Migration Watch: Briefing on the latest illegal migration rackets

Free housing, health, education and damages too

Each fake refugee (90% of the total) who lands in Dover is another place taken in the NHS queue, another increase in council tax and national insurance, another school place stolen, another postponement of the old age pension increase. Those among our middle classes who plead the fake refugees’ case are never asked if they have private health insurance or send their children to private schools, thus avoiding the burden illegal immigration puts on the rest of us. Perhaps TV news interviewers should ask?

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25 Comments on Migration Watch: Briefing on the latest illegal migration rackets

  1. The UK, and the west more broadly, is now reminiscent of Nazi, Germany.

    1. Refuses to permit those of Russian ethnicity to compete in a sporting event (racist bigots), freezes their bank accounts (theft of labor), and then threatens them with unceasing military expansion (i.e., NATO expansion since 1991).

    2. Ministry of truth spying on citizens, “canceling” those who disagree with their philosophical views, forcing scholars to resign from academy for opposing the status quo, dividing people by immutable characteristics (quotas), and siphoning power from the lower and middle classes through socialist taxation and printing money we don’t have.

    3. Yesterday, these thugs in government demanded that Elon Musk, the owner of a private company (twitter), testify about his purchase of Twitter & his proposed changes/goals for the company. Only a totalitarian despot calls upon the owner of a private company, and requests that that individual submit information on how he plans to run said company. If I was Elon, I’d respond with three words: FUCK OFF LOSERS.

    All of this is akin to the third Reich. They haven’t started executing people yet, but we are heading in that direction.

    • I would say, more like the Soviets who killed more people than the Nazis.
      At least the Germans didn’t import millions of Africans and Asians, for which “racist evil” the rest of us are now being punished.
      Readers may like to support Academics for Academic Freedom (online).

  2. Maybe I’m just a simple chap, so it seems to me that immigration happens for one or both of two reasons –
    1. Escaping persecution for whatever reason (ie genuine asylum, for which there are proper rules which do not include several-country hopping);
    2. Freebies (the majority, the 90% in the article).
    Cut out No 2 and immigration would automatically reduce to a very few of probably still-illegal No 1, which could however be manageable.

    There has also to be a practical answer to the boats crossing the channel, because people landing and not being given freebies would cause trouble. One method could be the use of fast motor boats fitted with pincer/grappling gear, first to break the migrant boats’ engines, then to tow them back to France and leave them next the beach, all without the necessity of boarding parties and associated (knifing) risks.

    All the do-gooder pleading to let anybody and everybody come in is, in plain and simple understanding, cutting off the very branch we are all sitting on.
    In fact it is so blindingly obviously destructive of every aspect of life on these islands that it can only be deduced as deliberate policy on the part of the advocates and implementers. Yes, deliberate destructive policy. End of story.

  3. Tim what line is that ? I give you the Wimbledon ban is ridiculous and the ban on Russian TV stupid, but if the line that has been crossed is about people saying they are so persecuted in France they risk not only their own lives but those of their children to get to England then you are living in cloud cuckoo.

  4. Recently, I read Robert Lefevre’s “Nature of Man and his Government”. It has to be the most brilliant analysis on government abuse and man’s relationship to government that I’ve ever read. It’s absolutely brilliant. I highly recommend. Our government has now crossed a line so horrendous that we have more in common with Nazi, Germany, then with any historical conception of a free society. We are so disgusting, that we now prohibit Russians from competing at Wimbledon because of their ethnic origin, and because Russian blood is coursing through their veins. Uniformity is now required. Any dissent, any form of individuality, is prohibited under the Borg queen we live under. It’s embarrassing to be British. I’m emigrating.

    • what line is that ? I give you the Wimbledon ban is ridiculous and the ban on Russian TV stupid, but if the line that has been crossed is about people saying they are so persecuted in France they risk not only their own lives but those of their children to get to England then you are living in cloud cuckoo.

  5. The lack of content here is worryingly reminiscent of Standpoint online magazine in its final days. Is the online version of The Salisbury Review about to disappear?

    • Probably. It seems the editor favors gigantic European institutions (socialist), supports the bizarre Azov battalion (criminals), and misunderstands the abortion debate, in which he claims protecting the fetus’s right to life is “medieval” (he somehow connects that to orthodox Russian Christianity) and then calls those who believe in such things “hard right”. I must have failed to recognize my hard right Hitler evilness in the mirror this morning, but since the editor calls me “hard right”, I should probably take a much closer look, so that I can identify the extraordinary evil that is secretly lurking inside me. The Salisbury Review used to defend liberty, not subscribe to bizarre woke claims propagated by petty academic thugs who dare to call criticism – and all they disagree with – “hate speech”. The board of this magazine is out of touch with their viewers, and so they probably don’t feel inspired to write much anymore.

