Conservative Fiscal Policy, the Venezuela Solution. Is Russia investing in the strikes?

Hungary 1956
  1. Unless both candidates for the premiership are certifiable, how on earth do they think the economy is going to survive using their solutions?  A doubling of the fuel price then a tripling will drive 2/3rds of small to medium businesses to the wall. The fall of one business will lead to the fall of others, with more and more people driven out of work, trying to buy food with an inflated paper currency. The subsequent fall in tax revenues will bring the major public services to a halt. The  government will get by more money printing, but the currency will become so devalued we will not be able to purchase anything requiring a hard pound. It will be two decades before we recover. Much worse under Labour.
  2. I wonder if any Russian money has found its way into the coffers of the striking unions ? They are naïve enough not to know it has, it would not have arrived labelled ‘Compliments of the Kremlin’, but if you were Putin where would you best ‘invest’ in the fall of Britain?  He has tried chemical warfare already.
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6 Comments on Conservative Fiscal Policy, the Venezuela Solution. Is Russia investing in the strikes?

  1. This is just another bizarre, hate-filled, bigoted post directed at Russians, Russian heritage, or anything Russian, including their musicians, cultural history, athletes, singers and now apparently banned models.

    When you will you realize that the Soviet Union no longer exists?
    You are living in fantasy world; this is 2022, not 1948.

    Putin is not destroying you. Your country is shit, because it’s socialist. Look it up. The consequences and results are clear. It’s really simple. You can even dumb it down to a simple phrase: Go socialist, go woke, go broke.

    The UK is a socialist, corrupt, centralized hell-hole, with massive red-tape. What investor would want anything to do with it, when one can invest in southeast asia or eastern europe, where people are actually friendly, and where one can eat in peace without being threatened by a neomarxist academic and their red booked infantry; everyone who has the money to escape, has already done so, or is planning to do so in the form of second citizenships and/or long term residency visas. The writing has been on the wall for years, and none of it has to do with Putin, Russia, Russian heritage, or the old USSR.