The postal strike and the delivery of the Salisbury Review Magazine

Delivery of the Salisbury Review Paper Magazine and the Postal Strike

The magazine  will be posted out on the 31st of August but delivery may be delayed due to the strike.

Strike Dates

  • Friday 26 August
  • Wednesday 31 August
  • Thursday 8 September
  • Friday 9 September

The Digital Version of the Magazine is now available from our website (September 1st). However there may be short breaks because our software engineers are uploading a new archive of the entire magazine.

Is this the Salisbury Review Factory (below)  ?


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8 Comments on The postal strike and the delivery of the Salisbury Review Magazine

  1. The Americans are moving large numbers of troops into Poland – are they thinking of going ‘toe to toe with the Ruskies’ (Quote pilot of the US bomber Slim Pikens in the film Dr Strangelove just before he got on a bomb and went down with it over Russia)

    • The old Leninist textbook comes out for the final crisis of capitalism, on top of the pile of Frantz Fanon, Stuart Hall, Saul Alinsky, Ambalavaner Sivanandan, Clive Dean, Jack Conrad…. Enough to send Lizzy into a Tizzy.

      • “She is and has always been a full-blooded free-market liberal…social freedom… [will be] the most radical British prime minister in over a century” – IEA Director General.
        “The fact that our gas storage was sold off under Liz Truss’s watch at the Treasury is emblematic of a penny-wise, pound-foolish approach to our economy that leaves us all worse off… We need to change our approach to law and order… community policing, taking a preventative approach…. ” – Labour Party leader.
        Her choice for Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng has been continually selling off national assets to foreigners like private equity vultures, though some military end-use technology transfers to China have now been checked.

          • The former republican and minister of “wimmin & equalities” will no longer be selling pork to China.
            What will we be selling and where to – a trade balance?
            She’s Joe Lycett’s favourite now!