Will we have to give up our homes to the state to ease the housing and migrant crisis?

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2/3rds of the population of London are now from an ethnic minority. The majority of British (whoever they are?) when asked their religion no longer say they are Christian. We have an Indian Prime minister and several senior cabinet posts are taken by MPs from ethnic minorities.

From the latest census

“In the year ending (YE) June 2022, long-term immigration into the UK was estimated at around 1.1 million. This is an estimated increase of 435,000 compared with the YE June 2021 (628,000).

This was primarily driven by the immigration of non EU nationals, accounting for an estimated 66% of total immigration (704,000), an increase of 379,000 compared with the YE June 2021.”

Cultural attacks on the white majority are an almost daily staple of the news.

Roger Scruton talked about the danger of people being asked to ‘deteritorialise’ themselves in the face of mass immigration; give up their home and country for no benefit. He was right. Governments are taking their first steps in rationing and apportioning property to who they consider the most deserving. In Wales second home owners are to have their rates raised by 250% by April next year. It will not stop there. A Welsh government can raise the rates for second home owners to 300%. In time you can be sure the idea of levying similar increases on single home owners who don’t ‘fit’ the criteria of need will become more and more appealing.

Fantasy? In Ireland left wing  MPs are calling for the Irish government to seize second, holiday homes and underused properties to house migrants who will be given priority over the native Irish. With echoes of reparations for property seized by white colonialists, it has great appeal. The idea will spread and become normal state policy in many European countries like income tax which when it was first mooted in Britain was seen only as a temporary measure. Now everybody in every western country is assessed and taxed on their income



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7 Comments on Will we have to give up our homes to the state to ease the housing and migrant crisis?

  1. The digitalisation of money will make this process conflict free for governments; when your money has only an electronic existence you will be unable to fight any measure governments choose to impose on us. A few years ago members of each of the parties wanted to utilise “wasted” space in occupied houses. So if you owned a large house they could force you to let out a proportion. Such measures would effectively end private property piecemeal. Perfect for the quasi Marxists who rule us

  2. Yes, indeed.
    There are several towns in “England” where white people are now in the minority. The native population is not reproducing itself to a sufficient degree.
    Our museums, libraries, education curricula and charitable institutions are not only implementing incrementally defined “anti-racist, anti-sexist and anti-disablist” polices, but specifically vilifying and/or excluding “white” people, records, achievements, &c. The English monarchy like its English subjects is under attack, increasingly unconcealed, explicit and emphatic. The entertainment, sport and advertisement cultures are rewritten to marginalise white native-born heterosexual males. Organisations from the English Association to the former Eugenics Education Society are turned inside out.
    Behind the media and electoral noise, there are plans to welcome future legalised immigrants and establish safe routes for asylum claimants from the wider world.
    “Net [NB] migration to the UK has reached a record level of 504,000 after the arrival of Ukrainians and Hongkongers under a jump in the number of international students… A total of 1.1 million people are likely to have migrated in the year to June, the majority…from outside the EU.”/”If the migrants can endure the conditions and claim asylum, the proportion granted is often very high” – The Guardian Weekly, 2 December 2022.
    “One in three doctors trained in Britain go on to leave the country…the likes of Australia and Canada are gagging for [English-speaking white] arrivals” – The Economist, 3 December 2022.
    “Mass immigration is slowly giving Britain a new face… The Prime Minister has a Hindu shrine in No 10 and no one minds” – The Spectator, 3 December 2022.
    “Most voters now believe immigration should either remain at its current level or be increased [and] more recruitment of migrants in sectors such as the NHS, construction, hospitality and agriculture…Brexit has softened attitudes towards immigration… Hidden away in the recent report of the Office for Budget Responsibility was a remarkable forecast: ‘ONLY THE HIGHER-THAN-EXPECTED NUMBERS OF MIGRANTS COMING TO THE UK under the post-Brexit migration regime ADDS MATERIALLY TO THE PROSPECTS FOR POTENTIAL OUTPUT GROWTH over the coming five years.’… An honest debate would begin by recognising that the UK has AN ECONOMIC DUTY TO ACCEPT SOME MIGRANTS AND A MORAL DUTY TO RECEIVE OTHERS” – The New Statesman, 2-8 December 2022.
    Millions are unhappy in the Global South, millions are displaced, and millions want to live in Britain. Preparations must be made for climate refugees moving north to western territory whose white race is blamed for colonialism, the industrial revolution and white science supposedly responsible for their predicament.
    Great Replacement, “a far-right conspiracy fantasy”?

  3. You already know what I think, Mr Editor, but it’s worth repeating.

    Without compulsory expulsion of millions of unwanted immigrants, we’re doomed.

    • The English segment of the census demographic “White British” is now no more than 70% of the total population, if that – and diminishing.
      The French writer Michel Houellebecq says the Great Replacement is not a “theory” but a “fact”, and Europe will be swept away by unending uncontrolled mass immigration.
      In support, see the politically diverse studies by Eric Kaufmann, Patrick Buchanan, Renaud Camus, Clare Ellis, Stephen Smith, Douglas Murray, Gaia Vince, Asfa Wossen Asserate, Arthur Kemp, Giulio Meotti, Gregory Hood, Mark Steyn, etc.
      The attack on the Replacement idea on Wikipedia tells its own story.

    • It’s a simple as that. I am an artist but what’s the point when the host culture will become decimated: who am I talking to? I might destroy it, my work, as I have done before, because there is no point to address… a rabble. If I was younger I would take my own walk around the Freinberg but those days are long gone. It is too late. Will there be a catastrophe? I’ll probably be long gone before that kicks off. Will there be anything but a long decline into mush? We will be as the Greeks, the Europeans. Long gone. The height of civilisation, crashed.