Enforcing the vaccine without enforcing the vaccine

Artist Lyndsey Dearnley

I give up; I resign. Having resisted the vaccine thus far, I am no longer in a position to do so. Tomorrow morning, along with all the other mugs queuing meekly at the gallows, I shall allow the authorities to inject me with the Covid vaccine – you know, the one so effective you have to take it three times a day between meals?

Let me briefly outline my situation: I am a middle-aged Brit living and working in South Korea, where I have been for the past decade. As of February 2022, no one over the age of 11 will be allowed to attend private schools, visit restaurants, or do much besides exist without being double-jabbed.  As I run a small private school, as well as major inconvenience, this means closure unless I surrender to the needle.

So what? Your problem, right? Sure, except that with two daughters under the age of five, unemployment is inconceivable, as is a panicked return to Blighty. The cost of relocating my family (assuming one doesn’t take the Priti Patel 5-star dinghy option) would be prohibitive. The visa charge and proof of considerable funds, quite apart from the UK’s vaccine passes and interminable lockdowns make this a no-no.

The choice then, as the Damocletian syringe sways precariously above me, is a simple one: have the clot shot, and hope to survive it; refuse it, and watch my girls starve – a no-brainer, as they say.

And yet, every fibre of my being tells me I am making a grave error. I am no conspiracy theorist (if such pejorative tags can be used honestly). I am an utter pansy when it comes to pain, and will willingly submit to every injection under the sun, on the proviso that a) the vaccine actually works, and b) doesn’t kill me in the process. What keeps me awake at night, is that absolutely no aspect of this entire Covid fiasco makes logical sense. Please allow me to highlight just a few of the inconsistencies.

Facemasks are known not to work, but are insisted upon regardless. Lockdowns don’t work either, unless ‘work’ in this case means bankrupting those paying for the furlough, by preventing them from earning a living. The vaccines themselves don’t work: you can still catch Covid, pass it on, and die from it, no matter how many pricks you’ve had – indeed, we’re constantly told not to trust negative test results nor the absence of symptoms, but to keep testing until we come up with something.  

We have become numb to the absurd dichotomies we are expected to stomach: SAGE openly admits only reporting worst case scenarios, which we are expected to take as gospel. We are no longer allowed to call it the ‘Wuhan virus’ because WHO is on the take from China – who by the way recovered just a little too quickly, didn’t they?

And then there’s the virus itself, which has to have its figures artificially ramped up to get into the exclusive Pandemic Club. A little odd that no one dies of flu any more, wouldn’t you say? Or, that any death in the presence of Covid, is attributed to Covid – a bit like assigning cancer fatalities to the occasional presence of an ingrowing toenail.

The NHS meanwhile (the envy of the world), is always just one TikTok video away from being prepared – but really, really cannot treat any cancer patients just now, sorry about that. Is it ‘Covid snobbery’ which prevents coroners from entering less exotic diseases on death certificates?

Perhaps most telling of all, is how reluctant politicians are to follow their own rules, or wear the damned face rags (except when the cameras roll). If Covid is as serious as they claim, this behaviour is hard to understand.

It should bother us more that the British government has reneged on every single promise it made (no further lockdowns, cancelled Christmases, Covid passes, or more boosters), and indeed that the incoming medical apartheid is not facing stiffer resistance.

I can’t help finding it almost laudably sadistic to observe how every nation’s government has exposed its citizens’ Achilles heel, enforcing the vaccine without enforcing the vaccine. Austrians are perfectly at liberty not to get the jab, provided they pay a nugatory 3,600 Euros a quarter. Germans similarly are free to choose, provided they don’t wish to go anywhere other than the supermarket.

The UK government clearly thinks that nightclubs ought to push most of us over the edge, while the French unsurprisingly have opted for cafes. So for South Korea to take aim at private education is no surprise – as any good South Korean parent will tell you, children falling behind at school is far, far worse than death!

While I cannot say for certain how our masters are benefitting from this nonsense, I am as certain as I can ever be that something profoundly evil is playing out: just look at what they are doing to children.

The next generation have already paid an extortionate price for Covid. University experiences have been ruined, while normal education was suspended. Children are not learning to integrate, develop natural immunity, read nonverbal cues, or otherwise experience a world without facemasks, being as they are kept in a permanent state of fear.

It is upon the shoulders of these children (for whom the virus represents about as much threat as putting on a hat), that experts wish to lay responsibility for protecting the elderly – an outrageous demand which no adult with a shred of decency would ever demand.  

This, I fear, is where governments are going with this. I believe acquiescence to the jab, the second jab, the booster, the pass, are the incremental nudges they need to make the vaccine mandatory for children – and that is where I draw the line. On pain of death, I forbid the forcing of this vaccine on my daughters.

