The Leadership Election. A vote to return to the EU?

It’s hard to know why the Tory establishment dislikes Johnson so much, he gave them an 80 seat majority, so what else did they want from a leader? Is it because he has a Turkish grandfather, too many wives, or he simply makes people smile?

Even better he gave the establishment Brexit in name only. We were promised control of our borders, and a bonfire of EU regulations. We were going to have free ports and be as rich as Singapore. None of that has happened. Immigration is at a historic high, with the EU laying siege to our borders in an attempt to cripple our trade until we rejoin the EU. Lots of Tories want to rejoin, to be ruled a President whose name we have never seen on a ballot paper.

So why the virulent hatred ? Why the scraping of the barrel to find some charge with which to get rid of him? Decorating his living room with gold wallpaper ? Holding parties in Downing street during lockdown ? Are we supposed to believe  that no civil service department ever shared a bottle of wine with its senior staff on a Friday night during lockdown; that not a single private company as much took a cup of tea with its directors at close of weekly business ? And what about the charge of Johnson rubber stamping the appointment of a groper to the House of Lords ? That would be the first groper, would it, to sit on those august benches?

Johnson is popular because he appears to be a rebel, an outsider, it does not really matter if he is or not, but we are now ruled by an establishment that does not tolerate even the appearance of dissent. Instead we are to be be ruled by an ex Goldman Sachs employee Sunak, an international banker, and let’s have no argument about it. His plan is to boost the economy with cheap foreign labour. Expect open door immigration.















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18 Comments on The Leadership Election. A vote to return to the EU?

  1. I can’t think of any MP of any party who would be a satisfactory PM.

    I also can’t think of anybody who isn’t an MP who would be a satisfactory PM.

    So what can we do but weep and pray?

    • No one who would make a competent satisfactory PM would ever be allowed by either political party to become an MP let alone a PM. The chickens are not about to open the door of their coop and let a fox in.

      It’s a rigged self serving minority rights driven system reliant on the idiocy and incompetence of its protagonists that is rotten to the core and no longer represents the wishes and interests of the majority British public.

      Fortunately the whole sorry show can largely be ignored if people have the common sense to not give it the attention it craves by turning off, logging off and tuning out but that will be hard for many given the rampant addiction in society to all things media.

      Eventually a straw will break the camels back. A military coup, armed rebellion, civil war, Royal takeover, rescue by foreign power…who knows, who cares.

      Personally I’ll be far too busy playing Golf, turning a profit and eating well to give a damn about a society that has made it plain clear it no longer wants the input of the descendants of the straight white privileged men who built it.

      • @ The Golfer, “turning a profit and eating well” (in the UK today?):
        Have you seen the video “England Lives and Marches On”?

  2. ‘Dissent’ trying to keep Conservatism alive. Something Sunak or the cabinet seem to no nothing about. However, Johnson seems to have said many many words but no action. Spot on article!

  3. The problem for many is that the man is a pathological liar. And yes, politicians lie; but for Johnson it is a life style.

    UK RIP, death by FUBAR

  4. How many angels can dance on a pin?
    How many Indians can stay in England under the Sunak-Modi trade agreement – 1,500,000,000 to choose from?

  5. Yes, folks: an apology for my unusual optimism.
    The Diverse Sunakracy is already talking of more immigration, defended on Politics Live “Conservative” MP as compensating for our ageing indigenous population. The Great Replacement “fantasy of the far right” becomes by incremental steps a Catastrophic Fact “on the ground”. See more details from Migration Watch UK online.
    UN-intended consequences?

    • I share your regret, Mr Ashton.
      The English nation – victorious in 1945, defeated, conquered and occupied by 2025?
      Resistance is useless, illegal and impossible.
      We must learn to Love Big Bro’. Innit? Nome sane?

  6. Expect open door immigration from the Hindu billionaire? What about his plans to reform asylum legislation, drastically reduce immigration and defang the Equality Act, as quoted in a few small corners of the “Daily Mail” that swung the minuscule Conservative Party membership to land us with a Black millionaire financier and a Wooden Lady?
    Yes, let’s HAVE an argument about, now that Mop Top has himself bungy-jumped off the greasy pole that keeps the parliamentary circus tent from falling down altogether.

  7. Control of borders must mean virtual exclusion of all non-European settlers.
    The “benefits of Brexit” require political exclusion of all foreign legislative interference, but not rejection of treaty co-operation on regional defence.
    There should be some arrangement to enlarge economic co-operation with the neighbouring market, food and raw material supplies.
    Defence of the European peoples and our shared culture against modern enemies and dangers should be a long-term imperative even for short-term politicians.
    But if you re-elect clowns, you get another circus.

    • It’s too late for that. And that line of thinking can be dangerous. One of the reasons the Chinese are so vicious towards the Uighers is that Uighers are not “han”. Should we now create camps, like the Chinese, to place people into ethnic groups. That would be a violation of western ethics. That’s not who we are. And we cannot remove citizenship from people who already have it. This is why Russia has always provided “temporary stay” as opposed to citizneship. Its precisely because they knew the problems that multiculturalism would lead to. But its too late to go back. The island is multicultural, and yes that is problematic because its difficult for cultures to live together in harmony, but the problem is not going to disappear. Somethings can never be repaired, and this is one of them. The damage is done.