Le Grand Remplacement

AD 2050

While we in Britain progress inexorably towards a multicultural utopia and worship at the shrines of diversity, inclusion, and mass immigration, France seems poised to move in a radically different direction. For anaesthetised British viewers, it is quite a revelation to switch from British TV, with its non-stop exposé of white privilege, institutional racism, and colonial guilt, to French TV, where the other evening I witnessed a studio discussion of ‘The Great Replacement’, the controversial theory that the white Christian population of Europe is being replaced my non-European migrants (North African Muslims in France) via mass immigration encouraged by a complicit elite.

The guest on this occasion was no less than the novelist Renaud Camus, the originator of the shocking extreme-Right conspiracy theory. Camus’ argument, essentially, is ‘just look out of the window and judge for yourself’. Whole neighbourhoods, towns, villages have quite different populations to those they had a generation or two ago.

This would be of limited interest, if it were not that the French presidential election campaign has been set ablaze by TV pundit and intellectual Éric Zemmour, the far-Right candidate (he terms himself a Gaullist) who currently stands second to Macron in the polls despite still not having even declared his candidature. The thing is that he has done what Marine Le Pen, the long-standing National Front candidate, has never dared, and openly espoused the Great Replacement. What is more, a recent nationwide poll revealed that almost two thirds of the French population believed the theory. Even 40 per cent of socialists believed it.

In fact, de Gaulle said something precisely to this effect when he warned that although he thought it was a good thing that people of all ethnicities could be assimilated into French culture, if tens of millions of North Africans arrived in France, then ‘France would no longer be France’. For Zemmour, then, immigrants to France should assimilate, as his family had done when they came from Algeria in the 1960s or get out. Zemmour glories in France, its history, its culture, its literature, its Christian heritage, and its traditions – and he has no time for those who ‘spit’ on the Motherland. The extraordinary thing is that, according to Zemmour in his incendiary new book, Macron phoned him in Spring last year to chat about the problem of the ‘lost territories’ of the French cities and suburbs, and he virtually agreed that France was in danger of being colonised by an alien culture. What terrified Macron was that Zemmour’s diagnosis and prescription would spell civil war. Zemmour’s response was, ‘if we do nothing, there will be civil war’.      

Of course, the idea of a serious televised discussion of The Great Replacement in this country, let alone a poll asking the British people for their thoughts, is unthinkable. What we got instead, last month, was a televised debate hosted by Trevor Phillips in which poor Alp Mehmet of Migration Watch tried vainly to suggest that too much immigration spelled cheap labour (the cultural and demographic implications were not even addressed in the programme), while all the other guests rejoiced in the benefits. The show finished with a carefully selected virtual studio audience raising their hands in unison to show they agreed that immigration was to be welcomed.  

But at least in France, things are taking an interesting turn. As Zemmour puts it in the title of his bestselling new book, ‘France has not yet had its last word’.      

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13 Comments on Le Grand Remplacement

  1. And as we speak, there are non-white residents of the Anglosphere on TV saying that whites are really bad. And that they, the non-whites, expect this to be remedied pronto.

    The fact that these non-whites could not live their lives in such material abundance and freedom, safety and celebrity, in their non-white countries of origin/provenance, as they do in white precincts, is a matter to be kept very much in the dark.

    I think there will be unpleasant consequences of the white surrender to non-whites.

  2. Terrestrial televsion has become a tedious propaganda tool for the so-called “victims” – LGBTQIA+BAME plus raving climatitis. The viewer has a limited choice of alternatives: porn, inane competitions, shrieking audiences, pyromaniac blockbusters, “reality” programmes, or replays of Poirot and Porridge. Newspeak or Prolefeed as in “1984” but without that novel’s austerity (though that looks like coming); its juvenile “anti-sex league” has its counterpart with the woke-washed “brains” in school. True, Oceania was not inundated with migrants, but the idea of perpetual war carries on with the current agitation against France, Russia, China and Iran. And who needs Big Brother when you have Sir Lenworth Henry up front and Mark Zuckerberg behind?
    As for a poll on immigration, we had one in response to Enoch Powell – over 80% support, if my memory is correct, but the idea is to hang on until the “communities” are more poweful than the “nativists”. A friend of mine called Colin Atkins once stood for election as an Independent on the immigration issue with no team to support him, and personally managed to canvass only a third of the constituency, but secured 19% of the vote. George Osborne has admitted that Conservative promises to curb immigration were deliberately deceptive, and Margaret Thatcher’s “swamp” rhetoric was designed to neutralise the challenge from the then National Front and General Walker’s Civic Action.

  3. My impression was that once upon a time the French view of immigrants (particularly from North Africa) was that if they adopted French attitudes and customs—in another word, assimilated—they would be treated as French, and that was that. This outlook was underlined by the fact that Algeria was incorporated into metropolitan France. And it was observable that there was no colour bar in France: which is why so many black American jazz musicians settled there. None of which makes de Gaulle wrong. But as E. Powell observed in another context, it’s all matter of numbers. The old sane outlook of the French never anticipated the deluge to come. I have a sneaking suspicion about who’s to blame for that.

    • During the Windrush arrivals we were repeatly told that they differed from us only in the irrelevant matter of a different complexion; other views were “racialist” Now we are told that it is “racist” not to allow for other biological variations, and cultural expectations, especially in medical treatment and education for all the diverse communities here already and on their way.
      “Lord” Parekh now tells us that opposition to multi-culturalism is “racist”. This is the man who wanted the English nation disintegrated into a coalition of “communities” and who once said in my hearing that you have to “sugar the pill” to get “the Englishman” [sic] to swallow it. So down comes the statue of Clive. And up goes one of — Subhas Chandra Bose?

      • Yes, whites -all over the Anglosphere- have been instructed that is it morally wrong/racist/supremacist to stand up for one’s nation, to stand up for one’s own safety, and to protect one’s family from attacks by non-whites and by certain types of whites.

        In some Anglospshere precincts, this has been accepted by whites, without a whimper -perhaps they are too busy consuming various victuals and entertainments to notice the problem.

        But there are several English-speaking white groups, in at least one nation, which will not surrender. Indeed, we must expect there will be many unhappinesses experienced by non-white attackers of whites, and by their white allies and supporters.

        And this will present grave challenges for productive, non-violent non-whites who know they are on to a very good thing, living in abundance, in not hitherto entirely chaotic social-economic systems that have been created by whites, and only by whites.

  4. Good luck to M Zemmour! I wish we had a Zemmour in the UK, but our nearest approach was Mr Farage, and he abandoned the fight after the first punch to our enemies’ head. Our potential leaders now are an unimpressive mixture of soccer hooligans and colonel blimps.

  5. As we know, mass immigration into UK began with employers, including the government, wanting a quick fix to labour shortages. It was obvious at the time that technological progress gave hope that the demand for labour would in fact decline in the longer term. Economists on the other hand were obsessed with the belief that growth depended on an ever-increasing supply of cheap labour. They failed even to consider the possibility that UK could have had a successful economy with a population of 30 million instead of the 60 we have now.

  6. Slow incremental irreversible steps to turn a cohesive white English nation into an Afro-Asian-Mixed Race corner of an Afro-Asian-Mixed Race world, preventing all resistance at every stage?

    • David Ashton is right to point out the SLOW incremental steps. The smugness and smirking of the Left and “Liberals” surely derives from a conviction that – Everything is in place – Just a matter of time – Our day will come.