It is almost certain that I will experience nothing other than mild inconvenience tomorrow, and that I will recover fully. In the unlikely event that I do not make it, I would like my wishes made public.

I hereby charge Prime Minister Symonds (and her lapdog Bojo), Chairman Xi, SAGE, WHO, and everyone else involved in this scam: you are demanding impossible and unreasonable choices from the citizenry, and there will be a price to pay for it. 

With love to my girls, apologies if daddy let you down.

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56 Comments on Enforcing the vaccine without enforcing the vaccine

  1. What I find hard to understand is the low death rates in third world countries such as Nigeria. Back in May of this year, the Nigerian government had to tighten up the rules on things such as face masks, social distancing, public gatherings etc..as according to the government they were non existent in many places. When I last checked, the population of Nigeria is approximately two hundred and six million. Covid deaths are three thousand and twenty seven! How is this possible in a third world country with only 2.6% of the population fully vaccinated (two jabs) and as far as I’m aware, no NHS? In fact, if you google the world coronavirus map, most third world countries have had much lower cases and death rates than the so called “developed world”

  2. God help us if we’re ever confronted by anything comparable to the Spanish Flu of 1919! Judging by our reactions to a moderately nasty cousin of the common cold (and its increasingly unthreatening variants), we’ll dig graves to bury ourselves alive in, if Boris and his infallible medical advisors (who change their minds daily) instruct us to do so.

    The government of South Korea has made Frank Haviland an offer he can’t refuse. Expect the same in the UK soon.

  3. What we see:

    Very few people who have public platforms to express their views have the skills and the motivation to make good judgments about what causes what, or if X at time 2 is different from X at time 1.

    And that this is true among almost as many anti-Big Statists and nominal conservatives, and even some nett producers, as it is among pro-Big Statists, anti-conservatives, and parasites.

  4. As Martin Heath notes below, I suspect Long Covid is the real worry. I read that over a million people in the UK are suffering from it, many of whose lives have been debilitated as a result. All part of the mass hysteria, the great charade? Maybe, but the experiences of family and friends tell a different story. My wife, for example, had Covid badly 2 years ago, and since then has had no sense of taste or smell, able to eat only a limited range of foods. But at least she is not debilitated, as some we know are.
    Yes, there is no end to the great scam.

    • I hope she makes a full recovery.

      It must be even more insulting to see people denying it, as they do climate change. Some of the absolute ignorance is depressing.

        • Yes Robert. We all ingest chemicals every single day from birth to the day we expire. I wonder if you enjoy a glass of wine or two, for example? Did you know alcohol, a well-known chemical, is also poison?

          It’s no more bother for me to pull on a mask for the short periods I’m in public indoor places than it is to get dressed in the morning. That you think it’s such an imposition says far more about selfish you than your silly little jibe about imaginary leadlined coffins says about me. Yes, you even have to make shit up to insult me. In fact, I wear two – the first to protect others, the second to protect me from idiots. I much prefer to be cloth-faced than a cloth-brained fool in absolute denial.

          Even in this place, you take the biscuit for utter pigheaded, stubborn stupidity. You’ve been told by others who know what they’re talking about; why not give your head a little shake, and take heed?

          • Your own head will burst if you don’t calm down.
            But don’t despair; Covid will be a memory in a year or so, and another gimmick will have taken its place.

          • Andrew and Robert,

            Just an appeal to you two Noble Knights to cease the exchange of insults and to settle for expression and exchange of views about important matters.

            At times, I enjoy an insulting match as much as the next chap. But here, I appeal to the finer aspects of your characters to contribute constructively to the precious forum with which we are here blessed.

            Best wishes to you both for good health and prosperity in 2022 -Percy G.

          • Sorry Percy, but what a condescending comment. My words aren’t intended as insults, but justified and accurate description of somebody who clearly doesn’t want to, or simply can’t, accept the appalling reality of something which we have been told for decades might happen.

            I look at the constant stream of racism, xenophobia, even eugenicist opinions on this ‘precious’ forum, along with climate denial and now these utterly ignorant and puerile comments, and frankly I couldn’t give a toss if your sensibilities are offended. The other way round I’d be labelled a “lefty snowflake”. Sod off.

  5. As a retired GP, I would like to know the author‘s views on childhood immunisations that protect against tetanus, polio, whooping cough, diphtheria, measles, rubella, mumps, Hib, meningococcal meningitis etc. Are these all part of the same scam?

    • Martin, your argument is weak. All of these ailments are highly dangerous, unlike covid, which is harmless to 99% of sufferers. And none of these ailments involved national lockdowns, mass hysteria, mask-wearing theatre, harrassment by police and the destruction of traditional freedoms.

