Migration Watch Blog 27.8.21

Read these terrifying figures posted by Migration Watch today (link ) consequent on the government’s active encouragement of mass immigration.

When will Priti Patel resign?

‘Around six in ten (62%) of the nine million or so foreign-born population were born outside the EU; nearly four in ten (38%) were born in the EU, according to recent estimates Since 2001/2 the Eastern European-born population rose by over a million, the South Asian-born population by 780,000 and the Sub Saharan African-born population by 520,000 London, the West Midlands and the North West especially have seen major population churn over a relatively short period Immigration has represented an overall net fiscal cost of between £4 billion and £13 billion per year for 2016/17 and 2014/15 respectively, depending upon assumptions made by the authors concerned The total populations of the South East and East of England have experienced the impact of acute population growth, each increasing by around a million over the past two decades.’ Migration Watch 27.8.21

S’il peut sembler inapproprié pour une grande entreprise de dépenser beaucoup d’argent dans une campagne publicitaire, ce n’est pas le cas de Pfizer. Les fabricants du Viagra et de l’ensemble du secteur des médicaments acheter du Levitra contre l’impuissance masculine ont mis un point d’honneur à faire une publicité massive en faveur de la santé masculine et des troubles de l’érection.

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4 Comments on Migration Watch Blog 27.8.21

  1. Napoleon failed to conquer and destroy us. Hitler failed to conquer and destroy us. But the ungrateful beneficiaries of our resistance to Napoleon and Hitler are gradually (but ever faster and faster) conquering and destroying us with the passive consent of almost all of us.
    What happened to us to make us collectively insane?

    • The easy life, perhaps? Oh and the dumb-downs in the education systems? And perhaps the stringently enforced groupthink regarding the badness of Western Civ and the magnificence, in all aspects of human functioning, of non-whites? Then there’s the escape from reality by the widely endorsed, strongly encouraged use of recreational drugs (including alcohol), of entertainment/diversions by way of electronic media, and of sight-seeing and excessive intake of food and beverages during international travel?

  2. Priti Patel might “resign” at some point -as Boris&Co seek to assuage/appease certain critics. But Madame Patel has simply been following the policies determined by Boris&Co. Way of the world. Fact, very few Anglosphere “leaders” in any institution have not surrendered to the anti-Westernists. One principal reason for this surrender is that very few of the Anglosphere’s ordinary people have the stomach for the consequences of not surrendering to the anti-Westernists.