    • Invitis. You may have got things mixed up a bit. The online version of the Salisbury Review is available for download from this website. Last edition Spring 2022 45 pages.£2.50 an edition,the price of half a cup of coffee or £10 a year. Our web page has never been a centre of our activity and it is certainly not the online mag. Editor

      • Sounds a bit odd to me Mr Harris. Here we are two weeks on from your reply and the most recent ‘story’ (posted in mid April) is little more than a link to the Migration Watch website.

        Say what you like about the quarterly edition but these web pages once provided topical stories by conservative writers and a forum for discussion.

        The Main Contributors list, on the Home page, has links to ‘all articles’ by Jane Kelly and Theodore Darymple but these lead only to a ‘Page not found (404)’ message. Only the link to your own stories actually works.

        I suspect this site is being wound down and will soon be little more than a place to promote subscriptions for the quarterly edition which, given the current very challenging publishing environment, may well suffer the same fate as Standpoint magazine.

  6. Mass Immigration is a corporate and state solution to two fundamental problems.

    1. An aging population combined with declining birth rates ensures economic decline. In other words, growing fiscal deficits, and an increased array of social protection programs require a growing tax base! Immigrants provide that tax base.

    2. Inability to compete with the more capitalistic southeast and East Asia. If corporations can make the supply of labor larger than the demand for labor in the UK, then wages will begin to decline, which they hope will make the country more competitive.

    There are only a few other viable options.

    1. If you don’t like foreigners, then have more children.

    2. Don’t have children; don’t accept foreigners; and then file for bankruptcy! Accept your temporary poverty, reduce the size of government, throw away your socialist programs, kick out and clean out the corrupt apparatchiks, lower taxes, remove woke losers and other socialist nonsense, and make yourself more attractive and investor friendly. As you grow, just don’t make the same mistakes all over again. Bigger government is not better government!

    3. Implement the WEF’s dystopian global social order, place restrictions on individual liberties, wipe out global debt, and control every economic action through some centralized power structure, with the help of computer algorithims designed to “understand” all of the variables in the human condition. In other words, enjoy starvation!

    • Indeed Sarah! The problem with the contemporary Economic paradigm is that it depends upon Growth. We are simply not breeding hard enough and the system (fronted by the Government – of whatever colour) therefore demands more population so as to cause more and more monetary exchanges (so much for Human activity causing Climate Change….). Anyway, I would have thought that in our level of Cultural and tech advancement that we could come up with something a little more sophisticated and imaginative than mere Population growth…

  7. I don’t see why the left wants the immigrants, considering they also think Britain is just about the worst country in the world, where the poor dears will suffer untold hardship due to “systematic racism” etc.

    • Many Leftists want immigrants as revolutionary instruments imported into a previously obstinately stable society. An early slogan was “Here to Stay – Here to Fight!” recently echoed by Diane Abbott. The sadistic slaughter of Pc Blakelock was just an incident in an “Uprising Against Institutional Racism” aka the Invader Attack on the English Nation.

  8. The West is the victim of its own post-Christian cult of care and compassion. Look at how the West’s enemies try to use this against us: Turkey, Belarus and, most recently, Putin’s Russia have threatened to overwhelm Western Europe with floods of refugees, knowing full well that citizens of the feminised West cannot bear to think of themselves as an uncaring and deficient in compassion. Therein lie seeds of the West’s destruction.

    Consider also, the readiness of our traditional institutions to surrender to the adolescent moralising of those various activist groups generally labelled “Woke”. Such capitulation is driven not only by the need to see ourselves as compassionate and caring but also the by the conviction that, by examining our own collective conscience and confessing to the alleged sins of our history, we have earned a place on the moral high-ground and gained the respect of the world. So foolish! So naive!

    “We admit our sins”, we say. “So you should! You are to blame for our failings!”, reply the world’s under-achievers, “And by the way, you owe us – big time. In fact, your success is really due to us. We’re coming for reparations”. [I doubt if they will waste much time examining their collective conscience].

    One last point: the TV news coverage of the Ukraine/Russia war exposes our fixation on care and compassion above all else. The general tone of reporting is entirely predictable: hand-wringing regret at the “needless suffering”, “the brutality of this conflict” etc. I wonder if the Ukrainians will eventually tire of these Western TV crews – mainly interested, it seems, in providing their audience with rather voyeuristic opportunities to enjoy compassion (aggression would be “problematic”).

