Where are you really from? Lady Hussey was right to ask

Help needed. Britain drowning in sea of lies

This week I was banned from Twitter – rather frustrating as I had a few things to say, vital issues local and national, lack of staff in Marks & Spencer, why can’t someone as distinguished a broadcaster Michael Buerk use ‘gave’ instead of ‘Gifted?’ Then there was Lady Hussey being sent into internal exile for a serious crime against the rules of woke for asking ‘African’ charity worker Ngozi Fulani about her family background.

My social-media crime was ‘Incitement to violence,’ ‘threat of harm against another,’ and ‘harassment,’ now pronounced, ‘Hah-rass-ment’ the same charge which has just seen rapper and ‘hip-hop artist’ Kanye West expelled from the platform after he posted images of swastikas and said the world was being controlled by Jews. I sent a tweet in reply to an attack by Bendor Grosvenor, Swiss TV personality on national pariah and social outcast, Lady Hussey. Along with hundreds of other tweeters he found her questions appalling and outrageous. I agreed, suggesting helpfully that her behaviour was so bad, she should, ‘At least be shot.’

Do not make a joke or attempt Swiftian irony with the Swiss, algorithms or to Twitter which is squarely American. I now stand condemned for ‘inciting violence’ against an elderly lady I was trying to support. I recently had a similar experience when I asked an African care-worker with a very strong accent, looking after an elderly neighbour, where he came from. I have been to various parts of Africa and have a genuine interest. He immediately got shirty and said, ‘Oxford’ emphatically. I was disappointed as there wasn’t going to be a conversation and wondered who had got at him, the source of his ‘group think’. Perhaps his defensive response originated in his NHS training. Several days on, newspapers and the BBC are still full of Lady Hussey’s verbal crime, no longer a mere ‘micro-aggression’ but seen as a major development in identifying Britain, and its royal family as endemically, institutionally racist, the worst crime anyone can now commit. Even the royal correspondent on Talk TV called monarchy as an institution is racist which has to change and adapt to the new zeitgeist.

The BBC has fully supported that line. Unlike some on Twitter, in discussion and interviews they haven’t questioned whether Ngozi Fulani, now outed as Marlene Headley whose family come from Barbados, just possibly had some kind of agenda herself.  After all, she attended a Buck House reception after tweeting on March 10th 2021 that the royal family had ‘committed DV’ (domestic violence) against Megan and Harry. Others that although she claimed to have been standing by herself when ‘interrogated’ by Lady Hussey, mobile camera film shows her surrounded by people apparently enjoying herself socialising.

On the BBC Today program, December 2nd, the presenter, herself Asian, discussed the outrage and ended by asking, ‘Do you think that Leicester might go back to being the racist city it was in the 1960s?’ Was it once a, ‘racist city?’  news to me. As a child I had relatives there, ordinary people going about their ordinary business. I didn’t see any swastikas or hear any talk about race. My first job on a national paper was to interview Sue Townsend as she directed her first play about Adrian Mole in a local Leicester theatre. Her vastly popular books were based squarely in white working- class in that city. She was left-wing but I don’t remember white racism being mentioned as an issue. Like most British people the people of that ‘racist city’ just got on with their lives despite a new population arriving in their midst, around 30,000 between 1968 and 1978 including more than 20,000 suddenly displaced from Uganda in 1972. The local population took that on without complaint, despite concomitant reduction in housing and social services, and have gone on doing so, with a rise in the Asian population there of 6.4 per cent since 2011, to currently 43.4 per cent. There seem to be no prizes or even recognition of British tolerance, quite the opposite, with incidents like one conversation at a charity reception taken as an excuse to complacently slur a city and vilify and traduce British citizens.

There was a slight flicker of fairness during the Today program, when two African speakers, in kindly voices, tried to reason that the whole ugly debacle was not just down to outright British racism, but possibly to do with Lady Hussey’s age. They obviously didn’t know that it is now forbidden to suggest that older people might see things differently because they’d lived in a time before mass migration, because according to the new woke history of the UK, evident in BBC historical drama, the country was always multi-cultural and there was never any particular arrival of migrants.

Perhaps the African speakers, apart from being moderate and reasonable people, had a genuine affection for a Britain they can still remember, multi-cultural or not, which once had some self-assuredness, in marked contrast to our current tedious cringing and self-loathing. If Ngozi Fulani went to Buckingham Palace with an agenda to disrupt it certainly got spectacular results, not from her cleverness but through the hysterical weakness of white society and its institutions, allowing the ever-growing stick of ‘Race’ to beat its brains out, displaying a complete lack of self-assertion through humour, irony, or phlegmatic common sense; cultural characteristics which seem consigned to the distant past of a despised indigenous British culture.

