The Salisbury Review website was down over the weekend

The Salisbury Review website was down over the weekend due to a technical fault. It is now fully working again. We apologise for any inconvenience.

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3 Comments on The Salisbury Review website was down over the weekend

  1. Welcome back to comment on the national decadence, and the latest trumped-up issues like the “racist royalty” calumny. Just look up Ngozi Fulane on Wikipedia and see how reasonable the friendly question about her origins was.

    • And there are the census statistics which on graph projection show the native white English a minority in England in less than 40 years from now.

      • True…but the native whites will always be a majority in the geographical areas that matter as everywhere else where the new majority reside will become uninhabitable.

        Mass native white internal migration is already well underway. The only capital that truly matters is human capital and that form of wealth has already left/is leaving/will leave wherever the new majority choose to make their home.

        One wonders if women like Ngozi Fulane are familiar with Aesop’s fable ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ and the disservice she does those decent, reasonable industrious black people by playing the race card for notoriety and personal gain.

        Each and every time race-baiting nonsense like this rears its stupid head all it achieves is to make thousands more tolerant welcoming accepting white folk roll their eyes to the sky and increase the likelihood that they will not lift a finger to help and happily look the other way if and when the far right rears its head.

        Be warned: the twitterati may well come to your aid online but you’ll be on your own when the mob come knocking down your door.

        There is nothing wrong or racist about asking any human being where they are really from and if you think anything otherwise you are in need of some serious help.