“Afghanistan — where empires go to die.”

Extract in this week’s Salisbury Review..…….Instead we should concentrate on what must be to western eyes the incomprehensible philosophical differences between two groups of middle class, reasonably prosperous, young urban Afghan women who outwardly look the same but think so differently that they end up having nothing in common and would probably kill each other for their respective beliefs.

Twenty per cent of 200,000 Afghan college students were women. These were women trained to think like the dominant paradigm in the UN and the West: Women are not only equal to men but probably superior to men. Women can do anything a man does and are the same as men. Patriarchies need to be overturned and fought. The extreme end of this view is that all men are inherently nasty and sexist and all sex is rape.

A few Afghan women became fighter pilots, the governors of big cities, members of Parliament, soldiers, doctors, lawyers, journalists and NGO workers. Except for a headscarf these women often wore modern clothes and were little different from their American counterparts. Which was why the ‘Feminist Majority Foundation’ was so thrilled when Kabul University launched its first ‘Gender and Women’s studies’ graduate program in October 2015. (I wonder how they are faring this last week).

On the other side of town a large and increasing number of girls from wealthy, traditional, conservative households were taken out of ordinary school at puberty and sent to madrassas. Ordinary government schools hold classes for five hours a day, madrassas are open ten to twelve hours a day.

Pupils are covered from head to foot, not in the blue Afghani Burka but the black Burka of the Gulf States. Even in the heat, they wear gloves and socks. Male teachers take classes from behind a screen or curtain. To the horror of NGO’s and Western liberals, these schools have increased dramatically in number and size over the last ten years. The women they produce think in exactly the same way as jihadi men.

Did these girls rebel? Quite the opposite. They ended up preaching to all their old ‘immoral’ westernised friends that they should join them. Their main ambition in life was to worship and respect God, learn the entire Koran by heart and be, as one put it, ‘An employee of their husband.’

It did not take the barrel of a gun for these young girls and women to believe every word of the Koran literally – they were shown and they wanted to respect their parents and God. They wanted to worship God as their primary purpose in life. Some will say they are brainwashed. Others will say they are moral and will go to heaven.

The left cannot understand this. How can a woman choose to be subservient and covered up? The right cannot understand it either. How could people reject individualism, materialism, science and rational thought and above all money?

Such beliefs are incomprehensible to a materialistic west. Which is why TV pundits are now bleating about a newer, kinder Taliban who we can do business with. We may as well do business with a crocodile…….

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8 Comments on “Afghanistan — where empires go to die.”

  1. Really has been one of the most tragic developments(?) of the post-war world; The belief that all nations could, or should attempt to follow the highly contingent trajectory of western European history to arrive at some materially abundant and socially just (using European definitions) world, free of irrationality and ignorance. Not only is it practically unachievable, it is also morally wrong.

  2. Yes, few Westerners, esp denizens of the Anglosphere, have the intellectual-emotional capabilities to see that Islamists, most Muslims really, and other anti-Westernists, at home and abroad, do not value what those ignorant/imbecilic/naive Westeners regard as important, and available for free.

    Now, will we knowledgeable, non-imbecilic realists get ourselves organised and mobilised and do the necessary to save the West/the Anglosphere from our many enemies, those both home-grown and imported, in addition those anti-Westernist foreigners now completing their infltration of all of our institutions?

  3. Thank you Catherine, At least we get a different viewpoint on women in Islamic countries. I have worked in quite a few and I am always astounded at the Western view. The easiest way to find out is to simply ask them. Some of the societies are very private and it is impossible for a westerner to simply chat to women. But done cautiously and graciously, it can be achieved. People must remember in tribal societies the public sphere is so dangerous that only men are allowed into it. The women command the home (compound) and family. One other point: to all Sunni Islam in every mosque in every country and city, the Taliban represent success that their closeness to Allah. Ma’shallah – means “Allah has allowed it”. From the early conquests, success in war was seen as truth. SO you are 100% right, expect far more attacks in the West.

    • Then there are the on-going attacks happening everyday that are not reported, because something. Must also consider the intangible and opportunity costs that the presence of non-Westerners in the West impose on Westerners.

  4. Generalissimo Blair has told the RUSI that western democracies should still continue to use military force to “export” their “values” and rebuild other nations in our own image. Will he lead the Charge of the Light Brigade into the valleys of death himself this time, or remain seated on his $millionaire sofa?

  5. I recall from long ago school lessons that black absorbs heat.

    Why then is Islamic women’s’ gear Black? That tent must be bad enough in a hot climate, but black as well?