The resignation of Prime Minister Carrie Johnson

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We are now entering the beginning of the struggle to re-enter the EU led by Prime Minister Carrie Johnson. Readers may be forgiven for thinking that Boris is the Prime Minister but Carrie, reared in a Labour family, has emerged as the party leader, without the inconvenience of having to appear in the House of Commons. Her cull of right wingers in the Johnson Government began with Dominic Cummings, the architect of Brexit, and now, in ousting Lord Frost she has outlined the direction she intends to take her administration. Not so far as actually rejoining the EU, but tying ourselves to it like Gulliver by a million silken, devious threads.

Conservative MPs have rumbled this plan and like hyenas around a waterhole await the appearance of her proxy in the Commons to tear him apart. However Boris can, ‘in one bound can be free’. If his reading of the statistics from South Africa suggesting Omnicron is weaker than its predecessors and he can keep the country open until the its tsunami crashes over our heads and disintegrates in millions of snuffles rather a lethal epidemic, he will be a hero to all and will have ensured Carrie’s premiership until the 2024 election. Not good news.

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3 Comments on The resignation of Prime Minister Carrie Johnson

  1. Roe v Wade is fundamental to understanding totalitarianism, particularly where ‘vaccine’ mandates are concerned. Notice how ‘My Body My Choice’ is a very VERY powerful ideological/political weapon when it comes to women’s sex lives and murdering the unborn, but see how impotent that fundamental right is when invoked against ‘vaccine’ tyranny. The two are inextricably linked; as with Lady Macbeth’s failure to “unsex” herself, to excise her gendered conscience. The modern Christian ‘bourgeois’ mum, her mere presence, is indictment, judgement – “Out damn spot! Out I say!” Communism seeks to expunge the bourgeois spots.

    Yes, of course Carrie is a ‘mum’ but is she pro-life?

  2. The forces undermining Western Civ, esp in the Anglosphere, are many and various. And yes, some responses to this current Chinese Plague are utterly anti-Westernist, destroying as they are many degrees of human freedom, esp of white people. The other colours are let do as they want, because wokeism.

    And the covid situation is being used by anti-Westrenists who hold various offices with influence to further promote the anti-work ideology which is a key component of the marxist-inspired, greenist, anti-free enterprise revolutionion-

    -by revolutionists who actually already command the heights in almost all Anglosphere institutions, some by way of marriage to foolish men whose minds are fast deranging.