The Enemy in Plain View?

31st May 2022 12

Having a clear and obvious enemy is an invigorating thing. The enemy brings you together with others of a similar, opposing mind. It stirs up the atavistic animalistic spirit of your primordial origins. It motivates you with a focused mission, normally to do good as you see it, often to save or protect some ideal or, as a conservative, a … [Read on]

The BBC dumps its elderly listeners

29th May 2022 4

Most of us probably have inklings about how we might spend our extreme old age, with a worst and best scenario. My good one was seeing myself in a nice room in a kindly care-home, listening to my radio, enjoying the ancient drama, readings and comedy on BBC Radio 4 Extra, created before the Corporation went Woke. Pretty much what … [Read on]

The Daily Telegraph letters page on Ukraine – a Dog’s Breakfast

28th May 2022 8

I take ‘Letters’ in the Daily Telegraph seriously. This is not because I have high regard for the writers. The regulars include Private Eye‘s Sir Herbert Gussett, and Lieutenant-Colonel (retired). Retirement has not dimmed their martial impulses, and they are all for Standing Up To Putin. They are also mustard for increased defence spending, which will curb Putin’s ambitions and … [Read on]

Unquiet flows the Dnieper

24th May 2022 10

Ukraine War. What we are not being told. Extract from a series of articles on the war, on both sides, in our paper and digital edition due out 1st week of June.. Subscribe “What can I say? Do you remember that documentary that came out a decade or two ago about an idiot who went to live on friendly terms … [Read on]