe they were appraising the latest gains of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Why not? Meanwhile, down on the beach, Pakistani family groups were encamped in inward-facing circles as if barricaded against contamination by prying infidel eyes. Women with flowing robes occasionally ventured out with their children.

I would not say that a traditional seaside atmosphere pervaded the beach. There were too many cultural eggshells to tread on. As for the naughty seaside postcards of old, which Ronnie Barker used to collect – ‘A stick of rock, cock?’ – you can forget it. There will no doubt come a time when special areas are fenced off for women who want to wear bikinis or sunbathe. Camels will replace donkeys. And people like me will be confined to re-education camps run on Chinese lines.  

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21 Comments on Burkas on the Beach

  1. When a few weeks ago I drove northwards along the M6 there was a large sign in what I assume was Arabic but may have been one of the “other 74 languages of Pakistan”, placed for the edification of those using the motorway, there was an English translation is smaller letter underneath explaining that “Allah was Great”.
    Since most drivers using the motorway will be white and British, the sign must have been intended to provoke, or maybe just to show us that the law of ‘our’ land, is on ‘their’ side.
    For surely a giant sign accompanied by a Crucifix, proclaiming “There is one true God”, and placed in an area full of the followers of Islam, would result in the arrest (no doubt, by policemen in a car painted in ‘Rainbow colours’) of those who had the sign installed.

  2. This is a good article. Now where is this beach? I must avoid it like the plague. I found it somewhat jarring to see a hijab in the Cotswolds a few years ago, clearly visiting for the day, but not exactly a traditional vista, is it? All very depressing, how our country has been flung onto the funeral pyre.

    • Camber Sands, which I have known since childhood. Not so bad in the evening, when the horses arrive for their exercise and most of the hordes have departed.
      Visited Margate a few years ago for old times’ sake and that was shocking – the women were in full-rigged burkas. Hardly gets you into the seaside spirit.
      But North Devon is still untouched, as is dear old Clacton, which is still in a 60s/70s time warp. I can thoroughly recommend their air show, with the Battle of Britain flight coming in across the sea to the sound of Vera Lynn. A little bit of old England still clinging on.

      • The burkha thing is merely a superficial symptom of the effects of the inevitable destruction of everything white/European/Western by Muslims and other infiltrators.

  3. So what do we do? Join the National Front?

    I can’t see a solution to the destruction of our culture other than compulsory repatriation of millions of dangerous immigrants, and the NF is the only party that advocates compulsory repatriation.

    But the NF are a gang of knuckle-dragging hooligans, aren’t they?

    So what do we do?

    • Well, yes. That’s the thing. The average Brit has no interest in fascism. They just want some control over our traditional culture disappearing. And never mind compulsorily repatriation – even voluntarily repatriation is beyond the pale in Britain now. Denmark has introduced a threshold for non-western populations in communities. Again, our leaders would balk at that. We’re just too stiff upper lip.

      • Daniel Goldstein,

        I agree with your analysis, but, in the words of Lenin, WHAT IS TO BE DONE?

        Among the writers and readers of the Salisbury Review there is an obvious awareness of what the problems are, but there’s also a total absence of solutions.

        Lenin provided solutions. Where is our Lenin?

        • PJR, my view is that no Lenins will arise in the West, esp not in the Anglosphere, until a critical mass of the ordinary people show signs that they would support the rise of the right kinds of leaders and organisers. Times have changed since the old days, to say it double. And now we live in a period in which all the Western ideals expressed about self-reliance and self-determination and each human being (or enough of ’em) drawing on their own resources and joining with others in self-organising groups, and sacrificing their lives for the greater good, in the longer term, ‘n all-

          -all those ideals must now be made manifest in daily action, by enough ordinary folk, almost none of whom read the SR.

    • There is nothing to be done but watch, wait and try to conserve what may be worth saving. The collapse will come and the present order will devour itself: Islam has no love for radical feminism or transgender rights. Then may be our time to act. But what comes after will not be the England we used to know and love — that is defiled and gone forever.

