Russia will win?

Not unacquainted with surrender

It’s worrying to witness the EU, the BBC and Wokery piling in as defenders of the Ukraine. The EU, the BBC and Wokery do not believe in democracy, free speech, or the rule of law. They believe in power, much as the Russians do, which is why the EU disguises the fact that its citizens have only a sham voting system similar to the Russians. Who for instance elected the shambling, incoherent EU representative for foreign affairs seen on TV? Nobody. When we were in the EU did you ever mark your cross against the name Ursula von der Leyen ?

Therefore it would be unwise to pay any attention to most western reporting coming out of the Ukraine. Reading between the footage however there are glimpses of what might be reality.

Viewers were recently shown footage of a group of some 30 or 40 Ukrainian people standing under a bridge watching a Russian tank about 300 meters down the road. After three or four minutes the tank turned around and drove off.

What could this mean ?

  1. The tank crew did not want to shoot at civilians.
  2. They had been ordered not to.
  3. They were not intending to drive any further.
  4. They were looking for enemy tanks to shoot at and finding none drive off.
  5. The Russian ambassador was not lying when he said this morning (Monday 28th Feb) his army had been detailed not to hit civilian targets.

In addition

  1. The lights are still on in most cities because the Russians have not turned them off.
  2. The low numbers of civilian deaths (102 in 5 days according to UNCR observers in the country) means war has not really begun.

It looks as if the Russians are holding back, possibly fearing a PR disaster, both East and West if they were to flatten Kiev. They only have to wait. They have complete air superiority otherwise they would not park their vehicles in the open air in a 3 mile column. Waiting for what ? The Ukrainians to run out of ammunition.

The EU, the US and the UK are supplying weapons to the Ukrainians. Which means that if they were ever to reach a level that the Russians thought was prolonging the war, Putin would have to make a choice. Flatten Kiev, make a cross border attack either through Poland or Moldavia (or on possibly a Baltic state, like Lithuania) or use a low yield nuclear weapon on a target within the EU – the latter the Dr Strangelove option is unlikely.

Would the EU go to war? Russian soldiers could be on the Rhine in 48 hours. Would EU citizens  give up their comfortable lives for war ? Is NATO equipped to do so? No to either.

Russia will gain Ukraine, the breadbasket of the world, solve their 14 year war in the Eastern Ukraine and have Lithuania for afters.

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10 Comments on Russia will win?

  1. If Russia acquires Ukraine, it will also acquire 40 million citizens who hate it.

    It’s a bit like the Irish Republic acquiring Ulster by force along with its hostile Protestant population.

    The Holodomor , orchestrated by Moscow, is, I am sure, helping to fuel Ukrainian Nationalism and the resistance the Ukrainians are putting up. Now we have a blitz on the country.

    Hatred such as the Ukrainians must feel is of a kind that lasts for centuries.

    • Here is a heart rending extract from Miron Dolot’s ‘Execution by Hunger. The Hidden Holocaust.’, Dolot survived the Ukrainian genocide by starvation. It is about Solomia, a neighbour of his. It illustrates vividly a key reason for this Marxist attempt to wipe out the Ukrainian peasantry – the attack on nationalism and Christianity. This is what Ukrainians endured at the hands of Moscow, fuelling their patriotism and fighting spirit now.

      Just think: there are plenty of people in influential positions, in the BBC and the Labour Party and so on – people like the historian Eric Hobsbawm- who would justify this barbarism:

      ‘We found the front door of Solomia’s house open, but the entrance was blocked with snow drifts, and it was hard to get inside. When we finally reached the living room, we saw a pitiful sight. Solomia was hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room. She was dressed in her Ukrainian national costume, and at her breast hung a large cross. It was obvious that she had made preparations before committing suicide. Her hair was combed neatly in two braids’ …..(frightened, the children ran for their mother and helped take Solomia down and lay the body in a bench. They covered it with a handmade blanket.)

      ‘It was only after we had finished doing this that we noticed the dead body of her little daughter. The child was lying in a wooden tub in the corner under the icons, clean and dressed in her best clothes . Her little hands were folded across her chest.
      On the table was a note:

      ‘’Dear neighbours,
      Please bury our bodies properly. I have to leave you, dear neighbours. I can bear this life no longer. There is no food in the house, and there is no sense in living without my little daughter who starved to death, or my husband Dmitro.
      (Dmitro had been sent to work on the White Sea Canal, where many died)
      ‘If you see Dmitro, tell him about us. He will understand our plight, and he will forgive me. Please tell him I died peacefully, thinking about him and our dear daughter.
      “I love you, my dear neighbours, and I wish with all my heart that you somehow recover from this disaster, Forgive me for troubling you. Thank you for everything you have done for me,’
      Solomia “

  2. I see the latest is the media in raptures as the United Nations ‘overwhelmingly backs the vote’ against Russia. (Global News)

    Overwhelmingly! Really? The countries that voted against, abstained or didn’t bother to show up for the vote account for over 50% of the worlds population.