      • RS, when the right data sets are viewed with the proper application of the tools of descriptive stats, the evidence is supportive of Dr Heath’s question and is not supportive of your claims.

          • Or in other words, “when reliable data is analysed with well-grounded statistical methods rather than vague anecdotes”. It’s an amazing achievement, but you are looking more and more like an ignorant moron, even in this place. “Herr Doktor”? Really? Who will you go to when you’re sick? Dickhead.

    • As a doctor as well, I am very keen on those vaccinations. However, I have seen death, strokes, 4 Bell’s Palsies and retinal vein occlusions within 5hrs to 3 weeks from their vaccinations.
      Can you name a single drug associated with more than 50 deaths in trials that has not been withdrawn?

      • Dr Heath and Dr D J, what are your thoughts on this possibility:

        That a critical number of highly-regarded, non-political viral scientists see unprecedented and dangerous-looking characteristics in COVID-19 -viz, in its infection and mutation properties.

        And as such, the politicians and public admin hard-heads have judged it best to vaxx, vaxx, vaxx, and bear casualties, in response to the assessed risk of high probability of the COVID-19 variants causing long-term, severe threats to health on a large scale, in ways not seen with previous viruses.

        • The long-term effects of Covid are probably not going to become clear for some years. We know other Coronavirus infections can lead to permanent lung damage. This can also happen with influenza. There is also some evidence that Covid-19 infection may lead to permanent heart and kidney damage. Those who have experienced delerium as part of the illness may be at risk of irreversible premature cognitive decline. There is a theoretical risk, currently with fortunately minimal evidence, that those who have experienced disorder of smell might be at long-term risk of Patkinson‘s disease. There may also be a long-term effect in some on male fertility. This is in addition to the long-term effects of the increased clotting experienced by some, in the form of strokes, DVTs and pulmonary emboli. You really don‘t want to get this illness.

        • People seem keen to ignore the possibility the release was deliberate and we are in a wartime scenario with possibly worse to come unless we !!!!! (Add your own opinion)
          Nothing else has made sense from the start.

    • No, they are not. I rather think that is the whole point of the article. As with ‘climate change’, not one of the covid doomsters’ predictions have ever come true. They openly admit that they always, without exception, broadcast the worst-possible scenario in order to cause maximum fright and dismay. A large cohort of the pampered middle-class are aiding and abetting this charade as revenge for Brexit.

      • Climatologists have predicted more extreme and more frequent weather events, unusual weather patterns, accelerating temperature increases, loss of glaciers and permafrost, warming seas, the lot. Are you really this ignorant?

    • It’s probably for the best that you’ve retired, Doctor, if all you can think of are straw man questions like that. Many of us have had all the vaccines you mention but are hesitant to submit to this new one. Happy COVID!

    • Dr Martin Heath:

      Why aren’t the COVID vaccines offered principally to elderly and unhealthy people, like the familiar flu vaccines, while the rest of us get on with living normal lives, now that the Maoist Plague has failed to live up to its original hype?

      The international political determination to force everybody on the planet to get his or her “jabs” makes me suspicious. I’m accustomed to laugh at conspiracy theorists, but….

        • I hope you’re right, Werdna, because the possibility that the anti-vaccination conspiracy theorists are right isn’t a possibility I’m comfortable contemplating.

          But now is the time to put such fears aside and to wish you and all other SR writers and forum contributors a happy, healthy and prosperous 2022.

          • The anti-vax conspiracy theorists are not right. We already know there can be side effects from vaccinations, just as we know it’s still safer and better for the population if the majority are vaccinated. There is no global conspiracy. Why on earth would there be?

            That said, just as general relativity, quantum mechanics and dark energy sprung up completely out of the blue and revolutionised physics, perhaps there are still some unknowns. But the antivaxxers definitively do not know what they might be. We should not give them the time of day, or fall into the trap of thinking any half-baked idea somebody dreams up has equal validity with properly researched science.

            Happy New Year.

  6. Perhaps for the author a secondary issue, but if he is born in the UK and is the father of the daughters he mentions, they are automatically British citizens from birth. There are therefore no visa charges to bring them to the UK; they have an unconditional right. All he need do is apply on their behalf for British Passports. The website of the British Embassy will provide the links.

  7. Nett nett, the vaxxes are reducing infection rates and types and degrees of illness due to infection. These success rates are not perfect, and there are casualties due to friendly fire. But the benefit/cost ratio is far, far better than random.

    One problem in all of this is that there are many civilians -and healthcare workers, including some doctors- who cannot see, analyse and come to good judgments about the infectious nature of the virus, or the nett effectiveness of the vaxxes -because the battleground is just too complex and ambiguous for them.

    They expect and demand perfection in defence against the virus -where perfection is not possible, given the characteristics of this virus.