My appeal against my sentence was rejected. @janekelly25 can only reappear on Twitter again if I remove the ‘offensive’ tweet. I haven’t done so yet – as it was a joke, and we need a lot more of those.











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19 Comments on Where are you really from? Lady Hussey was right to ask

  1. Perhaps you were caught by the ‘long tail’ of not yet dismissed Twitter’s Liberal politizi.
    Delete and move on, a tweet is for the moment, not for life.
    On the subject the delusional grifter Fulani, I can only assune that her act if suppoku in apologising to her us due to a continuing and in my view entirely misplaced sense of duty and loyally to a monarchy increasingly subject to and driven by the cult of Woke and not prepared to contest it by supporting the traditional English ethics of loyalty and trust based on our distinctive Christian culture.
    Her sacrifice will not save them. The socialists are unforgiving in their hatred and their traditional support base is withering under the abuse inflicted on it by these remote, self serving illusionists.

  2. Freedom of speech should be absolute, although 100% freedom is unachievable. The idea that journalists should self censor to gain some small advantage in stemming the tide of approaching censorship (David Ashton and the heavily anonymous In Defence of Twitter.) is to sign the documents of surrender. Using aliases, I use my real name, is to tacitly agree with China’s idea of press freedom which is only to write what is approved by the Government – Twitter. I read something in the press today about twitter been the second (equal) arm of government.

    • The reason for free speech is to advance human knowledge. J S Mill is worth reading carefully on this.
      There is no case for propagating lies with impunity or without correction, for incitement to crime or its organisation, or for the commercialised provision of sadistic images that corrupt children or otherwise susceptible people. I am especially in favour of unmolested debate on race and religion, philosophy and politics, which do not require personal insult, threat or intimidation. I never use Twitter or any social media, and contribute to just a few websites including this one. The internet has been a source of falsehood, depravity and malice, as well as a vehicle for facts, serious discussion and human improvement.
      Of course, website editors are not obliged to “platform” statements they disapprove, but as a believer in “absolute freedom of speech” I note that you have “censored out” comments on Jews and Homosexuality that you dislike, as is your right.
      May I draw the attention of SR readers to the Academics for Academic Freedom and the Free Speech Union.

  3. Congratulations, Jane! Getting banned from Twitter is more an honour earned than unjust punishment inflicted. And how effective punctuation can be! Your inverted commas around ‘African’ have given me an idea. Some 30 years ago I discovered that one of my great-grandfathers was Spanish, almost certainly a sailor from Galicia (coal out to Galicia, iron ore back to Cardiff). A bonk in Cardiff in the 1880s resulted in my beautiful grandmother; but my great-grandfather was never seen again.

    So, inspired by Jane’s punctuation, I’m considering turning up at a gathering of the great and good here in Cornwall (yes, I do sometimes find myself at such events), dressed in traditional Galician clothes. When asked where I really come from, I could feign offended self-righteousness when people question me about my mongrel Britishness —. a bit of Welsh, a bit of English, a bit of Spanish (and who knows what else?).

    The ‘African’ of this incident is of the kind that latches onto any incident from the past that might lend them the virtue of victimhood. So I wonder if, on second thoughts, I should ditch the Galician connection on the grounds that my great-grandfather was the oppressor — the cad! the bounder! Perhaps i should emphasise my Welshness, my great-grandmother being the primary victim, and I should grumble when questioned about where I was ‘from’. (Born in Sussex, raised in Wales, lived in Ireland, retired to Cornwall because of another family connection.) Demanding that I’m really from Wales would prove that I had joined the ever-expanding ranks ranks of woke grifters, of which that ‘African’ lady is a prime specimen.

  4. Well put! The irony of “Ngozi’s” simulated outrage about Lady Hussey’s question is that her adopted name itself invites curiosity about her cultural heritage heritage. She reminds me of those posturing footballers who fall over too easily in the penalty area to claim an undeserved penalty. What lesson should we draw from this stunt? Express no interest whatever in immigrants’backgrounds.

  5. Oh Jane, just remove it. It’s more important that you can continue to write. Even better, do what I do and avoid all social media as there is no evidence not changes anything other than let us blow our tops!

