Queen Elizabeth

8th September 2022 26

I cannot hide my sadness, tears, or fear. The last of an old kind of Englishman had sadly been lost. A queen who through the most revolutionary periods in this nation’s history, has remained resilient and proud of what she represented. The greatest kind of life! A life of service and devotion to our nation. Perhaps the last? One cannot … [Read on]

What will we do when Putin closes all the gas taps?

8th September 2022 5

It alarms me that Radio Corbyn Extra (BBC Radio 4 Today) has given such an enthusiastic welcome to Liz Truss’s plan to encourage people to carry on leaving their lights on all night, ramp up their central heating, and eat out on the government in the hundreds of thousands of cafes and restaurants that have sprung up in Britain since … [Read on]

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