The Real World is now the Woke World

From The Museum of Communist Terror to the corridors of our public and private institutions

We have entered an age where subjectivity trumps objective facts, where decibels outweigh debate and where rhetoric (here defined as ‘language designed to have a persuasive or impressive effect, but which is often regarded as lacking in sincerity or meaningful content’) will always be superior to reason. This is the age of identity politics, ‘lived’ experience, ‘my truth’ and a deluge of other social justice inspired terms which, simply translated, mean ‘me, me, me’.

A series of books has been published, starting with The Madness of Crowds and The War on The West by Douglas Murray, then How Woke Won by Joanna Williams and most recently The New Puritans by Andrew Doyle. These chart the rise of the social justice movement and its activists the social justice warriors, how they have permeated key institutions, perverted the meaning of language and tried to undermine faith in all the values that hold societies together, lead to stability and sanity for the majority of the population and which are the true hallmarks of progress.

Nothing is sacred and almost any issue can be weaponised by the social justice warriors, although they do have their favourite areas through which to claim oppression, marginalisation and to spout vitriol at those they see as beyond the woke pale. Race, gender and climate change are high on their agenda. Those of us who have done time in universities, the National Health Service or any of the public services will have seen the pervasive outcome of the social justice movement in terms of inclusive policies, recognition of gender and transgender equality and a proliferation of recycling bins. Hardly a problem as all decent people do not wish to discriminate on the basis of race, would be horrified at the thought of being rude to anyone regardless of gender or identity and we all want to cut down on landfill and smoke in the atmosphere.

However, we cannot be trusted simply to be nice people, to treat others with respect and to dispose of our cans and bottles in the appropriate receptacle. Increasingly, these behaviours must be prescribed, enforced and policed. Thus, human resources departments grow like mushrooms, often by orders of magnitude, and undergo transformations into new entities called ‘departments of people’ with very sinisterly named ‘directors of people’ at the helm. Where once their predecessors (personnel departments) were there to assist the rest of an organisation to function, these new departments led by their supreme beings are increasingly becoming the centres of gravity around which all else must revolve; the increasingly longer tails that wag the rest of the dog.

Around the leadership of these departments of people grow, snowball-like, a regiment of regulators with titles such as ‘inclusion and diversity officers.’ The National Health Service has a severe shortage of nurses and doctors and the wherewithal to pay them even if they manage to employ them. Yet there is neither let nor hindrance to the employment of these inclusion and diversity officers who insist on the declaration of pronouns and implement a bewildering array of days where all manner of inclusivity, usually related to some variant along the widening spectrum of sexuality, must be recognised and celebrated. If this whole brigade of enforcers was sacked it would have no detrimental effect on the productivity or standing of any of these organisations.

Meantime, in the real world where working people who do not get all ‘the memos’ simply want to get on with their lives, let live in return and earn a decent living, life carries on as normal. That is until they forget to use someone’s preferred pronoun (‘misgender’ someone), show loyalty to King and country (support colonialism), say how much better this country must be or why would so many people want to come here (express ‘white privilege’) or continue to drive their fossil fuel powered car (kill the planet). Little do the proletariat—for that is how the social justice elite view the rest of us—know that they are, panopticon like, being observed for words, actions and even demeanours which transgress the New Commandments and make someone feel ‘unsafe’, inferior or oppressed. Then, they know all about it as torrents of abuse will be hurled at them via whatever electronic platforms they use, they may be suspended from work and lose their job or, if dependent on public appearances, be cancelled and have their income stream dammed up at source.

Recent history is replete with examples of academics sacked, writers being prevented from publication, comedians being cancelled and people making transgressive but private jokes on personal social networking groups being hung out to dry socially, professionally and financially. Then there are the institutions, aided and abetted by the woke infiltrators, who must set up committees and commissions into what image they project. This gains expression through the removal of paintings, statues and artefacts and, in those that remain, the intrusive ‘trigger warnings’ that what is being viewed probably, however tenuously, related back to the slave trade.

If we cast our historical nets back to the 18th and 19th centuries pretty much everything could be found to have an association, in some cases directly to the slave trade. The sugar we ate, the cotton we used to make clothes, the hard woods we used to build ships and buildings and the precious metals and minerals we traded were a direct result of the slave trade. It was utterly odious that people enslaved others and used them for economic gain, but it was more widespread in the Ottoman Empire and previous empires than it ever was under the British. That is not to excuse it but those who heap opprobrium upon us seem to have blinkers on when it comes to other historic and even present day examples of slavery. Ironically, there are no ‘brownie points’ (no pun intended) for having been at the forefront of abolishing slavery and, in that process, having been decades ahead of the United States. However, in a world where even William Wilberforce can be accused of simply exercising white privilege, nothing should surprise us.

