Black Power Games

30th July 2022 18

The Commonwealth Games opened in Birmingham on July 28th led by Sir Lenny Henry who doesn’t come from Birmingham, he’s from Dudley, but for the London elite perhaps all the towns in what they tend to call ‘The North’ are the same. Strange that they couldn’t find anyone famous enough and of the right ethnicity – non-white, actually from Birmingham … [Read on]

Britain’s managed decline continues under the Tories

26th July 2022 20

I’m not bothered who wins the Tory leadership race. It’s totally irrelevant to the governance of the United Kingdom. Whether it’s Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss, the end-result shall be identical, for both are entirely the same. There’s no meaningful difference at all between them. Whomever happens to triumph, to climb the greasy pole and perch on top of it … [Read on]

The Great Climate Hoax?

23rd July 2022 43

Shocking scenes earlier this week from Wennington, where suburban houses went up in flames after wildfires spread across tinder dry fields, and firemen struggled to contain the blaze in record temperatures of 40 degrees. Meanwhile, fires have ranged across France, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece. Italy has declared a state of emergency because of the worst drought in 70 years. … [Read on]

ITN and BBC join hands with Sunak to take us back into the EU

21st July 2022 11

Readers should abandon watching ITV News. This evening ( 20.7.22 ) the newsreader questioned why a predominately white Conservative Party membership should decide who will be the next prime minister. Why was this unpleasant question fed into the little microphone behind the announcer’s right ear ? ITV’s bosses are frightened their plan – along with the BBC – to take … [Read on]

BBC wimmin on their menstrual (wokestrual) cycles

17th July 2022 11

In an age when educated people are rejecting scientific fact in favour of identitarian faith, dietary whims, and anti-vaccination conspiracy theories, there has been a sudden, quite passionate embrace of biology at least to do with women. BBC Radio 4 is offering us, 28ish Days Later, ‘An intimate, bold, taboo busting series,’ in twenty-nine fifteen-minute episodes, all about the menstrual … [Read on]

The James Watt Telescope. No news of creation’s postcode

15th July 2022 14

Seeing the recent pictures from the James Webb telescope I recalled an answer a Professor of Astrophysics at an Oxford College recently gave me when I asked him, ‘Where is the Universe?’ As in ‘Where do you live, what’s your address, will I need a visitor’s parking ticket if I come after nine am?  Talking of time, what are the … [Read on]

Boris out, Brexit out.

11th July 2022 32

Boris Johnson’s removal is a national disaster. He was the only politician capable of keeping up Europe wide military support for Ukraine – already lagging – which if it is conquered will bring us close to World War 3. Why was he dismissed ? For having a gay groper as a deputy chief whip and sipping a glass of wine … [Read on]

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