    A most basic knowledge of the population sizes, national character and cultures of Russia, China, India, Pakistan, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Syria et al puts a somewhat different perspective on the ‘overwhelming’ unanimity of a 141-5 with 34 abstentions and 12 ‘no-shows’ vote.

    Personally I’d advise extreme caution before setting off down a path that could bring us into confrontation with the above nations and make no mistake if the West does use direct military force it will trigger a series of inevitable reciprocal obligations that will bring all sides into the war.

    More importantly these are all nations whose people wouldn’t tear themselves apart with a crisis of conscience supporting a war.

    Yes the USA and it’s allies collectively still have immense military force but do they have the balls, public backing and the political will to use it against an enemy of matched size and technological strength the likes of which it has not confronted in nearly 80 years?

    The West sits on its hands impotently banning Russian ballets, kicking out Russian sports teams, holding hands, crying and lighting candles in ‘solidarity’.

    It’s all so predictable, pathetic, shameful and typically self indulgent, symptomatic of the me-me-me generation.

    The reality is that very few in the West have the intestinal fortitude and resolve to give up their comfy easy lives for any from of hardship, we’ve had it far too good for far too long.

    So I really wish we’d abandon our outdated, misplaced white Christian saviour syndrome and stop pretending like it’s 1939 when (with the support of the majority of the world) we at least had a realistic prospect of winning.

    The provision of arms and the political bluster are all just about being seen to be doing something and pretending that we care about the Ukraine when all we really care about is how the Ukraine makes us ‘feel’!

  3. We are being indundated with Propaganda. An article went out a few days ago, suggesting that Zelensky was “fighting” with his troops on the front lines. It turns out the photo used in that article was from a 2019 photo op, which he took while inspecting a military battallion.

    The media never covered the eight years of bombing, the leaked cable of Victoria Nuland, or the countless documentaries showing the harrassment of the people in that region (all ethnic russians).

    There have been reports, although unconfirmed, from some Russian outlets and soldiers that they have been moving in slowly, because some military members in Ukraine are using citizens as a human shield. They site battallions parked in “school yards” as evidence. It’s hard to know if some of these claims are true, but considering much of western media has been caught pumping out propaganda, it would not surprise me if they are.

    In another act of propaganda, Ned Price, of the Biden adminstration, told us that a Russian soldier on the front lines of war called home, before he died, and told his mother that the fighting was very hard. It turns out that is a complete fabrication. Russian soldiers do not carry their cell phones into battle, nor do they have access to wifi.

    We are truly living in Orwell’s 1984!

    • ‘It’s hard to know if some of these claims are true’. Really? Talk or listen to any Ukrainain west of the Donbas by social media, phone, email. Listen to any of the refugees, a million so far. Watch any news report from correspondents on the ground. All faked? All Nazis? I think Sarah is suffering from an overdose of Russia Today, unless of course she/he is working directly for them.

      In actual fact, the slow Russian advance is in large part because Russian equipment has not been properly maintained. Why? Because corruption in the Russian military is endemic. Mind you, their flame throwers, cluster bombs and thermobaric human incinerators are state of the art and obviously in excellent working order.

  4. I assume the Russians have “parked” their vehicles because the Ukrainians have started roadworks at the bridges using high explosives.

  5. At school one of the first things we learned in world geography was that ukraine is/was the “breadbasket of Europe”. Apparently the BBC reportage thinks this unworthy of comment. Another paradox: isn’t it strange that plucky Ukrainian nationalism is (rightly) celebrated by the BBC – I doubt British nationalism would get the same approval were it to raise its ugly head…say, in defending our own borders

    • Celebration of the nationalism of OTHER people, especially any with regimes ill-disposed towards whitey, is OK, because “our” patriotism is “SELFISH”. Britain once ruled most of the world, now it is the other way round. As another post put, it is “Welbyism”. Of course, deep-subconsciously there is an element of the “white saviour syndrome”, a misplaced desire to meddle in other lives instead of letting them get on with it in their own way.

      • @ Jimmy Williams
        On cue Nesrine Malik in The Guardian bristles because white people from across Europe are offered temporary sanctuary from war when there are other conflicts displacing non-white people further field. Reverse “colourism”? She would be more useful in exposing chattel slavery that still exists in her native Sudan.