The petition to remove Tony Blair’s knighthood has already topped 500,000

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Click here to give Tony Blair a kick where it hurts most, his enormous and all encompassing vanity.

How this chancer of a political used car salesman somehow wormed his way into Downing St we will never know but the damage he did to our country is irreversible and many fear it is its death warrant.

There is every chance of this petition reaching a million but if it gains momentum it could go to five. All you have to do is to click on the link to spoil his morning coffee, every morning, until the end of his rotten life.

And when you have clicked pass the email on for your friends to do the same.

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21 Comments on The petition to remove Tony Blair’s knighthood has already topped 500,000

  1. That the Queen (her courtiers) has appointed Blair to this office shows the degree of compromise that surrounds the highest institutions.

    The courtiers who did this will have foreseen the outrage and backlash, but they went ahead with it. This demonstrates the huge pressures on the Royal Court exerted by the anti-Westernist forces.

    With the stink around Prince Andrew, the anti-British/anti-white idiocy displayed by Meghan and Harry, and the naive greenism of Charles and William, we are seeing the end of an institution that has been critically important and useful for these many centuries.

    Add to this the collapse of the education systems, legal and policing systems that now essentially endorse violence and other criminality, the open border, and news/opinion media that are busily expanding the reach of superstition and anti-civilization generally, and gosh, it’s time to…what?


    Full and final surrender?

    Fight back, with utmost strategic cleverness -cunningly, ruthlessly, quietly, unseen, selling our lives dearly?

      It is still not too late for younger decent educated patriots to follow the advice I have given for many years: (1) “Breed British Babies” – Resist the growing white birth-strike propaganda. (2) Preserve, protect & promote the Heritage in every way – Resist the growing destruction or contamination of western monuments, artworks, literature, records, &c. (3) Master the technology as well as content of cyber communication. Of course, any such defence measures will be vilified, maybe even outlawed, as “far right extremism”, “racist supremacy” or even “neo-nazi hatred”. Par for the course.

      • DA, excellent points you make. My respect to you.

        Today, I happened to read again about Market Garden. The extraordinary work by the British and the US paratroops under awful conditions was a wonder.

        In my view, that kind and degree of utter devotion to duty, the self-sacrifice freely made by the men, and the determination to deny the enemy’s will -all of this, I believe, must be translated for application in the contemporary battle.

        As they say, paratroops are always surrounded, as that is the nature of their purpose. And today, we are surrounded by enemies of many and various types.

        Yes DA, we must fight on the fields that you describe, and neither give nor take quarter. Best, PG.

        • Thank you, PG.
          An extensive example of white birth-strike propaganda coincidentally appears in “The Guardian” (G2) pp.6-7 12 January 2022 (also online) between an article celebrating practising homosexuals in the Royal Navy and David Baddiel arguing that only Jews should play Jews on stage and screen.

          • Yes DA. My suggestion in this regard is that in any public performance -film or play- homosexuals must not play heterosexuals, and Jews perhaps should not play gentiles.

            Or perhaps this would suffice: That in the credits, heterosexuals, homosexuals, Jews, gentiles, Muslims, and all, should declare their status as such, so an informed public can know what they are dealing with. Chuckle.

            Meanwhile, I have seen elsewhere that some Jewish authorities have criticized the “Jews only to play Jews” suggestion, obviously foreseeing the negative consequences.

  2. If we sign that petition, we’re allying ourselves with people who want to do even more harm to our country than Blair did. I’m reluctant to join such an alliance.

    Besides, I’m more annoyed by the award of a KG to an obscure person known as “Baroness Amos”, whose only qualifications seem to be her sex and the colour of her skin.

  3. I’m conflicted about this. In one sense it’s not about whether he was right or wrong about Iraq. We want our leaders to do what they believe is right even though it costs them support. And Blair lost a LOT of support. That is an important test for elected leaders. If you want a leader who put votes before national security, then how about Stanley Baldwin. And HE got a peerage.

