Editorial (5th September 2021 Winter Edition)

Free housing, health, education and damages too

One morning in late October a large cruise ship flying the Panamanian flag anchors off Ramsgate. Customs, who have been watching her for some time as she made her way up the English Channel, send a cutter. Its crew report that the name of the ship is Windrush 2, with five thousand asylum seekers on board, all claiming asylum. Her captain says they are not trying to enter the country illegally as all of them, having a well-founded fear of persecution in their own countries, are claiming asylum under the 1951 UN Convention on refugees. He wants the border force to ferry them ashore, adding that similar ships are on the way. This method, he claims, is far safer for the refugees who now can undertake the journey risk free and in comfort, while not breaking the law by failing to seek asylum in the first safe country they come to (Britain is their first safe country) and of course it is much cheaper. The only difference is the size of the transport……….

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2 Comments on Editorial (5th September 2021 Winter Edition)

  1. Notto worry, under the dictatorial rule of El Presidente Boris we will soon be entitled to seek asylum ourselves. Does anyone fancy Iran, perhaps India or the PRC as their friendly home from home? That will at least allow the Junta to raise their growing tax burden from the ranks of the new waves of genie, surgeons and scientists arriving daily from the equally impoverished citizens of the EU.