Robin Cave RIP

The Editor and Staff of the Salisbury Review regret to announce the death of Robin Cave. 

7.6.32 – 21.3.22.

Robin did the Salisbury Review accounts for many years and was the main proofreader of the magazine. He was the husband of Merrie Cave, Literary Editor 

Funeral 11.15 am, 13th of April 2022, SS Mary and John, Cowley Rd, Oxford OX4 1XG 

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6 Comments on Robin Cave RIP

  1. Dear Merrie in particular, but also to all staff members of the Salisbury Review,
    I’m very distressed by this news. A terrible blow, even to me, who hardly knew Robin.
    I was about to forward later today my modest contribution to your summer issue,
    but will now postpone this until at least tomorrow, so that I can devote the rest of today to thinking yet again about the transience of life and about what is important and not so important.

  2. In the year 2022 it may seem ridiculous to say that I’ve prayed for Robin Cave, but that’s what I’ve done. Requiescat in pace.