Who blew up the Baltic Gas Pipes?

Who ever wins a war?

There are three candidates for blowing up the Baltic gas pipes, yet both the BBC and ITV have singled out Russia as the culprit. It is hardly a considered view and demonstrates the incompetence of both channels when it comes to independent reporting.

There is an equal case against three suspects: Russia, the US (along with Britain) and Ukraine (with American help). 

If there are other suspects only Russia shares with the other two the ability to place 100 kg of explosives at 50 metres to 500 metres depth. You need specialised submarines or fishing boats and underwater drones for that.

Curiously some early reports stated that this particular set of  pipes were not carrying commercial gas. How can that be with gas from the fractured pipes now bubbling up to the surface?   However, if Russia is pumping commercial gas through them she would hardly want to lose the revenue or the ability to turn it off and on as the war and politics dictates. 

On the other hand it points strongly to the US or Ukraine. Now that the West is starting to buy (just) sufficient quantities of gas (and other energy supplies) from elsewhere this is the moment to show the Kremlin we will soon be about be able live entirely without their gas, and have the means to deprive them of all its income. 

Blowing up Russia’s supply lines to the West is an excellent idea as soon as we have sufficient supplies to do without her gas, and totally crippling her economy makes even sounder sense. 

Why are we shy of talking about it ?

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15 Comments on Who blew up the Baltic Gas Pipes?

  1. I agree with Harry Broadley and am delighted if it was the Americans who blew up the pipelines.Shows they have some strategic sense. Putin’s seizure of other countries’ territories is akin to the Hitler’s demands for Sudetenland. Many of the comments below are ludicrous in this context.

    • Really? Assuming you are serious why would the US not warn its NATO allies of its intention to destroy their national assets, create an ecological disaster and raise the chances of nuclear conflict? Was the UK told of it? Should we support an such escalation towards a direct war in Europe? Will there be any meaningful discussion in Parliament? Who will fight it, Will the UK maintain its ludicrous postureas a competentmilitary power or quietly submit to reabsorption into the EU via its NATO mechanism?
      The comparison with Suedetenland and the implication that serious and legitimate concern about being dragged into another destructive European conflict is appeasement is sadly misplaced. The better comparison is with the German false flag operation ‘capturing’ the Gleiwitz transmitter as the excuse for invasion.

  2. I can’t believe this fetid loathing of America is being dished up on a Conservative website. It might as well be Russia Today, judging from the comments. Incidentally, since when has Putin been behaving rationally?

    • It’s because the US is behaving in an irrational, barbaric and autocratic manner, prepared to fight to the last drop of Ukrainian and European blood and capital, rather than brokering a just and lasting peace as was well within its capability, that real Conservatives are concerned. Can the current US administration ever be trusted? The betrayal of its allies in Afghanistan last year tells us that it cannot.

  3. Russia blowing up its own assets? Sweet baby Jesus, if you’re there, please do something about this man’s brain cells, he needs a couple.

    Are you familiar with the area where the blasts occurred, Mr. Harris? You cannot be, it’s full of NATO boats, even if the Russians were to sneak in, how on earth could they place the stuff on the pipes in four different places without getting spotted, it’s not something one can do in minutes?

    Few weeks before the explosions NATO had an exercise in the same are, two days before the blasts shook the Swedish seismograph a helicopter was practising some weird maneuvering exactly above the the area of the explosions, have a look at the video by Sharij, it’s in Russian but the copter path is not, you can see clearly the machine was hoovering exactly where the bangs happened. At 09:47 in the same video you can see the American vessel that’s capable of placing explosives under water.

    The Americans have a knack for blowing up Russian gas pipelines, they tried it and succeeded when Reagan was in the Oval Office, the bang seen from the space was as big as a nuclear blast:


    Btw, next time you pen something about Russia do elaborate on your desire to destroy the country, enlighten us why that should happen, in particular point yo any harm the Russians have done to us since Putin took over, please.

    • Baron. I thought I made it plain that the Americans did it NOT the Russians. Also I approve of America harming the Russians. How could you make such a a basic error? Are you a low grade operative of a Russians trolling network with a poor grasp of English? You ask what harm the Russians have done to us since Putin took power ? He sent his operatives into Britain with poison gas of such toxicity that apart from killing a few innocent people would have killed thousands if it got out

      • No, Mr. Harris, Baron isn’t a low grade operative of a Russian trolling network, he’s someone that spent time in Ljubjanka when the communist thugs were in power, can hardly be accused of trolling for Putin, if he trolls for anything it’s the truth.

        Baron’s command of the lEnglish tongue may not be to your liking (it’s awful, Baron admits), but he can still figure that someone saying “totally crippling” an economy isn’t the same as “harming the Russians”, it’s much worse, why have you come down a peg or two to display your hatred?

        More to the point, why should anyone bred in the enlightened, fair and tolerant tribe of the Anglo-Saxons be advocating harming people of a different race, even if, as you claim, a harm was done to us in Salisbury, it wasn’t the 140mn Russians that did it, was it?

        It seems you may be in need of more than a couple of functioning brain cells swallowing the Skripals’ charade, read the link below, please, tell Baron what’s wrong with Rob Slane’s reasoning.

        If it were Novichok the old man and his daughter were poisoned with not only the two of them, but most if not all of the people that came into contact with them (in the diner, the boys feeding the ducks, the policemen …) would be dead, Salisbury would have been cordoned off for months if not years, we would have been at war with Russia.


        You don’t live in Russia, the Russians do, they elected Putin in a less corrupt election that the one in the American Republic that hoisted the geriatric into the Oval office, they keep backing him, he may an autocrat, but the Russians are lucky to have him, so are we, when he goes, it wouldn’t;t be the Navalny’s mob but the communists that take over, then you can peddle your hatred of the Russians at full throttle.

  4. Video excerpts of the threats to destroy Nordstream2 by both the empty husk that is Biden and the maleficence that is Vctoria Nuland are clear admissions of US capability, final culpability of the US Westerplatte is dependent on evidence which is not currently and may never become available.
    With uch an ally, who will betray you and destroy your key strategic assets, the warning us as much to Germany and the EU as it is to Russia. Britain and the West need to start distancing themselves from such an incoherent ally.

  5. The clear beneficiary of this is the US. Germany is toast and has no gas, so will now work at beating Russia to steal its resources. Whatever the MSM says is a big fat lie.

  6. If it was Russia why did they not tamper with the Norway-Poland pipeline?
    Any repairs would take place in Swedish or Danish territorial waters. Why has the supply not been shut down?
    It has been suggested that this is a message from Putin, odd if it is when all he needs to do to threaten the west with a dearth of gas is to close a valve.
    Me thinks that this is more likely to be a message FOR Putin than FROM Putin.

    • Quite, david, but such is the demonisation of Russia that many swallow it without thinking, one of the reasons we’re in a $hite.

      Tucker gets it though, he’s also smart presenting the explosions as an environmental catastrophe, which they are, amazingly the Green warriors are shtum, a puzzle that since natural gas contains primarily methane by far deadlier compound than CO2, which is really the most useful gas without which plants, trees and any other organic green stuff couldn’t exists: