ITN and BBC join hands with Sunak to take us back into the EU

Readers should abandon watching ITV News. This evening ( 20.7.22 ) the newsreader questioned why a predominately white Conservative Party membership should decide who will be the next prime minister.

Why was this unpleasant question fed into the little microphone behind the announcer’s right ear ? ITV’s bosses are frightened their plan – along with the BBC – to take Britain back into the EU might be obstructed by white Liz Truss, especially when so much big money and carefully staged news has gone into getting ex Goldman Sachs banker Rishi Sunak into Downing Street. Remember what Rolling Stone Magazine wrote about Goldman Sachs ?

“The first thing you need to know about Goldman Sachs is that it’s everywhere. The world’s most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.” 

Multimillionaire Sunak says he voted for Brexit. He may have done, but it’s hard to believe an international banker would be in favour of a Brexit Britain beyond the clutches of the global money machine. But then Sunak is an opportunist who will vote for anything that will hand him the levers of power. If he becomes Prime Minister re-entry can easily be arranged. It might not look like re-entry, but it will be and many people will fall for it.

Where will the levers of power be five years hence? The EU is a step toward a global government of money, the World Economic Forum which already has its hands on the media, whose unelected members regard the idea that somebody as ignorant as the general public should have a say in their own future is a very, dangerous joke. What will replace democracy? The following is a list of ‘WEF puppets’ (World Economic Forum aspirants ) lining up to take over.

Don’t be fooled therefore by organisations like ITN. They don’t report news, they serve it up in doses shaped to make you the public change its mind. Don’t be surprised for example at some scandal being suddenly revealed about Liz Truss just before the Conservative Party votes on who will be the next Prime Minister.

Look how easily they stole Boris Johnson from right under your nose.

Look how easily they will put their man Sunak in his place.

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Myles Harris is the editor of the Salisbury Review

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11 Comments on ITN and BBC join hands with Sunak to take us back into the EU

  1. Paranoid. Fancy things happening that you don’t agree with! You don’t go far enough. You need to stick your fingers in your ears, firmly shut your eyes, and go “la la la la la la la’. That’ll prevent reality encroaching on your stupid isolationist fantasy.

    You and Mick Lynch, when it comes to the EU.

    • The interesting thing about Werdna is how closely he adheres to the left liberal line, almost as if he gets up each morning and drinks from a magic well of unoriginal leftist doctrines (the Guardian?) after which he forgets reality. I have never read anything he writes which is the product of his own frontal lobes…..

      • I admire Andrew’s willingness to participate in a forum where nobody agrees with him. Courage is a conservative virtue. Perhaps, given time and encouragement, he’ll develop other conservative virtues, such as politeness and common sense.

  2. Dear Myles,
    To be a Conservative now, arguing about which lunatic should be elected to run the asylum, is tragically to avoid what is staring those younger than you and I know full well.
    Railing against ITN and BBC News when most people, and almost all the young, watch neither because the News now comes to then from social media which, I imagine you don’t make use of.
    I spend most mornings writing my novels in a large coffee house in Salisbury and I engage in conversation with the many who come in, most of whom are under 50. They don’t watch TV news and rarely read newspapers but almost all pull out their mobiles whilst waiting for food and drinks. You and I are living a fools’ paradise if we imagine other.
    To most, British political life does not matter because they believe our little country is run by energies and influencers over which there is at present no control and nothing imminent. This is the political reality we should be addressing as Conservatives and until a new vision emerges, you and I are simply fiddling whilst Rome burns.
    Our longing to leave Europe was a last throw of the dice, but it was already too late then to halt the impact of social media and so many young who simply shrug at the antics of the 650 in parliament behaving badly.
    Too late? Yes, almost certainly. Older Tories like myself are kidding ourselves tragically should we imagine that we still think things to be as they were in the days of my own great hero, Macmillan. Now, vote certainly, but don’t pretend anything will be better under one or the other. The Barbarians really have entered the Citadel and blaming ITN and BBC News it just a sign of our dotage.
    Yours faithfully,
    Rod Hacking

    • @Rod Hacking
      Sadly you are right about “many young”. They lack erudition and prefer instant mobile phone bits. Schools do not give them sufficient structures of information, but instead cater to their immaturity and fill gaps with woke fashions. They are being divorced from the past, whose grim social consequences that knowledgeable former leftists from Frank Furedi to Peter Hitchens have pointed out, albeit to little avail so far. Boys and girls are the first people to rescue, especially the more intelligent white Anglos, one thing in our favour being the fact that adolescents resent being conned – which is what is happening, unless “sex, drugs, rock and rap” first make them mad and then destroy their brains. My old school song started: “These things shall be: a loftier race than e’er was known shall rise, with flame of freedom in their hearts and the light of science in their eyes.” We shall imbue that with our own meaning and make it a marching song of western renaissance.

  3. Not sure what Boris has achieved on immigration, except to open the floodgates to both legals and illegals. The Rwanda scheme has been revealed only today as nothing but a publicity stunt, a distraction from Boris’s domestic difficulties.

    • Stunts and gimmicks, wrong turnings and white elephants, short-term mistakes and election lies, sell-outs to foreign interests and importation of foreign peoples, ideological erosion and blatant careerism, economic mismanagement and rising crime.

      I begin now to see why a man of such gifts and ability as Oswald Mosley jumped ship for fascism. “What I fear most is a slow crumbling down the years,” he said. Well, the old bugger was right about that anyway.

  4. The British electorate is also “predominantly white” – at the moment.
    Neither of the two survivors of the “Con” leadership contest inspires much confidence, and it is hard to fault the derisive if predictable derision of the telly competition in the “New Statesman”. “Lord” Sugar would have been more suitable as an interviewer. The sad truth is that since Britain ceased to be Great after losing WW2 to Wall Street and the Kremlin, the politicians have gradually become as empty as the country’s coffers. Shuffling out of history the nation’s leadership “race” resembles a dispute over dodgy candidates for an insignificant town council, and the local rates. But just think – what eloquent visionaries are waiting in the wings – Starmer, Rayner, Abbott…!

    • Truss will beat Sunak in the party vote.
      Can she win the next election?
      Will Britain be better off whoever wins?
      Tax up, tax down, up, down, put the left lot in or the right lot out, in out, shake ’em all about, who f——g cares?
      Who will get the backing of the Jewish and Muslim communities? They DO care!