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6 Comments on The Real World is now the Woke World

  1. In the Eighteenth Century, the principal difference between the slaves of European slave-owners and the slaves of African slave-owners was that the former were less likely to be eaten by their owners than the latter.

    Given the choice, and even taking into account the horrific conditions on the trans-Atlantic slaver ships and the pestilential climate of the West Indies, I think I’d rather be a slave of Europeans who might have some recollection of Christian morals than a slave of the monstrous Cannibal Kings of Dahomey.

    Therefore, if I were a descendant of slaves living in the UK or USA today, I think I’d be grateful to my ancestors’ owners for their help in making it possible for me to live the wonderfully free (and totally uneaten) life I live today.

    How should such gratitude be expressed? A brief genuflection before soccer matches would suffice, just to say, “Thank you, Whitey.”

  2. Amazingly, it seems like only the U.S. conservatives, predominantly the farmers living in the GREAT state of Texas, understand this.

    The U.K., other than Douglas Murray, are pathetic weaklings; their conservative party is socialist, and spend most of their time prancing around, talking about how they will “help people” — well, this is where your virtuous thuggery leads. Forcing people to pay into big government programs will only reduce liberty, as those programs and their regulatory imposition become larger, and centralized actors do not produce better outcomes. When will you realize that the problem with the health care system (and financial system) was created by government; if you actually go back and look at the record it wasn’t government that came and saved the day and provided care for those that couldn’t get it; it was government, through regulation, that increased the price to the point that the poor could not afford it and to the point where service providers could not offer a lower price. And the monopoly on finance is disgusting. Those thugs need to be brought to their knees, and the best way to do that isn’t war. It’s to simply adopt a decentralized currency like Bitcoin — which as you can imagine they vehemently oppose. And incidentally, it doesn’t have to be bitcoin. It just has to be a public blockchain capable of handling billions of transactions per second, and which has a FIXED supply so that apparatchiks cannot steal from you in the form of inflation.

    At some point, the liberal world order will crumble under the weight of the morons who propagate it. Do-gooders and their arrogant socialist peddlers, do not do good; they think they are so kind and wondeful and caring and loving, but they are not. Kindness is respect for individual rights; it’s a respect for labour and the body that produces that labour, and respecting labour means not coercing people into paying for your shitty centralized programs. At least give them an option.

    The pound is not crashing because of low taxes, which is being propagated by the “trusted news initiative”….it’s falling because the only way to deal with inflation (too much printing) is to raise interest rates, which increases borrowing costs and reduces production. And the only reason the dollar is increasing is because every small businessman in the world is hoping, praying, to whatever god they serve that the dollar can weather the upcoming storm — at least, better than most — and so they are transferring their assets.

    Conservatives in the UK should just rally around Murray. He’s the only one with a damn brain. In fact, I think he should emigrate to Texas. We’ll take him. Your country is already dead. Weaklings I say. Little weaklings.

    There might be times when the government has to rectify a negative externality, but those times are rare, and when they do exist they are best solved at the local level. It’s easier to hold your local mayor accountable for his actions, much harder to stop someone 5000 kilometers away.

    • This is just the kind of ignorant unsolicited generalised transatlantic abuse we get on websites like Occidental Observer and sometimes American Renaissance. Yes, Murray is good, but he is not alone. The solution to escalating bank debt and inflation lies primarily with a money lending system with an excessive “fractional” reserve; see the books by Ivo Mosley [though not a fascist like his grandpa] and Frances Hutchinson, for example. Bitcoin is bust.

    • Texas: The Biggest (contiguous) State, the Biggest Oil, the Biggest Motels, the Biggest Cars, the Biggest Guns, the Biggest Prisons, the Biggest Cops, the Biggest Hats, the Biggest Diners, the Biggest Kids, the Biggest Bigots, and Biggest Mouths.

      They are, like, amaZING!

  3. I observed and documented the outwards and upwards incremental ratchet promotion of this poisonous “religion” from its US beginning as the “race, gender, class” movement in the 1960s through to its recent imposition as “diversity, inclusion, equality” in the UK, EU and elsewhere. Warnings were greeted successively by initial incredulity, then complacency and finally collaboration. It can and must be defeated, but this will require thorough knowledge, an adroit strategy and a prolonged effort.

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