Boris out, Brexit out.

AD 2050

Boris Johnson’s removal is a national disaster. He was the only politician capable of keeping up Europe wide military support for Ukraine – already lagging – which if it is conquered will bring us close to World War 3. Why was he dismissed ? For having a gay groper as a deputy chief whip and sipping a glass of wine and a slice of cake with his staff at No 10 during lockdown? I think not. If I recall parties were going on all over the country at lockdown, from that intimate dinner for two up the road, those raves in private cellars, to that Friday ‘boardroom’ meeting plus decanter in big companies.

The real reason for his fall was, “Boris out Brexit out,” coined by that bitter old man, Michael Heseltine.

The white working-classes elected Boris because he promised Brexit done meant putting a stop to immigration, which for them has been a disaster. On hearing this our bourgeois class; property owners, civil servants, lawyers, rentiers, sinecurists, regulators, the BBC, set out to destroy him. As far as they are concerned the white working-classes are much too expensive to employ, and are good at making trouble (Rail Strike) if they they think they are being cheated or short changed. Why pay Joan Brown £15 an hour to clean your house when Petra will do it for £8 and Fatima for as little as £5 ? The white working-classes needed to be stripped of their vote. After all it’s not really their country anymore, it belong to the propertied classes, the mega- rich, the jet set, the international banking system.

Because you can’t stop a particular class voting the answer is to stop everybody voting.  The perfect way to do this is to rejoin the EU whose rubber stamp parliament has no say in anything except perhaps the number of Gay Pedestrian Crossings in Krakow. When did you ever vote for an EU President or a high official? No member of the public elected Ursula von der Leyen, she just rose out of that corrupt preferment swamp which is the EU. All the great offices of the EU are private stitch ups.

The leading contender for PM Rishi Sunak claims he is not a remainer?  He says he has always voted against staying in the EU but he has EU like monetary habits. And if he is not a member of the international banking system who is? All bankers are remainers at heart. Since 2020 he has inflated the currency like a used condom: £30 billion here, £90 billion there, billions more here, billions more there, with a wife who paid taxes on her billions overseas until the Daily Mail got on to her. In the last three years he has injected the pound with the lethal long acting toxin of inflation. It’s still alive, it still buys things, but by 2025 the US dollar will begin to appear in our shop tills.

If not Sunak the pound poisoner, who have we got? A row of political furniture stumblers, a line-up of John Majors, that grey pro EU prime minister who never was.

Turning closer to Boris’s family. Is Carrie Johnson a secret remainer? Did she play any part in this ?  Boris was literally in bed with the daughter of a left wing royal family. Carrie Johnson’s father co-founded the left-wing Independent Newspaper, her mother works for it as a media layer. Her grandfather was John Beavan the founder of a famous socialist newspaper The Herald.

I doubt that the decoration of the Downing St flat was entirely Carrie’s idea, and if it was she would have had assurances from Whitehall that is was ok to go ahead, the latter knowing it would cause big trouble later.Apart from Wallpaper Gate the sacking of Dominic Cummings was a master stroke in the long road back to Brussels by the Civil Service. Cummings was onto Whitehall, a remainer organisation par excellence, and the stirring up of trouble by the mandarins between him and Carrie must must have started as soon as she took up residence in No 10. With Cummings gone any hope of controlling immigration was finished.

If that were not enough as soon as Boris led the call to other European nations to start exporting arms to the Ukraine, Moscow set its sights on him. Moscow gold does not necessarily mean money, these days it is a crude and rather outdated way of influencing public opinion. Power is more interesting to the corrupt. A neatly sewn account of a forgotten sexual scandal, an indiscreet remark about race ten years ago, the promise of promotion to a journalist seemingly from a source untainted by any foreign influence often does the trick. An Ian Fleming fantasy? No. Clausewitz said war was diplomacy carried on by other means, today’s wars are fought on TV irrespective of what is going on the battlefield. The defeat of Boris may mean the taking of Kviv. It’s all a matter of opinion. How wrong could public opinion be over Boris ? Now the paying will start.












