Wokery is Maoism.

The World's worst Mass Killer. Wokists are adopting his techniques of intimidation

Every now and again we hear sensible people referring to the actions of wokist jihadis as being revenants of those at the forefront of Mao’s horrendous decade-long Cultural Revolution, starting in 1966. Are these reasonable comparisons ?

The parallels are indeed striking and disturbing. Okay, so we in the West are not expecting the 1.5 to 2 million deaths that were incurred during Mao’s madness in China to be replicated with our current wokist policies. (Although we wait to see what will be the effects of depriving people of heating and medical care as the result of the Net Zero agenda and the disastrous consequences of national lockdowns). Yet, undeniably, a new Cultural Revolution is being imposed upon us, with governmental social engineering forcing the masses to comply with ‘acceptable’ – i.e, state-sanctioned – views on gender, BLM, supranationalism, immigration and green policies.

Mao Zedong ruled the People’s Republic of China in 1949. One of the 20th century’s triumvirate of evil (with Hitler and Stalin), Mao had already overseen the killing of some 45 million of his people through enforced famine and labour between 1958 and 1962 when, in 1966, he decided that there was another calamity with which he could devastate his country to assuage his feelings of insecurity and narcissistic self-deification. Concerned at threats to his power, he launched a new campaign against running-dog capitalists and counter- revolutionaries – by which he meant potential rivals – and initiated the Cultural Revolution with the rallying cry: ‘Sweep Away All Monsters and Demons!’

Millions of suspects – those in education, peasants trying to keep their families alive through surreptitious private enterprise and, most of all, critics of Mao – were targeted for verbal humiliation and physical attacks. Mao’s stormtroopers for this onslaught were the fanatics of the Red Guard, formed by students and the young.

Mao was deliberate in recruiting these youngsters as they were so malleable to his manipulations and because, being young, they were up for a fight and confrontation. He encouraged them with the slogan: ‘To Rebel is Justified!’ The Red Guard took this as a carte-blanche to do as they liked. They did.

The Red Guard was a pretty exclusive organisation, predominantly comprising the children of the political and military classes – what we would today call the ruling elite. They attended the best schools and universities and enjoyed all those exclusive privileges of their class. They were well-connected and had the advantages of organised political and social networks. They now re-asserted their moral superiority and virtue through being the activists of the revolutionary class. Sound familiar? Trust-fund rebels, anyone?

They unleashed a flood of visceral hatred and violence against all those they believed did not share their ideals and their right to the reins of power. There were thousands of public humiliations, including victims being urinated on and forced to eat excrement. Atrocities abounded, with even schoolgirls frequently torturing their teachers and beating them to death. The freedom to exercise violence empowered the young. Eventually, even the more reluctant and squeamish ones joined in with the evangelical hysteria and the beatings so as not to be ostracised from their peer groups. One recalls: ‘I felt the same kind of excitement I had felt playing spy games in primary school’. The delightful Madame Mao excused all: ‘When bad people get beaten by good people, they deserve it!’ Of course, a ‘bad’ person was one who didn’t sign up to the current, pervading agenda.

Teachers and others in positions of influence turned on each other with spurious allegations of counter-revolutionary activities, doing so in the hope of reasserting their own credentials and diverting unwanted attention away from themselves. Knowing their colleagues well, they could drag up actions or words from their past to condemn them. Today the violence is psychological rather than physical, but we see here the elements of highly public denunciations and craven apologies to placate the mob (the frequent result of Twitter ‘pile-ons’) and the practice of offence archaeology (digging up and distorting all those outdated Twitter posts from the past).

In our modern-day dystopia, the psychology is basically the same. If you don’t have acceptable opinions you can expect to be hounded out of your profession and unable to find a new job, putting your mortgage and family at risk, and being ostracised from society. The young today are systematically brainwashed in our (re-)education system and enlisted as frontline troops to assert the ideologies of their generation, indoctrinated as they are by our ruling elites looking for ways to hold on to their power. Chairman Mao would understand the strategy all too well.

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  1. I experienced Mao’s Cultural Revolution (CR) personally when I was a young teacher in China. It was nightmarish experience. Mob violence reigned. People of ‘reactionary’ background were beaten to death in broad daylight. Teachers were humiliated and attacked en masse. Honestly I can’t imagine such massive inhuman cruelty and stupidity could happen in UK, USA or EU. (Am I being too optimistic?)
    However the Woke does remind me of CR, as freedom of speech, rationality and basic human decency are threatened in liberal democracies. Decent people must stand up to defend hard-earned fruits of centuries of civilisation. Never has Edmund Burke’s warning been so important than today — ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.’

    • The problem today is that good men have done nothing for so long that evil has already triumphed. All that remains for the enemies of civilisation to do is to track down and behead a few elderly survivors of the ancien régime, such as Lady Hussey.

      The mighty civilisation of China is extinct in China. What happened to China in the 20th Century is happening to Europe in the 21st. People are losing their jobs for saying the wrong things. People are going to prison for reading the wrong books. People are being “cancelled” because they posted something on the Internet twenty years ago that is deemed “unacceptable” now.

      And to think that Burke thought the French Revolution was bad! We are already living in Orwell’s Airstrip One, and there is no hope in the Proles.

  2. Indoctrinate the young and control the future.
    Marcuse listed the students, along with “wimmin”, blacks, immigrants and sexual minorities in his targeted groups for the “egalitarian” revolution. “Race, sex, class” has now morphed into “Diversity, Inclusion, Equality”, the new official religion, enforced at school and university, from creche to crematorium.
    Away with the “Four Olds”! – Heterosexual Christian White Men, European Tradition, English Patriotism, Personal Enterprise.
    See Will Hazel, “Telegraph”, 20 November 2022, on bigoted anti-“racist” youth.
    Also, Giulio Meotti, “Gatestone Institute”, 20 November 2022 on national destruction (online), & Gregory Hood, “American Renaissance”, 10 November 2022 on the GMH world population threat (online).

    • White “supremacy” is gradually being overtaken by Anti-White supremacy aka the Global Majority, not only at the UN but INSIDE the UK. YT is for the chop, even though Hindus, Muslims, Communists and Animists disagree among themselves. They can fight over their shares of the territorial loot.
      Look up Rosemary Campbell-Stephens MBE [sick] @ “Daily Mail”, November 24, p.19 & Gaia Vince, “Nomad Century” (2022).