Start fracking immediately if we are not to destroyed by Putin

Putin’s hands would not now be around our throats if we had followed a decent energy policy over the past two decades. There is enough gas under the North of England to keep us self sufficient in energy for 50 years, but we gave into a small handful of global warming demonstrators among whom were of course Russian agents, just as there were at Greenham Common when Russia tried to get us to abandon our nuclear weapons in the sixties.

In addition Whitehall has more Soviet and Chinese sympathisers, as well as those fully bought, to ensure we make all the wrong moves over our energy supplies.

Has it not occurred to people how strange it is to have the Chinese building nuclear power stations here which never seem to come on stream ? Why don’t we buy US minipower stations at a fraction of the cost that can be up and running in 2 years

If we are to survive we must start fracking and if necessary guard the sites with troops, a far better use of them than freezing in small groups along the Polish border with the Ukraine. We must also re-open the North Sea gas fields and start using clean coal.

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9 Comments on Start fracking immediately if we are not to destroyed by Putin

  1. We also must make very clear that net zero and man made global warming/ climate change is a fantasy and against the interest of the nation.
    These idiots have caused most of the energy problems we have today and have been pandered to for far too long.
    It has to stop.

  2. I wish that we didn’t live in such a mad world as one in which the government’s own advisors tell us that producing more oil and gas in the UK won’t help with the energy crisis. Why is the ‘conservative’ government listening to this insanity?

  3. The Russian agents started their work in the Aldermaston Marches, and I have no doubt that Bertrand Russell and his friends were well paid for their treason.

    Unfortunately, Russell’s traitorous successors have now successfully infiltrated every organisation in our country that has any power to oppress us.

    What can we do (we few, we unhappy few) when merely speaking the truth about anything is a crime?

  4. I don’t know what you’re worried about. The EU’s armed forces are fully *inclusive* and *LGBT+ supporting.* The backward homophobic Russian forces have no chance.

  5. Good piece Myles and some very good comments in my mind. Also I can’t quite rationalise what I think has been the persistent meddling in the well known corrupt Ukrainian politics by the EU, prodding and intimidating the Russian bear rather foolishly I would say…..not to mention the Biden family meddling, or was it just business as usual for’em ?

  6. The energy rot took off in the Thatcher years. The public utilities were bureaucratic, agreed, but the answer was not to break them up and sell them off cheap (“a property-owning democracy” was, I recall, the term used), enabling foreign interests to make the initial shareholders an offer they would not refuse. So instead of UK bureaucrats we now have (overseas) profit centres.

    From then on, the systematic destruction of the electricity generating industry, the war on nuclear, on coal and on fracked gas has brought us to the present edge of energy disaster. This has been perfectly obvious for some 30 years to the ordinary people, even to those not particularly knowledgeable in matters electrical, and most surely well known to the ruling clan. So one is unavoidably forced to the conclusion that it was and is deliberate. Deliberate.

    Piled on top is the mad rush to replace domestic gas boilers by electric heat pumps, and to push electric cars, which it must be agreed is fine in reducing ground level pollution in crowded city streets, but they throw a further load onto the sagging electricity supply system, mythically supported on calm winter nights by stationary wind turbines and idle solar cells. That is without the serious safety, pollution and replacement cost questions orbiting round the manufacture and use of the huge car batteries.

    One further con is that they don’t admit that wind turbines only give rated output at about 30 mph wind speed, and that output declines in cube terms, ie that at 15 mph it is one half cubed = one eighth of rated power; at 10 mph it is 1/3 cubed = 1/27th. There are other technical problems on which I won’t elaborate, plus bird killing and then turbines falling over if the wind is too strong or gusty.

    All this “green” nonsense is pretendedly used to justify what “they” are doing to us, while China and India are burning coal regardless, and refuse to be signatories to any of the green accords or other thousands-of-attendees energy junkets.

    In parallel with all this, after our 40 million people were nearly starved out twice in two world wars, our rulers then not only allowed but encouraged unlimited immigration which has helped to boost the population to some 60 million. So we are neither fuel sufficient nor food sufficient.

    Added to this idiocy “they” are converting food growing land into biofuel farms, and having trees cut down in North America to be shipped across the Atlantic, using liquid fossil fuel at every step, to become bio-fuel at Drax power station in Yorkshire. George Orwell wrote nothing this bad.

    Then of course there is the EU dictatorship into which we were secretly entangled, and whose octopus-like tentacles have still not been cut in spite of a majority vote to do so.

    When all these blindingly obvious gross mistakes, both political and technical, are made deliberately by those to whom we pay taxes to protect our national interests, there are two terms to describe it – raving madness and national suicide. There may of course be other terms.

  7. Yes, of course, we should remember COAL…one of The Thatcher government’s biggest policy mistakes. Its demolition of long established communities, their culture and sense of belonging; and the general public’s ability to keep warm at a reasonable price down the tubes

    • Oil can be obtained from coal.
      Lithium deposits exist in England,
      What worked when this island was moderately populated, workshop of the world and the hub of a great empire, does not work so well today. The one British politcian who warned about this and suggested detailed practicable solutions is now fictionally vilified as a common criminal in the Peaky Blinders TV muck.

  8. Agreed, and I think the problem is more than just energy. There is no doubt that Ricardo was mathematically correct. But his conception is a national security risk. If you cannot produce anything anymore, and are entirely dependent on everyone else, you are in trouble during times of conflict. Cheap labor and higher profit margins are not worth risking your sovereignty. A nation must, to some extent, be self sufficient.