    Fact, there are many diseases and just plain illnesses -including and beyond the realm of viruses- for which standard interventions are not perfect. But this is ignored in the current hysteria.

    And then there’s the factor of late-onset teenage rebellion. Yelling “Perfection Now, Or It’s No Good” is similar in essence to the woke mobs knocking over statues or complaining that too few women are Chairs of Boards or SAS troops.

    In such yelling, there is no appreciation, let alone grasp, of the complexity of Actual Reality, past or present, or likely future.

    Please consider this possibility: That virus scientists can see that this particular virus has mutation and infection properties such that it is outrunning the development of natural immunity -and this understanding is behind some of the (yes, some badly conceived and poorly implemented) government policies and intervention protocols. And that in this context, the vaxxes are far better than letting the virus rip.

    • Must be hard to breathe, what with looking so intently down your nose like that. Perhaps try a different angle, that’s really quite unpleasant to look at.

      • Is there a way you can reduce the quantity of his comments without absolutely banning him? He has a right to express his opinions, and some of his opinions are interesting, but he’s been proliferating recently like the omicron variant!

  8. A litany of untruths. Literally everything in this article is nonsense. Are you Catherine Blaiklock by another name? Incidentally, let’s get it right, it’s primarily (if not exclusively, but I expect you could find an isolated exception if you tried hard) the conservative front bench and friends who flout the rules.

    • I cannot find anything nonsensical in the article – perhaps you could give an example?
      And as for ‘the rules’: they – and the whole covid charade – are rapidly collapsing. As in 2016, freedom keeps breaking out.

      • Here are some examples for you.

        “Facemasks are known not to work” Nonsense.

        “Lockdowns don’t work” Nonsense.

        “I am no conspiracy theorist” Nonsense. (Well ok, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on this one, but I bet he’s very open to them on the evidence of reading this.)

        “The vaccines themselves don’t work: you can still catch Covid, pass it on, and die” Nonsense. He doesn’t understand the basic concept of a vaccine.

        “any death in the presence of Covid, is attributed to Covid – a bit like assigning cancer fatalities to the occasional presence of an ingrowing toenail” Nonsense. No single death can be unequivocally assigned to covid, the daily numbers are an indication only, and the true number can only be estimated by the number of excess deaths over the period.

        • There is no evidence that face-masks work.

          As for lock-downs: if they work, why do we keep having them?
          And if they don’t work, why do we keep having them?

          As for excess deaths (assuming there have been any, hearsay aside) they are more likely to be the result of cancers and other real illnesses left untreated because of the covid nonsense.

          • RS, masks and lockdowns do not work perfectly -they do not stop the spread of infection with 100% effectiveness.

            But they are far more effective than random, and actually, their success rates likely approach 80%.

            Now, when lockdowns result in infected persons being cooped up with uninfected persons -that is an obvious reduction in lock-down effectiveness.

            The evidence from the night-club infection outbreaks is important to keep in mind.

            Then there are the groups which for cultural reasons do not follow good protocol of social distancing. These groups are protected, and allowed to mix as they want, so that public admin officials can avoid being yelled at, or losing their jobs, for their so-called “racism”, religious insensitivity, or general hitlerism.

            This whole situation is very complex, containing many ambiguities and uncertainties in regard to how infection occurs to whom, and what kinds and degrees of illnesses are created by the virus in which types of infected persons, and in the mutation properties of COVID-19.

            And therefore, there are few civilians who can comprehend the challenges faced by the various scientific, medical, public admin, and political authorities.

            And yes, many members of these groups of “authorities” are also unable to fathom their way through the complexities and ambiguities. And yes, along with the technical incompetence, there are also the negative effects of raw careerism, corruption, and simple malignity in play -as there are in all organisations, large and small-

            And such negative factors have existed all through the ages, in all regions of Earth -though for a while the West did quite well in reducing these negative factors.

            Must just do our best in the face of all of this.

          • “Facemasks are known not to work”
            “There is no evidence that face-masks work”

            Even if there weren’t any evidence that face masks work in preventing spread of airborne viruses by exhalation, and of course there is plenty, this is a big logical fallacy. Absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence.

            Lockdowns work to reduce, not eliminate infection spread, because some life has to continue. Also, some absolute morons completely ignore it and cause more problems.

            You’ve been told by 3 people, at least two of whom appear to have professional expertise. Please listen to them.

        • he evidence around the use of masks by the general public is extremely weak”
          Patrick Vallance:
          “The evidence on face masks has always been quite variable, quite weak, quite difficult to know exactly, there’s been no trials on it.”
          Chris Whitty:
          “In terms of wearing a mask our advice is clear that wearing a mask if you don’t have an infection really reduces the risk almost not at all.”
          Professor Angela McLean (SAGE)