    • I believe we would like our Prime Ministers to act and behave honestly and with integrity. These are principles based on logic,reason, and the objectivity which was the gift of the Enlightenment and the West to civilisation. This is in clear distinction to the hazy notions and changeable subjective values of particular individuals no matter how elevated and transiently powerful they may be.
      We should always remember they not directly elected leaders, but elected to achieve and maintain government office by partisan interests within and for their parties. This a subtle but profound difference from acting in the interests of the nation, especially now that we have four separate legislatures. All of whom are demonstrably incompetant, ideologically competitive, antithetical to each others and particularly England’s interests.
      Sadly these difficulties are manifested across all the parties and governments.

  4. Yes for sure, Blair and his allies were very destructive factors in recent British history.

    But the Iraq campaign was necessary. The USA, the non-Muslim West generally, had to kill a lot of Muslims to show that Muslim terrorism on the scale of 9/11 would have bad consequences for Muslims. And Iraq was the do-able location to kill a lot of Muslims.

    Put aside the sub-divisions within Islam. Islam is bad for the West, obviously. And by killing a lot of Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan, the West, with the USA paying by far the biggest proportion of the bill, local Muslim leaders, all over the world, quietly but firmly put the word around Islam that large-scale attacks on the West had to be stopped.

    And that has worked quite well over the years. What happens now and in the future, with the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, is quite a problem in the making.

    Certainly, a heavy-duty pre-emptive strike by Israel on Iran has increased in probability -with many key Muslim power-actors in the Middle East and elsewhere quite OK with that scenario.

    Islam will always threaten the West. And the main question for the West is how much cost in lives and money it will take to hold Islam in an acceptable state of abeyance.

  5. Pathetic. He got to Downing Street the legitimate way, by becoming leader of his party and winning massive majorities in 3 consecutive general elections, campaigning on his own policies and not on the single mantra “get brexit done” and then subsequently behaving like a little lost schoolkid as the current disgrace does.

    As for damage to the country, you’ve obviously missed the absolute shambles of the last 7 years, including a government not being able to win any votes for a period.

    Obviously this doesn’t have the remotest chance of success, which will spoil your days until the end of your worthless life, and I doubt he really cares anyway. This was the queen’s personal choice apparently.

  6. I have a growing suspicion that this petition was organised by the festering faun himself.
    Because it has not been started on the HMG petitions website there is, as Mr Rees-Mogg has previously stated, no obligation to discuss it in Parliament. Whilst many spleens have been vented it has been a pointless diversionaryc exercise. Indeed that is something that Mr Blair, as he swishes his tail back and forth would take a perverse diabolical delight in.

    • Or anybody, really. It’s fun to see whiny tories crying about it. Johnson will get 9ne despite being responsible for around 100000 unnecessary deaths from covid.

      • The faults of Boris do not justify the honours for Tony.
        The latter’s sole signficant achievement seems to be Holocaust Day which has at least greater importance than Major’s traffic cones.

        • I would consider the grant of a peerage to Lord Ahmed of Rotherham to be an event of greater importance than the typically sly creation of the multicultural Holocaust day, the purpose of which was to dilute the memory of the Shoah by falsely equating it with other events of mass murder.

          • Ehud Barak worked with Phony Bliar to institute Holocaust Day with a dominant Israeli view of the Shoah as its primary function; the Holocaust is the only compulsory item in the history curriculum of British schools. The Westminster Holocaust Centre is a slightly different matter because its inclusion of a selection of other genocides is part and parcel of an attack on British/English “racism”, “colonialism” and “xenophobia” as well as our “antisemitism”; this is quite clear from information from government and the project’s sponsors.
            Nazi crimes were in certain respects unique and uniquely horrible; but Jews have not been the only victims of persecution or mass-murder that matter. The Muslim “holocaust” in India was pretty horrendous, not to mention the communist crimes that Steven Rosefielde called the “red holocaust”. Nor were people of Jewish heritage the only victims of “Stalin’s genocides” (Norman Naimark).
            As a matter of fact, “Sir” TB has been quite close socially, politically and financially to prominent members of the Anglo-Jewish community (Robert Peston, “Who Runs Britain?” &c); hence perhaps his enthusiasm for attacking Israel-threatening Iraq.

    • Let me just post my regret and annoyance that Victoria Wood, a truly creative comedian and excellent actress, died without receiving the honours she deserved, in contrast to some of the third-rate entertainers in the official lists; likewise, I put in a belated off-message here for another brilliant actress, the Anglo-Australian Naomi Watts, who has never received the top awards she deserves from Tinsel Town.