Russia will win?

28th February 2022 10

It’s worrying to witness the EU, the BBC and Wokery piling in as defenders of the Ukraine. The EU, the BBC and Wokery do not believe in democracy, free speech, or the rule of law. They believe in power, much as the Russians do, which is why the EU disguises the fact that its citizens have only a sham voting … [Read on]

Ukraine, just media hot air

27th February 2022 8

Boris Johnson’s war of words in support of the Ukraine is going down well with the media. Yesterday he raised the metaphorical stakes to new levels by pronouncing that the ‘economic ligature’ was being tightened around Putin’s neck. But despite Johnson’s bluster about sanctions being ‘unprecedented’, the overwhelming proportion of Russian assets in Britain and its offshore tax havens, where … [Read on]

Should unwoke art be burnt or hacked to bits?

25th February 2022 8

Last year at a C of E gathering, in a ‘safe space’, meaning not so much avoiding the virus as everyone being kind and inclusive, we were asked for ideas on the future of our church, not ‘brain-storming’, a term no longer allowed in case if offends epileptics, or rather I should say, people with epilepsy. Myriad notions were scrawled … [Read on]

Ukraine – we asked for it

24th February 2022 6

With Russia tanks now rolling into Ukraine and Russian parachutists descending from the skies our thoughts must be with the people of the Ukraine defending their homeland. Putin’s pretext for invasion (that various staged explosions in the East, and the staged bussing out of a few hundred civilians to Russia, all detailed in advance by American intelligence, constitute Ukrainian aggression) … [Read on]

How soon before the white British are living on a reservation?

14th February 2022 15

Eugenics has proved a popular subject for authors and scholars in recent years. Adam Rutherford’s Control: The Dark History and Troubling Present of Eugenics is the latest addition to the canon and has attracted much praise by reviewers. The subtext of course is that we can congratulate ourselves on our superior twenty-first century ethical standpoint as we consider the spectacle … [Read on]