Compel by law those who pay the highest rates to take in migrants

Let them all come. It means cheaper cleaners.

Illegal immigration will double next year, double again the next, and again the next, and keep on going, the only limit being the supply of rubber dinghies. So weak are the laws preventing young men posing as refugees from entering Britain, smugglers could even hire a redundant cross channel ferry and fill it with illegals and we would be bound to land them and put them on the five year waiting list for their bogus claims for asylum to be heard.  Neither are the French keen on stopping migrants leaving France – they don’t want them – stopping them leaving is not in their interest. Anyhow, once a migrant is removed from a dinghy in Calais he is neither arrested or deported, there is no law against being a refugee in France, so he is free to try again. Mass illegal migration will continue until its secondary effect, the arrival of the boat peoples’ dependents, many hundreds of multiples of the original number who came by sea, they will come by air and sea quite legally, with all the proper papers, overwhelms us. Why do you think they are mainly young men in the dinghies? They have families, very big families.

Which brings us to the questions of how we are going to house these huge numbers. Hotels will not suffice and with hundreds of thousands of migrants flooding ashore private housing will be needed. This will force the government to bring in in legislation allowing local authorities to sequester rooms in low rent housing, hostels, shelters, disused buildings etc.

But sheltering refugees in third class accommodation gives the media a chance to criticise the government for being hard hearted, and by implication how they (the media) would do it better.

You can almost hear the chorus of righteous rage on the BBC. How cruel, how thoughtless !

Well here’s the latter’s chance to help. The Salisbury Review proposes legislation obliging those paying the highest rates in a borough, and are therefore most able to shoulder the burden of taking in migrants, of having rooms in their house sequestered by the local authority.

Unfortunately the government hasn’t got the guts of a dead sheep. If they had and started bringing such legislation down now, you would find the migrant “crisis” would rapidly fade into  a distant memory.






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8 Comments on Compel by law those who pay the highest rates to take in migrants

  1. Sunak the Hindu wants more immigrants for economic “growth” and Braverman the Mauritian wants more refugees via global “safe routes”. Never ending.
    Remember “England” in 1953 compared to Multi-Culturia in 2023?
    Our kids know no better and are taught worse.

  2. What about Scotland? It’s about time those whinging, sanctimonious virtue-signalling Nats took in these illegals. Instead of carping these hypocrites are more than happy for those on the English side of the border to get dumped on, both in terms of numbers and financially subsidising illegal migrants. Enough is enough.

    • You’re right but untimely I’m afraid. In 2007 my wife and i had a particularly gruesome experience of miserable Scottish people and interminable water, trees, more water, more trees. When she had a brainwave -why not send ALL migrants TO SCOTLAND where they could establish restaurants that might open EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK for hungry Sasenachs to fill their empty stomachs..

  3. Consider the problems that we have encountered since immigrants started flooding the country. Hospitals overwhelmed, roads gridlocked, schools oversubscribed, doctors surgeries crowded, the NHS in permanent crisis and on and on.

    Our addiction to an ever increasing population will eventually undo us. Most politicians subscribe to an ever expanding population believing that it holds the key to success. But look at what has been achieved in the past 70 years; almost all of our remaining industries and utilities owned by outsiders, an incomprehensible level of national debt, the total enlarged every year. Workers deserting the workforce in ever increasing numbers. Is this success?

  4. With this government and Labour I would agree with you that immigration would change this country eternally. A new political party will come to the fore with the demand from the population to stop this.

    OR IS THERE???

  6. Do we really NEED any more permanent immigrants and their relatives?
    Can we really TAKE IN any more “asylum seekers”?
    How many lifeboats are bigger than the Titanic?