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  1. It comes to something when the Candidate for the Premiership who seems to be most in tune with Conservative voters is a Nigerian. What a pity she has been voted out.

    God forbid that Britain’s own Jacinda Adern clone should be elected to this office. As for the likely alternative, Rishi Sunak is a man whose roots in this country are shallow to non existent, and like Kemi’s, one suspects a ditto knowledge of its history and culture.

    For example, Sunak is a Hindu. Classical Hinduism counsels that those who suffer should be left to suffer because that is their karma.

    Could anything except Islam be more antipathetic to the Christianity which underlies what’s best in our civilisation?

    • Kemi also describes herself as ‘culturally Christian’ – something that also marks her out from her rivals. As for knowledge of this country and its culture, I wouldn’t bank on Mordaunt and Truss coming up trumps. In fairness to Rishi, he is ex-Winchester, and therefore highly educated.

  2. I hope the elites make our seemingly probable return to the EU, full faced or de facto, very swift. For then the despised white working class will fully realise that their wishes will count for nothing.

    This realisation began to dawn as their towns and cities north of Watford began to be turned into somewhere foreign thanks to the mass immigration wished on them by the political classes.

    Perhaps then the seething anger which bubbles just under the surface among so many people there will begin to show serious political results.

  3. This is a sad and bitter piece which can only further contribute to the evisceration of the Conservative Party. The writer needed to write it, and then binned. To prefer the Party continue to be led by a liar, a cheat, an adulterer rather than another person without such accomplishments is very, very sad, and alas, full of hatred for those who do not agree with us. This was dire, I’m sorry to say.

  4. sipping a glass of wine and a slice of cake with his staff at No 10 during lockdown?

    — I think it was a lot more than just “sipping a glass.” There is a difference between throwing a private party with your own funds, and throwing a private party with tax payer money, especially when that party is rather expensive (I.e, hundreds of bottles)

    WW3 will begin because NATO kept expanding east, and sending armaments to countries that are unstable. 1.5B in military aid, and where did it go? Apparently, Kiev thought shelling Donbas civilians into oblivion was the best use these weapons.

    Russia has no interest in Ukraine. Putin is only interested in stopping the military expansion of NATO, and the shelling. He is less concerned with the shelling, but nevertheless he is using that has a motive.

    The Kiev government is corrupt and disgusting. The English don’t need to take on more debt to help them. They should have abided by the MINSK agreement.

    • When you say “anti vaxxers”, what do you mean? Robert Malone is not an anti vaxxer. He supports many vaccines, just not this one. Malone has been a leading virologist for thirty years, and he’s entitled to his opinion on this particular issue. You should not be deleting and curating comments you personally disagree with. It’s antithetical to the original mission of the Salisbury review which sought to bring truth to governments hell-bent on creating a narrative, and curating opinions for public presentation.

      The Salisbury review should simply let the market place of ideas determine the winner. And stop attacking religions. I’m not a Jehovah Witness, but those people, along with mormons, muslims, christians, bhuddists, have every right to pray to whatever god they want.

      • I’m a subscriber (and donor on a small scale) to the Salisbury Review.

        If the editor is indulging in the kind of censorship you imply, I’ll take my patronage elsewhere.

        • It’s not the views I worry about but the site being swamped. Already the same commentator put up three comments linked to prolific anti vaxxer sites, linking no doubt to thousands more anti vaxxers, whose sole topic of conversation is the vaccine conspiracy. Nor were his posts much to do with the fall of Boris, but anti vaxxers link almost anything to THE vaccine, from toothache to bifocals. I greatly admire Jehovah Witnesses but it is difficult to get them off your doorstep, ditto anti vaxxers.

          • As I pointed out to the editor, I am also not an anti vaxxer – my children and I have had polio tetanus, MMR and some others when going to Africa. My horses have regular vaccinations for tetanus and equine influenza . It’s just ‘that’ vaccine which of course isn’t a vaccine in the traditional sense.

    • I’m anti BAD vax. Had the PPV shot at the start of Covid as it is harmless and good for a 70 year old.

