Your next gas and electricity bill. Paying the Woke Surcharge

I pay £160 pounds a month for my gas and electricity, from April the 1st I will be paying £275. The extra £158 is the Woke Surcharge, the extra price everybody will have for listening to the foolish opinions of our absurd middle classes, especially their ill informed youth and their even more ignorant teachers. But what do you expect when to get a student loan you only need what is, by any rational standard, a fail at English and Maths at A level. (E grade) ? If you can barely write your name or add up how can you understand the physics of climate, the geology of shale gas or, in history, the Holodomor, or Russia’s history of genocide, rape and annexation of her neighbours ?

The Russians spent $80 million persuading the EU and Britain fracking should be banned. That, along with even bigger sums spent by them covertly advancing the cause of bogus climate change, has put the Putin in poll position in the energy market. Even better it gives him a free hand to re-colonise the old Soviet Empire and we dare not stop him.

Expect darkened high streets, boarded up shops, abandoned cars. For many it will be heat or eat, for some pensioners it will mean death.

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6 Comments on Your next gas and electricity bill. Paying the Woke Surcharge

  1. I have decided that good will come from this current situation. While I am outraged at Putin and heartbroken at the suffering he has caused , I believe the horribly reckless belief that we could ‘do business’ with Putin and China will have been revealed. Globalization was a mistake.

  2. We should always have aimed at food and fuel security, reducing possibly fatal dependence on foreign supplies. There are limits to autarky for our large island population, but the absurd “climate” suicide compared to Chinese CO2 emissions was a stupid error. We can extract oil from coal, and we have lithium deposits in our own ground. The handover of our economy to foreign owners has been as foolish as the admmission of millions of foreign settlers. How “unintended” were the consequences?