    • Note that the former Optimum Population Trust has become “Population Matters” and like almost everything else subject to the woke revolution. It now welcomes low-IQ non-white fecund immigrants, advocates that high-IQ western women should not have any children, attacks previous Indian and Chinese efforts to control population growth (qv also Madagascar famine recommendations online), campaigns against racism, sexism and western consumption of food protein and industrial energy, and has nothing to offer Africans or Arabs other than lectures on gender equality and female education.

      • With “national treasure” David Attenborough as a patron Population Matters can propagate its world view via those relentless, award-winning nature documentaries of his. We are all supposed to watch (with appropriate care and concern) as the whispering one delivers lecture after lecture on humanity’s alleged destruction of “The Planet” and its noble species. In spite of his role in popular media, the man is an elitist to the core.

        Population Matters have tried that intellectual sleight-of-hand favoured by campaigning activists when their prophecies of doom fail to play out: just pretend that critics have failed to understand the true warning. So when critics point out that Thomas Malthus and Paul Ehrlich’s predictions (that population growth would lead to mass starvation) have failed to come true we are told that the figures need to be adjusted and mass starvation will come but further in the future.

        Similarly – remember when Climate Change used to be Global Warming? The Globe didn’t warm up to meet activist’s catastrophic expectations (dang!). The common herd might have gotten complacent. Time for a quick adjustment. PR wizardry has always been the eco-activist’s strongest suit and they replaced the, now suspect,”Global Warming” with the crafty and open-ended term “Climate Change” – now claims of mankind’s baleful influence on the planet are free of any need for clarity and precision (phew!).

        • Sir David has an estimated net worth of $42 million.
          The Royal Anthropological Institute is an institute that prefers postmodernist jargon to biogenetic anthropology; a complete reversal of its original purpose.
          The former Eugenics Education Society is now an explicitly ANTI-eugenics outfit, and a shadow of its scholarly predecessor of the early 2000s.
          The Royal Shakespeare Company has attacked Shakespeare.
          The original academic Institute of Race Relations is now a Black Marxist agitprop gang.
          As Jordan Peterson has remarked, “Diversity, Inclusion, Equality” = DIE.
          The “Conservative” Government wants more immigrants from China [!] and India [!] and “safe routes” here for millions of “refugees” from
          around the globe.

          • The news media place too much emphasis on the illegals. Since the early 2000s my London neighbourhood has been tranformed by a huge influx of East European immigrants (nothing illegal there). Now, almost all my neighbours are from the old Soviet bloc region.

            Property developers are doing well out of this influx with an enormous growth in the number of private rentals. Many medium to large family homes have been, or are being, converted into multiple rental flats.

            Journalists (when attempting to show their lack of anti-immigrant prejudice) like to tell us they are happy to welcome ‘hard-working Poles’. I have actually worked with Poles and other East Europeans and have found them to be no more hard-working than the British – often less so, as many are young, over-qualified and resenting the low-grade jobs they find themselves in. Perhaps the hard-working Poles of journalistic myth are those who provide the media class with low-cost building, plumbing and other services.

        • I remember reading that Jesus wept over Jerusalem as his nation’s capital, but not that he advocated mass-immigration into ancient Israel by Samaritans, Galatians, Romans, Persians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Ethiopians, or anyone else.
          What would Arch of Cant Justin Weedy have done if he was on the sinking Titanic and the lifeboats would not take everyone?

    • Douglas Murray’s recent “The War on the West” offers devastatingly precise arguments against the influential guilt-driven suicide-squad. It is more respectable than Arthur Kemp’s “War against Whites” whose nevertheless useful data is unfortunately compromised by the Nazi ephemera from the writer’s publishing house.

    • Do you remember an Outer Limits show in the ’60s “The Zanti Misfits”? they sent all their Crimials to Earth because they were unable to deal with them other than compassionately… In the end, the earthlings ended up killing them all… Perhaps this was a prescient tale… Hopefully…

    • @ invitis: Welby and other pharisees of masochistianity need a good dose of Friedrich Nietzsche, William McDougall, Garrett Hardin, Ricardo Duchesne & Jared Taylor, just for starters.

  9. The Capitalists & Communists say “we need” immigrants.
    The Christians & Liberals say immigrants “need us”.
    Who but racist hate-criminals could possibly disagree?