      You, Editor, typify that saying – none so blind as though who don’t want to see.

      OFFICIAL figures,here, USA, EU show that this new gene therapy (Pfizer and CDC docs confirm this) have caused more deaths and injuries, many many life-changing than ALL shots in the past 30 years in toto.


      “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) today released new data showing a total of 1,341,608 reports of adverse events following COVID-19 vaccines were submitted between Dec. 14, 2020, and July 8, 2022, to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). That’s an increase of 12,473 adverse events over the previous week.

      VAERS is the primary government-funded system for reporting adverse vaccine reactions in the U.S.

      The data included a total of 29,460 reports of deaths — an increase of 187 over the previous week — and 243,466 serious injuries, including deaths, during the same time period — up 1,566 compared with the previous week.

      Of the 29,460 reported deaths, 19,066 cases are attributed to Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, 7,770 cases to Moderna and 2,563 cases to Johnson & Johnson (J&J).

      Excluding “foreign reports” to VAERS, 842,576 adverse events, including 13,604 deaths and 85,731 serious injuries, were reported in the U.S. between Dec. 14, 2020, and July 8, 2022.”

      Cancelling my long ago initiated sub to the Salisbury Review.

      You deserve to go under. Up yours.

      • I will leave your comment on in the interest of fairness, but as I said, already you have posted four lengthy comments on alleged vaccine deaths in a comment on the fall of Boris Johnson. We are a general political site and want to keep it general. I have no particular position on these vaccines except looking at the Vaers data I see what an immense job it would be to get a fair assessment of what is happening. Unfortunately like arguing with Climate Change Activists one does get the feeling of being taken by the throat and one’s head is being dashed against the wall until one agrees with the anti vaxxers case

  5. I saw Farage on GBTV. He did not seem to realise the Brexit implications of the ridding of Boris at all. He seemed naive; most disappointing.

  6. Politicians are a disaster, virtually all of them. Even the sometimes-praised M Thatcher divided and sold off cheap the Central Electricity Generating Board that had effectively saved her during her dispute with the miners’ leaders. The Nottinghamshire miners had also helped her by not striking, but their pits were axed as well. Near-criminal policies.

    Representative democracy (Major’s high-flown banner) is also a disaster (Maastricht Treaty con -“I don’t believe in a referendum”). A GE is the greatest lie on a single day – “Vote for me (but I’ll not disclose my hidden agenda)”. Lie to gain power; lie to retain it. We have no genuine representatives. None.

    And what of the struggle to be the next prime minister? Party MPs make the selection down to just two, and then allow the wider party membership to vote on whether they’d prefer to be shot or hanged.

    The disasters all around and within our Disunited Kingdom (or Queendom to be PC?) are blindingly obvious to all who are not blindfolded, but of realistic antidotes there are now none. None. Unless someone can prove me wrong. And when the great ship sinks, there will be mostly good people on board along with the remaining deluded baddies who were not quick enough to jump into the last lifeboat leaving.

  7. The west has embraced sexual permissiveness with abandon… the Liberal World Order. Orthodox Russia, I believe, rightly identifies Ukraine war as the critical chess piece of LWO. As to whether Putin is cynically leveraging that justification I don’t know, either way, that is the justification and the only thing that can undermine it is rejection of the LWO.

  8. From Russia’s defence of its people in Eastern Ukraine to World War 3 is a tendencious simplification, ignoring USA and EU/NATO expansionism: the desire as Cameron stated, to expand Europe “…from the Atlantic to the Urals”.
    This is a war being fought in the empty garages, fire grates and larders of American and European people for the engorged enrichment of its elites.

  9. “I reflect on the huge progress…opening gender identity clinics” – Boris Johnson (i, 1 July 2022, p.8).
    Er, how about the 48 new hospitals promised for the rest of us?

    • Be grateful for the ten new empty Covid tents, costing over a million pounds each, which now occupy hospital car parks up and down pour fair land.

