Wokery is Maoism.

23rd November 2022 9

Every now and again we hear sensible people referring to the actions of wokist jihadis as being revenants of those at the forefront of Mao’s horrendous decade-long Cultural Revolution, starting in 1966. Are these reasonable comparisons ? The parallels are indeed striking and disturbing. Okay, so we in the West are not expecting the 1.5 to 2 million deaths that … [Read on]

Prescription for the Emergency treatment of the NHS

21st November 2022 6

  An initial £10 upfront payment for visiting a GP or A & E, no payment for a return visit for the same complaint. Those on benefits to recoup costs from social security. People who contract to take their elderly relatives stranded in hospital to pay a maximum income tax rate of 10% as long as they keep them. They … [Read on]

Queering the pitch in Qatar. A fortnight of fun ahead.

19th November 2022 10

For those of us who grew out of football in our teens, or who support local teams on the terraces, the politics surrounding the World Cup in Qatar is a welcome distraction from the football – that ghastly spectacle of pampered celebrity brats making an exhibition of themselves on and off the pitch. And few things are more enjoyable than … [Read on]

The Climate is far too fragile to be left in the hands of Big Government or Big Eco

15th November 2022 3

What would conservative environmental action look like? I disagree that it would involve an increasingly interfering government dominating the decisions on our behalf. Surely a ‘conservative’ policy wouldn’t wish to hoover up more authority in order to dictate what we ought to do. For a while now I – though admittedly still only 23 years old – have operated under … [Read on]

Compel by law those who pay the highest rates to take in migrants

14th November 2022 8

Illegal immigration will double next year, double again the next, and again the next, and keep on going, the only limit being the supply of rubber dinghies. So weak are the laws preventing young men posing as refugees from entering Britain, smugglers could even hire a redundant cross channel ferry and fill it with illegals and we would be bound … [Read on]

The Satan’s spoor of television is the internet

14th November 2022 1

Any readers anticipating an article condemning the invention of the wheel need trouble themselves no further: this essay examines the impact of modern technology from the reference point of the invention of television (John Logie Baird in 1926) – an invention still seeking an application – to the third decade of the twenty-first century. The Trojan horse which introduced television … [Read on]