      • Amandil,

        In other words, you think that we ought to accept the death of our culture, in the hope that a different culture will one day arise after the internecine destructiveness of the new dark age?

        I can respect that attitude, but I’d rather rage, rage against the dying of our cultural light while there’s still time.

  4. “United by a common history, language and culture.” And, dare one say it, race. Which actually presupposes much of the foregoing.

  5. Read Michel Houellebecq’s” Submission” to see a disturbing view of what could happen in this country as the Muslim population continues to increase.

  6. Few comment on the obvious contradiction of our global masters’ hand wringing over the over-population of the globe that is always directed at Western nations where their natives are failing to procreate at replacement levels, while in Africa and the ME the populations are exploding. Radical feminism persuaded the boomer females that a ‘career’ was more noble and emancipating than motherhood, that the state was a superior husband and father than any toxic male. These same mostly females were then programmed to accept that a consequent shortage of native labour had to be replaced by migrants from some of the most toxically masculine, patriarchal societies on the globe, and that proof of their liberal credentials was their enthusiasm to mate with these migrants.
    It is small wonder that the behaviour of so many metropolitan liberal-progressives appears quite deranged. Our problem is that so many of these crazed oikophobics have captured government, media, academia, the judiciary, and the top ranks of the military and police.

    • @ Julie Armstrong
      You have provided an excellent summary of one element in the “race, gender, class” aka “diversity, inclusion, equality” trinity. The “intended” consquences were well known long ago to those few who had studied the revolutionary trajectory,its literature and incremental techniques, from both publlished matrial and inside observation, and whose warnings over several decades fell on deaf ears and complacent or compliant minds. The incremental capture of institutions of all kinds was known to its activists in the early “multicultural education” scam as “agenda-networking”. It now has the growing force of a heresy-hunting official religion.
      The shift of western women from racial reproduction into industrial production goes back to Engels; and it has its celebrants especially in the metropolitan LGBTQIA+BME agitprop daily “Guardian” and its broacasting arm in TV. The instinctive biological imperatives of male x female, however, still underlie social behaviour, with more adverse consequences than in the past; e.g. the attraction of some white women for black men who exhibit both childlike traits and physical advantages compared to white men.
      There is a modest literature exposing the process, but the internet is increasingly policed to prevent access and counter-action. However, we should combine our efforts; never give up and never give in.
      “‘Tis not too late to seek a newer world…to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield”.

  7. England was getting better during the 1950s and then there was a turn for the worse at the end of the decade. It is not just in our “nostalgic imagination” but in the literature and cinema of the time.
    The photographic record in print and on screen is now being distorted, present and past, to prepare for the future. Take for example the absurdly disproportionate number of post-Windrush faces in commercial TV adverts and in “The Guardian” – although this metropolitan “race, gender, class” agitprop weekly slipped up recently, just for once, in printing the mugshots of three criminals of colour (not rap singers “made good”) in an article by Vikram Dodd which I was unable later to find on the internet site.

  8. Yes. Now imagine the conditions of life for white people of long English descent in say ten years times. Then go thirty years hence. Imagine it all. It is easy if you try.

    And the main drivers of these emerging conditions of life?

    Start with the rapidly escalating anti-white diversity campaign. Add in the Green New Deal Re-Set. Then there’s the effects of decline of policing and incarceration of persons-of-violence. And the effects of the replacement of competence by identity in all roles that include power over the use of “government” money and resource decisions in “private” enterprise. Note that the “identity” campaign will include the further demonisation and defunding of heterosexuality) And we must consider what Chinese CCP agents, ensconced in all nooks and crannies of all Western institutions, will “orgainise” in the West on behalf of the CCP and its efforts to feed and control the teeming billions of China. Oh and consider that the population of black Afriaca is the fastest growing population sector on Earth, and those black Africans certainly cannot be accommodated within black Africa. And to echo the theme of Monteith’s article: ditto Muslims, close behind black Africans, in growth of numbers and their insistence on moving to live in “white” precincts.