      • @ Noa
        How many angels dance on a pin?
        How many schoolgirls fit into a telephone box?
        How many Somali knife-grinders, Jamaican gun-smiths and Vitnamese herb-cultivators can you get into a Covid tent?
        Waste Not, Want Not (MoF 1940).

  10. As Brendan O’Neill pointed out in a perceptive piece published in Spiked-online, Friday 8th July:
    “… the rebels’ letters of resignation were primarily aimed at the media. They were for the BBC and the Guardian and social media… [that’s] why they were written in such media-speak. Because the audience was the media elites, not the people”

    For the political class the MSM have become the public – and the MSM are happy to exploit the power this gives them. The epicentre of the UK MSM is (of course) London and what an incestuous and smug world that must be. Networking is all important – career development depends on it after all. Fortune favours those who fit in!

    • @ invitis
      A shrewd observation from Spiked (which is a mixed bag).
      Hobson’s Choice x 2. The dwindling “party in the country” should have a Write-In nominating their own preferences, though that is far less likely than Boris calling a snap General Election for a people’s choice between him as the Pantomime Comic and Starmer-Davey as the Horse.

    • @ invitis
      This Tuesday 12 July afternoon Robert Pest(on) told telly-gazers that “MOST people” would welcome the “modern” initial Con list of condidates because only two were “white men”. This would numerically represent just 25% of the forthcoming population, or far less on the demographic predictions of David Coleman, Eric Kaufmann, Stephen Smith, Clare Ellis, Pat Buchanan, etc.
      Anyway it looks like the white men of the Labour Party as winners of the next “election” and will carry the can for their usual mess.

  11. This analysis is pretty accurate, but Boris was Boris, and a disappointment in many respects, just as Trump was Trump; their quite serious personal failings were known all along but the electorate in both countries took the chance on their glaring egotism to reassert national interests. Apparent charisma is not however enough for serious leadership, even if politicians have clear policies, like Mosley or Powell. “The world is character.”
    The first duty was proper defence of these British Islands against possible future attack and “unarmed invasion” (Lord Elton). The second was to secure supplies of food and raw materials for our British people. Neither has been fulfilled in practice, Brexit or Remain. Important parts of our economy are owned by foreign private equity vultures or foreign governments like Communist China.
    The protection of the national culture and sovereignty of Ukraine by prolonged warfare was a secondary consideration, although co-operation among fellow-Europeans is highly desirable. We have a civilization shared with neighbouring Normans, Saxons, and Romans, less so Nigerians, Somalis, and Rwandans.
    Whoever gets the poisoned chalice this time, Captain Ben Wallace should keep his patriotic powder for a conservative comeback after the next general election.

    • Foreign ownership of our infrastructure and acquisition of our inventions = fire sale of the furniture – while squatters fill the home.

      • Welcome to living in the New Helotocracy,the revenge and gift of the modern Conservative party,from Halifax, Eden, Cameron and Johnson to the working classes for their impertinence in presuming that they have any say in ruling Britain.

        • Actually, the old guard Tory were very different. Have some history to sweeten your bile…

          “Ordered to provide homes, Macmillan built millions of them. As Thorpe records, “Macmillan reorganised his ministry on a war footing — Action This Day… Red tape was cut to the minimum and brick-making mobilised on a massive scale. Macmillan had no truck with excuses.” The result was a happy, prosperous and secure electorate, with the middle- and working-classes united in support for a Conservative government that gave them security and the opportunity for family formation, the basic building blocks of a conservative worldview.”

          • Macmillan borrowed ‘action this day’ from Churchill, of course. And he rode the post Eden bubble well enough, without developing Britain’s infrastructure in the way that Germany and Japan did.
            Are you seriously arguing for a massive house building programme to house the million ‘new Britions’ a year that the current conservative led government is dumping across Britain? Is your servant supply problem so bad?

    • Trump.

      People seem to have forgotten the Abraham Accord, a huge moment for the ME

      Saint Obama, of course, bombed hell out of the place and made things immeasurably worse.

      One could say that Trump was the obvious outcome of St. Obama of the Drones 8 years in power