  6. I’d just like to push back a bit on the Twitter being “american” comment. First of all, America’s founding was predicated upon classical liberal values and lockean ethics, and the Federalist papers (as written) are still the greatest theoretical construct for good governance ever created, so American history is not totalitarian and whatever Twitter was under the radicals that owned it before Musk, it is not the same company now. Musk made the rules very clear. In fact, I think the rules are less than two paragraphs now. His recent release of documents also shows that he’s at least willing to be transparent.

    And joke or not, you violated the terms. And the terms are pretty fair. You didn’t have to use those words. Musk has to deal with British apparatchiks who threaten him daily, and the non british woke, especially the losers in Brussels, along with the mega woke Google who can kick him off the store, and then of course there are the advertisers he needs to pay for the app, so obviously he has to draw the line somewhere so he can appease everyone. If you don’t like it, and don’t want to follow the rules, then you can always use another app. There are many. And btw, nobody is stopping you from building your own free speech app. Google won’t permit it to be on the store because free speech doesn’t help their narrative and their efforts to consolidate and essentially be a propagator for ultra radical liberal values, but people could still download the APK file directly from your website.

    You are attacking the wrong person (musk), wrong company and the wrong country. It’s london and brussels that are out of control. The U.S. has a woke problem in academy (adopted from their love of european centralization), but its bill of rights and its supreme court will keep those arrogant postmodernists from totally destroying the country. You on the other hand…have no such protections.

    • Despite “hate speech” subversion and political appointments to the supreme court, the US has the advantage of Free Speech constitutionally guaranteed even if media access to truth is restricted. Britain has no such protection.
      However, the problem we face with ideological control originates in the US not the EU. The “egalitarian” revolution promoted in the mid-1960s specifically targeted “women, students, blacks, immigrants, sexual minorities” (the “disabled” were tagged on later) to attack patriotism, patriarchy and personality with the “race, gender, class” triad. This crossed the Atlantic through “critical studies” etc. to subvert local government, social studies, education and eventually everything else with the parallel trinity “diversity, inclusion, equity”.
      The sequence overlaps: diversity goes from multiculturalism to BLM and anti-white activism; female “equality” to mass-indoctrination of children in same-sex and trans-gender; abolition of social hierarchy to strikes and street mobilisation. We are entering phase three.
      Add on mass-immigration of “refugees” and cheap-labour competition.

    • Well said, I agree. It really is pretty crass going on social media and suggesting people should be shot, even if it is meant tongue in cheek, or even as a (not very funny) joke. This is not worthy of someone who purports to be a journalist, as per the bio. Those of us who support free speech are in a battle to keep it; or even to get it back, some might say. This sort of thing certainly does not help the cause. Having said that I agree with much of what Jane says in the article.

      We live in a world of double standards. In October 2020 the BBC Frankie Boyle’s “New World Order” programme included a black, self styled comedienne, who came out with the comment: “It’s not that we want to go out and kill whitey – but we do!” (That is verbatim). I am a white person, and I find the term “whitey” mildly offensive, when used in a derogatory way by black people. Imagine that same sentence uttered by a white person with, the word beginning with “n” that we are not allowed to say, substituted for “whitey”.

      You have interesting things to say, Jane. Please don’t detract from that with silly “jokes”.

  7. All who disembark on Dover beach should be made to watch Hancock’s Half Hour. If they fail to chuckle at its subtle irony they MUST immediately be refused entry on the grounds that they will never belong here.

  8. Your mistake was suggesting that Lady Hussey ought to be shot, instead of suggesting that she ought to be doused in battery acid. When Jo Brand suggested on BBC radio that Nigel Farage ought to be doused in battery acid, a few monstrous Hitlerites moaned, but Jo Brand’s career as a perpetrator of what the BBC supposes to be comedy continued without interruption.

    Either it’s wrong to threaten somebody jokingly with bullets but right to threaten somebody else with battery acid, or the BBC, Twitter and all other Western institutions have been taken over by Orwell’s IngSoc.

    • Orwell?
      Newspeak = Woke-speak for the ruling pathocracy.
      Prolefeed = “Sex, drugs, rock & rap” for their hapless subjects.
      Thought Police: The British police must “challenge its predominately white” culture and become an “anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic organisation” – “HM” Police Inspectorate SIXTY THREE YEARS AGO! Its current priority is to locate young people who might resist the Great Replacement.

  9. There were several letters about about the Lady Hussey incident in the London edition of the Metro 5.12.22. All except one, most of them from black or Indian readers, said they were often asked the same question,’where are you from?’ None took offence and many were pleased to detail their ancestry

  10. Bravo!
    The Hussey-Fulani fuss was a scam, but the real problem is the way the world caved in as if Emmett Till had been burned alive by the King.