Xi-Ping’s co-prosperity sphere: After Taiwan will the Chinese invade Australia? Daryl MCann

Extract from the Summer Edition of the Salisbury Review. Out June 7th

……It was in the second half of April. Europe’s attention had been focused on Russia’s opening moves in the Battle for Dombras. In order that Vladimir Putin might be able to claim some type of success, how many Ukrainian civilians were going to die, and Ukrainian towns and villages obliterated? On the other side of the world, however, Xi Jinping had his own imperial ambitions. On April 19, 2022, came the signing of the China-Solomon Island Security Treaty, the latest chapter in Xi Jinping’s ‘transcendent global security’ initiative.

Greg Sheridan, foreign editor of The Australian newspaper since 1992, described the new Beijing- Honiara pact as ‘one of the worst days for our national security since the end of the Vietnam War’. He rightly upped the ante two days later, noting that Xi Jinping’s intervention in the Solomon Islands echoed Imperial Japan’s ambitions in 1942 during the Pacific War: ‘The Japanese in World War II established their base there in part to cut Australia off from the US. The Chinese want a base there today to affect a modern version of the same strategy.’ Subscribe 

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2 Comments on Xi-Ping’s co-prosperity sphere: After Taiwan will the Chinese invade Australia? Daryl MCann

  1. First of all, Putin has no imperial ambitions. Imagine a brief civil war with Scotland. If a peace treaty was brokered by a third party, and then England continously violated that peace treaty by shelling Scotland for seven years with mortar shells, then don’t you think at some point Scotland might convince someone to rescue them?

    Secondly, if Ireland or France decided to intervene would we say they have “imperial ambitions”. Of course, not. You need to stop drinking the propaganda kool aid, and place the shoe on the other foot.

    Thirdly, NATO is not known for being peaceful. Since its conception, there has been almost constant expansion and war. Whether its Korea, Veitnam, Grenada, Nicaragua, Somalia, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria — I mean, c’mon folks. Let’s get a grip here. Nobody in the east or the south feels that NATO is peaceful. They see it as a threat, and any expansion increases the danger to their national security. Do you expect them to offer you tea and crumpets? Of course, they will respond to this threat.

    There are two sides to this story. Kiev is not this innocent little baby who did absolutely nothing wrong. They made a lot of diplomatic mistakes, and now they and the rest of the world are unfortunetly paying for those mistakes. If they had abided by the peace treaty, then none of this would have happened.

    And finally, of course Australia is not the next target. Have you looked at a map recently? If China were to take Taiwan, they would then have to take the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia, AND/OR convince all of those countries along with Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Singapore to remain neutral. Malaysia would almost certainly oppose such a measure, and both Malaysia and India would close down the straight that provides China with almost 85% of its energy. China is NOT the United States. Geography is not their strength. They would have more success going to the west, not further east. Unless provoked, their ambitions will end with the reunification of Taiwan. A sad development, but it is inevitable. The west is too weak to stop it.

  2. No longer an Oz “cringe” to the “Bloody Poms”. An Irish-Italian Republican replaces the Bob Menzies type in No-Longer-White Australia. HM’s “imperial family” of 1947 now faces Chicom takeover from What-Was-Ceylon’s house to What-Was-England’s furniture. The Flag follows the Trade, in 1850 Britain – in 2050 China? I think white people, especially English-speakers, should wake up and get together in self-defence, but that would be ray-cyst, and never do.