Migration, Our Island Suicide

As the flow of migrants across the Channel intensifies, and our anguished mainstream media and political establishment debates the humanitarian dimension of the crisis, (31 dead today in the Channel) considering, for example, how we might speed up their processing, or whether we could let them work and ‘contribute’ while they await processing, one relevant detail is, as usual, omitted. The indigenous population does not want an influx of people, overwhelmingly Muslim, who do not share our culture, have no intention of integrating into our society, and are basically here to colonise us. Like indigenous peoples all round the world, the English share a preference for their own culture and kind. They are appalled at the unparalleled demographic and cultural change they see happening around them, the ‘great replacement’ of the English in towns and cities across our country, all engineered in the name of multiculturalism and diversity.

Yet the real test is yet to come. It is only surprising that it has taken so long. Jean Raspail foretold it in his prophetic 1973 novel The Camp of the Saints. What if, instead of hundreds of dinghies, an armada of decrepit ships arrives off our shores carrying a million destitute people fleeing poverty and starvation in the Third World. And what if countless other such fleets are massing to make the same journey, just waiting to hear how the first fleet has fared, an inexhaustible reservoir of humanity to draw on.

The challenge for the West, then, is which instinct will prevail: the humanitarian liberal instinct, which dreams of a multicultural utopia, or the conservative instinct, which recognises that two thousand years of Western civilization is at stake. Or to put it in cruder terms, as Raspail’s protagonists do, welcome the migrants with open arms as brothers or gun them down on the beaches.

In Raspail’s novel, it is the humanitarian instinct that prevails, fuelled by self-flagellating post-colonial guilt, and the floodgates are opened. The novel’s dramatic opening scene encapsulates it all, the old professor, guardian of an ancient civilization, living in an ancestral Provencal house, confronted by a young activist arrived to welcome the ‘million Christs’ who have just arrived off the Cote d’Azur and to loot the house in the name of the oppressed and suffering. The professor calmly pulls out a shotgun and kills the young man, before laying out a feast of fine food and wine, a final celebration, ‘an act of love’ for the inheritance which the invading hordes are about to destroy.

Of course, the migrants are not the cause of the problem. Who can blame them? The root of the problem is that we in the West no longer believe in our own civilization. Many of us loathe it and would see it destroyed, even though we are more than happy to enjoy the privileges and benefits it offers. In later years, Raspail was not optimistic about whether this pathological condition, this ‘aggravated utopian humanism’, could be treated. He even mused privately (a public formulation would have required lawyers to be consulted beforehand) on the possibility of some form of reconquest.

Either way, we have seen nothing yet.

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12 Comments on Migration, Our Island Suicide

  1. The threats/dangers/destruction caused by the immigration idiocy are obvious to those with eyes to see.

    But where are those with the steely-eyed strategic smarts who could devise the methods by which the tough, resilient, doers of hard and dirty work could save the rest of us?

  2. How about inviting Ms Malik to write a piece for the SR? You never know, we might all be convinced by her clinical insights. Her “exchange” with Peter Hitchens on YT is well worth 5 mins of anybody’s time just to demonstrate how much of an “exchange” it wasn’t. She is SO stupid as to be truly frightening

  3. For a good insight into the thought processes and agitprop actiwvities of “enemies within” follow the career and sample the writings of Sudanese former private-equity expert Nesrine Malik, influential opponent of white male supremacy, who thinks that the English people are no more entitled to live in England than anyone else in the world who wants to do so.

  4. With today’s reports of a 12 year old lass being murdered in Liverpool, allegedly by 4 young lads aged from 13 to 15 after a verbal altercation, I am struggling VERY hard not to jump to conclusions and associate it with immigration and the idea that if you import the 3rd World, you become part of the 3rd World.
    And I am failing miserably.

  5. Too Late I fear. Except I might be able to help if someone can swing me a few weeks leave from HMP Durham where I’m on a 50 year stretch for a few minor infringements of international law. I’m thinking in particular of the bit about gunning some brothers down on a beach somewhere…bearing in mind some of the larks I used to get up to, this would cheer me up no end…Best regards

  6. So far this year Islam has succeeded in sending a known two and a half fighting divisions to Britain, in addition to the substantive expeditionary force in 2020.
    Contrary to his professed hero’s determination to “fight them on the beaches” our own “Tepid” wartime leader has assiduously rescued, fed, clothed and housed the invading Corps, more concerned about their ‘tragic’ losses than ourhet to be raped children, ruined finances and irrevocably destroyed civilisation.

  7. Just not enough white civilians who can be bothered to save white Western Civ.

    That’s all.

    It’d be hard work to devote oneself, in company with thousands of like-minded folk, to the daily supervision of nominally anti-marxist/pro-European politicians-

    -which is what it would take to at least delay the descent of Britain -indeed the Anglosphere- into a Morass of Nothingness.