Dear King, I hope you will be alright

It is hard to imagine two more unsuitable candidates for Prime Minister than Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss. Both were members of the last government which instead of governing the economy with judicious rises in interest rates sat back and oversaw the biggest money printing splurge in our history. True, neither could have foreseen Covid or the Ukraine war, but had we set responsible interest rates before, the pound would not be facing a catastrophic fall and we would be in a much better position to weather the coming storm, one which could bring trouble on our streets.

To pay off this Everest of a debt, the winner, Truss, wants us to get into even more debt, and is doing so. While Sunak, the loser, who as Chancellor of the Exchequer threw money around like confetti, talked during his campaign about a ‘responsible’ fiscal policy of holding interest rates and taxes where they are.

Low inflation followed by high inflation, we are seeing the latter now, has been deliberately built into our system for the last twenty years. Ever since Blair, and then by Cameron, both Labour and Conservative governments have embarked on a reckless policy of uncounted population expansion. Thus, our cheap (virtually free) money policy to pay for it. The idea was to bring in as many people from abroad as possible to stoke the economy and provide a new younger generation to replace a falling white population.

So fixed has this idea become in the media that Sky News viewers were shown a typical ‘British’ victim of inflation. Not as you might think a poor white granny unable to pay her fuel bills but a white Englishwoman in her twenties dressed in a hijab worrying about the rent, nursing a baby of Middle Eastern origin, all part of the ‘normalisation’ of immigration. On the same day another 650 illegal migrants, nearly all young men, were towed out of French territorial waters by the French Navy, to be picked up by UK Border Force and the Royal Navy and brought ashore here. More will be here tomorrow.

Has either candidate made more than a mention of this or resorted to anything more than cliches about how to stop it? No, because at the next election whoever is prime minster will need the votes of this replacement population to win.

How serious is this problem? In 1950 the population of the UK was 50 million. It is now 75 million, some say 80. While the average population density in Europe is 34 people/sq km, in England it is 426 people /sq km. There are not enough trees, flowers, wildlife, grass or moorland that can sustain such a vast population squeezed on such a small island. As a result, Britain is one of the most biologically depleted countries on the planet with an average 40 per cent loss in animals and plants.

There is no health service in the world that can pay for all these people, no road or rail system that can carry them all, no national agricultural system that can feed them all. To serve such an increase an extra 750,000 school places will be needed by 2025, plus 300,000 new houses a year. We now import a large proportion of our food and fuel from abroad, all at ever increasing prices, prices that will double and then treble this winter.

Raising interest rates or cutting taxes will not solve this problem. On the other hand, sending a signal that we intend to stabilise our borders and no longer play host to other nations’ unemployed and surplus populations will show we have come to our economic senses and will go a long way to boost confidence in Britain among overseas investors.

Ordering the Royal Navy and the Border Force to tow immigrants and their dinghies back to France is a priority. Making it obligatory to show a letter or form from the Inland Revenue to show you are a contributor or at least in touch with our tax system before getting treatment on the NHS is another. Denying legal aid for immigration appeals after the first one is unsuccessful and capping those fees is another. Pressing on with the Rwanda scheme is essential.

True, we will never get back to a population of 40 million, that idyllic English world of tradition and history, of small villages, quiet lanes and comprehensible cities. But if we go on as we are, we face extinction as an economy, a people and culture.

Editorial The Salisbury Review — Autumn 2022. Published before the Queen’s Death

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14 Comments on Dear King, I hope you will be alright

  1. Truss-Kwarteng the temporary winners, England and its King the eventual losers.
    We now have a policy for international banking based on astronomical endless debt, many more immigrants, more foreign take-overs, overseas conflicts, but no real brake on woke-totalitarianism or rising republicanism based on Global Majority racism. We now move to the third poison in the “race, gender, class” sequence, as the Far Left, white and “diverse”, now gear up for street protests, student demos, strikes, riots and worse, following the Leninist analysis of capitalist crisis and poverty, and recommendations for infiltration and then mass action.

    • Also focus for a moment on their new Bizniss-is-Bizniss Secretary, former Rothschild employee, hedge-fund profiteer and multi-millionaire, Fake Fogey Lord Snooty Jacob Ree-Smugg. See first the Banking Correspondent for “The Guardian”, 23.9.22. Then, “Mail on Sunday”, 25.9.22, revealing his multi-million shareholdings in Chinese Communist, Russian and other overseas companies. These include a massive stake in China’s largest restaurant chains. He “now holds sway” over the sale of Britain’s largest microchip to Chinese-backed buyer last year. I understand he “has no objection” to fracking in HIS OWN “backyard”.
      His father wrote a book on economic doom and its reckoning…!

