Prescription for the Emergency treatment of the NHS

The Present state of the NHS


  1. An initial £10 upfront payment for visiting a GP or A & E, no payment for a return visit for the same complaint. Those on benefits to recoup costs from social security.
  2. People who contract to take their elderly relatives stranded in hospital to pay a maximum income tax rate of 10% as long as they keep them. They would be checked on by inspectors to see they complied. The penalties for neglect would be the severe, heavy fines and seizure of the property.
  3. Care workers to be a recognised profession – like nurses, physiotherapists etc – with ranks, uniforms, basic or higher training and uniforms. Pay to be always 15% above supermarket pay.
  4. A drive to train three paramedics for every junior doctor in training.
  5. A corps of volunteer car owners to take the less seriously but acutely ill to hospital.
  6. Doctors should not be able to retire and take their pensions before 65.
  7. Hospital administrators earning over £100,000 a year to take a 20% cut in pay
  8. Every A & E to have a desk to which patients or their relatives must show proof of residency, permission to remain or being privately insured. Proof of contact with HMRC (not necessarily paying), would be sufficient. The money recouped from this exercise would not, as it is now, be deducted from the hospital budget, a device presently used by health service bureaucrats to deter hospitals from spotting those cheating the system.

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6 Comments on Prescription for the Emergency treatment of the NHS

  1. I am not a doctor.

    But it seems to me that there is a much simpler solution to the problems of the NHS, which by a happy coincidence is also the solution to very nearly all our other problems.

    Expel a few million unwanted immigrants.

  2. The basic problem as I see it, and have seen it for at least 20 years, is the low number of nurses, doctors, surgeons and care assistants; ditto, teachers, police, armed servicemen and customs officials; ditto, qualified engineers and innovative scientists, high culture creators.
    Too many unproductive parasites at all levels of society: money manipulators, bureaucrats, welfare spongers, organised criminals, pornographers.
    What happens when those who give according to their ability are literally overwhelmed by those who take according to their need or greed?
    Who was it that said that self-abnegating “altruism” would turn the entire world into a hopeless hospital – Goethe, Nietzsche, Spencer, Raymond Cattell or Ayn Rand?

  3. Not sure about the £10 GP fee as a deterrent. I haven’t been to a GP since 2008 when I collapsed in the surgery with pulmonary emboli. Surely I should get a rebate?

    • I recall a Gp in the North of England in the sixties who boasted he kept the windows of his waiting room nailed open in winter and nailed closed in summer

  4. In the spirit of reparations for racist and environmental wrongdoing, a task force to reclaim costs of births to mothers from Ghana and Nigeria who just happened to be here on holiday at the time of delivery…

    • What happened to the all-hours friendly experienced family doctor before the NHS and in its early years?
      Too many people everywhere, decades of dysgenic breeding and career-politician short-termism.