The postal strike and the delivery of the Salisbury Review Magazine

29th August 2022 8

Delivery of the Salisbury Review Paper Magazine and the Postal Strike The magazine  will be posted out on the 31st of August but delivery may be delayed due to the strike. Strike Dates Friday 26 August Wednesday 31 August Thursday 8 September Friday 9 September The Digital Version of the Magazine is now available from our website (September 1st). However … [Read on]

Why has the British government subcontracted its immigration services to the Mafia ?

29th August 2022 12

P&O Ferries and Brittany Ferries must be sweating over the success of the budget cross-Channel services being offered to customers looking to come over to Britain. I say ‘budget’, but one does not get much for one’s massive expenditure outlay: a rubber dingy that has not undergone any Health and Safety supervision and an old life-jacket. Nonetheless, the great advantages … [Read on]

“Examining 9/11 as an embodied event and reading the Twin Towers through affect theory in an ecocritical frame.”

29th August 2022 5

I recently had the misfortune to hear ‘AntiSocial’, a discussion program on BBC Radio 4 about the use of ‘Trigger’ warnings, an import from the US, warning people about content which they might find upsetting. These are now used before most archive programs on TV, even Dad’s Army, and in universities to protect students from possible shocks provided by the … [Read on]

Brexit Delusion Syndrome. A link between Britain leaving the EU and the overturning of Roe V Wade in the US ?

20th August 2022 14

Remainer Refuseniks are still not prepared to emerge from the jungle over six years since the Referendum. Lt Hiroo Onada of the Imperial Japanese Army finally ‘surrendered’ in 1974, nearly 30 years after his government had capitulated to the Allies. He probably fancied a change of location having spent 29 years in the Philippine rainforest.  I’m sure Remainiac last-ditchers will … [Read on]

The Return of the British Rail Sandwich. Labour’s Nationalisation Plans

19th August 2022 16

This year, the traditional summer silly season has been less frivolous than usual but equally daft.  My facebook feed included several opportunistic posts from the Trades Union Congress suggesting that they have finally been persuaded as to the benefits of public ownership. “We are now calling for the public ownership of energy companies.”  Note the “now”.  Apparently, the idea has … [Read on]

The Polish Prime Minister on the return of Russian Imperialism

12th August 2022 15

Historical challenges and false directions – Europe at the crossroads The war in Ukraine has exposed the truth about Russia. Those who refused to see that Putin’s state has imperialist tendencies today have to face the fact that in Russia, the demons of the 19th and 20th centuries were revived: nationalism, colonialism, and totalitarianism. But the war in Ukraine has … [Read on]

Did the promulgators of mass immigration and its consequences for this country realised what they were doing or not

10th August 2022 41

Greg Roberts (Salisbury Review, Summer 2022) asks whether the promulgators of mass immigration and its consequences for this country realised what they were doing or not. His question was no doubt rhetorical, even ironic. But many people seem to regard those phenomena as merely the workings of random historical forces, and what’s more that they have led to conditions that … [Read on]

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