  2. ” Making it obligatory to show a letter or form from the Inland Revenue to show you are a contributor or at least in touch with our tax system before getting treatment on the NHS is another.” If only it was feasible. When British passports, driving licences, NI numbers and other forgeries are easily obtainable by immigrants it is naive to think that this requirement would have any effect or that NHS employees would bother to enforce it. Thousand of aliens travel to this country without an NHS number for free treatment and the NHS know it and do nothing.

  3. Critics of the WEF have latched onto the King’s previous recommendations of more effective family planning for overpopulating Africa and other “developing” countries. This is a sensible position to take, quite separately from policies on other issues taken by globalists, including their open-borders invitation to mass-immigration to swell the profits of international financiers at the expense of western nations and cultures. See the data and documentation in studies by authors as politically diverse as David Coleman, Clare Ellis, Eric Kaufmann, Stephen Smith and Arthur Kemp.

    • “Critics of the WEF have latched onto the King’s previous recommendations of more effective family planning for overpopulating Africa and other “developing” countries.”

      — It’s not sensible. To even propose such a thing, requires tremendous arrogance. The King should not concern himself with “family planning”, nor should anyone else in Government.

      And the so-called “critics” of the WEF have every right to criticize that dystopian organization. Why do you think MNC’s pay over 1M dollars to attend every year? Obviously, because its a place where they can “collaborate and collude” with other organizations; it benefits them greatly to attend the meetings and to cooperate with the yearly “agenda” because the “agenda” is good for their bottom line. The regulations proposed by the WEF creates barriers to entry, crushes the competition, oligopolizes and monopolizes industry, and pushes towards stakeholdersim, a global form of fuedalism. And that is exactly what MNC’s want.

      The greatest threat to the U.K. is the WEF and the MNC’s who involve themselves in this racket. It’s the biggest criminal organization on the planet. And the King should separate himself from that organization — although, it might be dangerous to do so. As you can see, they will viciously attack him and everyone else who defies their “agenda”. He is probably afraid of them, and I’m not surprised. Mob’s rule by power and by force, and the WEF is the mob. It’s not unlike the old Catholic order, pe-enlightenment, in which King’s and academies had to obey or lose their place.

      • It is important to focus on the WEF but also on other dangerous groups and activities which often run in parallel.
        Look at the demographic projections of size, age, race and ability for the next 50 years, and the prospects of hunger, conflict, mass migration both in Africa and elsewhere, especially if affected by climate change which is now blamed on the wicked white man. We need to dissuade clever western women from their birth-strike (whether “selfish” or “altruistic”) and to support Africans with family-planning and agricultural development. Otherwise, we shall be inundated with black “refugees” that will make current Channel crossings look like a tea-parties at what survive of our vicarages. There are more than one “mob” to face in the Kleptopian universe. Prince Charles once said, “I do not like being told what to do” and “I love Britain and want to see it great again.” We should hold him to that vision and the forthcoming Coronation Oath.

        • “What would happen if it came to pass that millions of Africans…all came knocking at the gates of Europe?… Would they be deterred by walls and barbed wire, and ranks of police officers and soldiers?” – Dr Asfa-Wossen Asserate, “African Exodus” [Haus, 2018, page 169]. This book is introduced by David Goodhart who has said that “white self-interest is not the same thing as racism” [Guardian, 14.11.20].

        • MNC = multinational corporation.
          It is a mistake to focus on just one “explanatory” personality – Schwab, Soros, Gates, Halberstadt, Blankfein, Lauder, Chertoff, Goolsbee, Buffett, Coudenhove-Kalergi (+).

  4. The goal of immigration is to reduce the cost of labour.
    The WEF wants regional blocs, with equal population, and methods to control that population. They also want corporate stakeholderism which is a form of neo-fuedalism, and the way to achieve these goals to create a homogenous society without differences and disctinctions, which they propagate as “multiculturalism”. The end goal of multiculturalism is no culture at all, or a global culture with no distinction. It’s not conspiracy; it’s all out in the open. Scwhab gleefully writes about this in his books.

  5. Will the fire sale of national assets to equity vultures and foreign regimes continue under the Truss-Kwarteng camarilla, so that the native “White British” have nothing left to call their own, not even memories – faded, vilified, distorted, damaged, or banned altogether?

    “And that will be England gone” (Philip Larkin).
    “And in a world where England is finished and dead I do not wish to live” (Alice Duer Miller).

  6. Anti-Monarchy republicanism + Anti-White racism = a threat to Charles III as King and as a person, since neither should be placated. The “connection” between our Empire and England, Kingship and Kinfolk, as an evil combination with its legacy in Englishness is facing organised deconstruction. Watch David Olusoga on the BBC as an early straw in the coming hurricane. God Save Our Kingdom from replacement – royal AND racial.