Covid 19 a strain on the NHS? Forget it! Seven million new GP registrations from overseas in the last decade.

Migration Watch UK reported today that there have been nearly 7 million new GP registrations from those overseas in the past decade (2000 registrations per day in 2017).

It’s not just the ‘strain’ on the NHS. “By 2024 an additional 370,000 school places will be needed,” says Migration Watch, “We are losing more and more of our countryside due to the construction of roads, housing and other facilities needed to accommodate rapid population growth 80% of which is driven by immigration.”

When was the last time you heard a politician, civil servant, or one of those grovelling reporters on the BBC or ITV mention this subject? Then think about it carefully and ask yourself, have I ever made any sort of protest over this other than talk about it behind my hand ? Why not ? Why isn’t everybody talking about it ?

Uncontrolled immigration is at the heart of almost every problem in this country. We are like dinner party guests in a house on fire yet nobody dare call the fire brigade. Funny thing that!

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11 Comments on Covid 19 a strain on the NHS? Forget it! Seven million new GP registrations from overseas in the last decade.

  1. For further insight into what passes for screen entertainment, aka sexual filth, just have a close look at late-night TV programmes in the “Radio Times”, or just as an hors d’oeuvre read Lucy Mangan (no Mrs Whitehouse) on the latest Netflix contribution to western civlization, “The Guardian”, 27 October 2021, p.10, “This perverse Sesame Street…”
    While COVID threatens the body, what about the “soul”?

    • Good question. And, to me, the answer from those who now control the education/info/opinion/legal/political systems is:

      “It’s the body, see. Just the body, and only the body, nothing more than the body. That which is Material is all there is. Notions such as Soul are not only old, they are bad, as they are contrary to the leisures and pleasures of the body. Get with this ideology, or be canceled, if not enslaved, if not eliminated from the Material. That is all.”

      That’s quite an enemy we face. Who’s up for a Fight?

  2. I can understand why a publication of a staid nature should be reluctant to furnish readers with references to certain activities that today can nevertheless be found on i-phones, television channels or even books available to pupils in school, but any innocents abroad curious as to the veritable smorgasbord on offer to members of the Gay Community, bless them, need only to download “Hard Cell” from the Terrence Higgins Trust website, patronised Dame Judi Dench CH, Dr Stephen Fry (net worth $40m), Baron Glendonbrook CBE, Sir Elton Hercules John CH CBE, Canon Dr Paul Oestreicher CND, and many others from the Company of the Great and Good.
    One thing that still puzzles me personally, however, is the question of Bisexual marriages. I get Gay and Lesbian weddings, but what about BxB, BxG and BxL? Shouldn’t bi-sexuals be allowed threesomes or foursomes in a B and/or G choice, and anyway what’s wrong with polygamous Holy Matrimony in a multi-faith society? Can Mr Goldstein perhaps enlighten me?

  3. Steady on old boy. I think you’re going a bit far by equating homosexuality with all those things – some of which is defamatory. And same-sex relationships are a different kettle of fish to the current debates on gender. The LGB Alliance has been set up in response to this.

    “LGBT” issues are negligible when it comes to the demographic problems we face as a country.

    • The Editor. I don’t like to censor comments but I have removed a second comment by Jimmy Williams about homosexuals as it strikes me a fairly bile filled, and if you want an old fashioned view, included details that a gentleman might consider best unsaid.

  4. Thing is, the forces which have created and now maintain this immigration, let us say invasion, not only of Britain but of the entire Anglosphere, have persuaded whites that it is wrong, bad, immoral, unethical to fight for one’s safety, security, and freedoms.

    And these forces have demonised the idea that whites should reproduce, esp not in the context of heterosexual marriage and at-home mothering and homemaking by white women. And they have demonised the the impulses towards self-suffciency and contributory citizenship in the context of free enterprise and personal responsibility to the community.

    And the enemies of the West have fully corrupted/destroyed the education and information systems by which whites might otherwise have been guided in the direction of proper human flourishing.

    The enemies of the West have persuaded the Forces of Good -the Ordinary People- not to fight for The Good.

    • I don’t think anyone has demonised the idea that whites should reproduce. I’m sensing a thinly veiled attack on homosexuality. Some readers of this site do seem to take issue with it. The number of gay people in the UK is tiny – and mass migration hurts many of them too. I think the focus on “heterosexual marriage” is a distraction from the real problems outlined well in the article above. In fact, when it comes to population growth, gay people are helping to stem the tide by not having children. Not to mention the fact that heterosexual couples having children outside marriage is now quite normal.

      I’m not sure what can be done about the problem, except to speak up as and when we can. The subject needs to be forced onto the political agenda.

      • “Demonisation” is a strong word. Recent months have shown articles defending singletons and emphasising the problems of chidbirth and children by women in left-liberal papers like “The Guardian”, accelerated demands for abortions up to full term, and a growing birth-strike movement; see e.g. Elle Hunt, “Guardian”, 12 March 2019 (online); Tom Woodman, “Spectator”, 14 October 2021; Chief Rabbi Sacks, “Guardian”, 5 November 2009 (online); “England and Wales’s [indigenous] birth rate…well below replacement” (“Guardian”, 20 September 2021.
        The overpopulation and CO2 emission problems are not English but African and Asian respectively. Mass migration problems arise from Africans and Asians, with a white natalist policy (especially in Germany) being denounced as racist, if not Nazi.
        Gays are indeed a small number, but their pink pound and LGBTQIA+BDSM propaganda swamps TV programming.
        We are seeing the implementation of the “race, gender, class” revolution reaching every nook and cranny of our life, legislation, culture and society.

      • Yes, mass immigration presents an immediate and urgent existential threat to our culture and our country, and the establishment already of local caliphates in colonised territory in the UK ought to alarm the LGB-NBG-PDQ apologists as much as it ought to alarm the rest of us.

        But what we see ranged against us is a united front, combining those who think everybody ought to approve of sodomy with those who think all sodomites ought to be beheaded, in implacable hatred of all that is British or Western or Christian. And supporters of this united front have almost complete control of TV, Radio, the Press and the Internet.

        I don’t have a solution, but I thought I’d try to clarify the problem.

  5. It is not only legal but “acceptable” to marginalise, vilify and displace the native English of England, but unacceptable and to often illegal to oppose this process and to criticise non-English communities now in England. “Colonisation” is now “decolonisation”. Migration is welcomed both Government and the TV-“Guardian” axis irrespective of its merely social, medical or economic adverse impacts. Verbal resistance to racial replacement is deemed “racist”.