The Real Immigration Gangs

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Yesterday the 14th December, Suella Braverman, emphasised in the House of Commons the importance of, ‘breaking the business model of the people smugglers.’ She is in a long line of Home Secretaries who have been handing out this pap for years, yet you can be sure she knows who the real ‘gangs’ are. They are called immigration lawyers. Their business model is to spin immigrant appeals out (however threadbare and ludicrous) for as long as possible, for years and years if they can, taking millions of taxpayers money for it. It makes no difference if finally an appeal fails, the migrant, warned well ahead, vanishes into the black economy, paying no taxes but living on the benefits of people who do pay theirs, like you dear reader. Immigration law, drafted by lawyers for lawyers is the gift that keeps on giving – to lawyers.

Then there are the “gangs” (companies) who provide housing for migrants in return for millions of pounds of rent from you. Sunak’s plan to house migrants in disused holiday camps and empty barracks is to deny them that income, but it won’t work because the same companies will arrange contracts to feed and look after the migrants , contracts  you can be sure, at prices no reasonable buyer would even thinking of paying. But then it is not ordinary money we are talking about here, but taxpayers’ (your) money. In Whitehall’s hands your money has about quarter the purchasing power it has in yours. When you buy say a cabbage in the shops it might cost you £1.50, Whitehall will pay £5.

We have become traffickers ourselves, paying for anybody who gets here to stay, paying for a roof over their heads, the education of their children, health care and benefits and a few decades later meekly accepting their abuse of us as slavers, colonialists and oppressors.

Wake up people !



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  1. Latest “Christmas” Present to the English People (remember them?:

    “Britain is told to prepare for an era of high immigration.
    “Current levels of 1.1 million arrivals a year could become the norm, say the Social Market Foundation…ties with countries countries such as India, Pakistan and Nigeria will see many young migrants seeking new lives here…first-generation immigrants will triple by 2050. An ageing population will lead to more businesses seeking foreign workers…Ministers have ‘paired’ tighter rules on [white] migrants with an ‘expansive policy approach to immigration from outside the EU’…
    “Jeremy Hunt has hinted it may remain high for several years… They said ministers must encourage the UK to welcome the support of refugees…a more relaxed attitude to higher numbers…’Immigration is going to be a major part of British national life in the decades ahead’.” – DAILY EXPRESS, 19 December 2022, pp.10-11.

    Great Replacement? Perish the thought!

  2. Why in heavens name don’t people read beyond the the BBC and msm. The accommodation scam has existed for years and the huge profits trousered by Capita and their Landlords. This is a national disgrace. Sunak will do nothing about it and together with the bloated legal profession , nothing will change.

  3. Since according to the Primate of all England, aka Justin Welby, Britain cannot take in everyone, why take in anyone? There are many millions of miserable people around the world who would like to come here. Why discriminate against them in favour of people who put unaccompanied children on dinghies or aeroplanes? If a line has to be drawn, why not now? Compassion? – well, why not start an international movement to reduce persecution, conflict, hunger and climate impacts in the homelands of the refuge seekers?

  4. Why why why are we still listening to a ‘new proposal to stop illegal immigrants?’ Every time we get a new Home Secretary they come up with a ‘new idea’. It’s really quite simple: You come over illegally you will be taken immediately to Heathrow and sent back to the original country. If you don’t have a passport you’ll go to Rwanda. Your choice of 2 options. THAT’S IT!!! Agree with other poster. Great article! I never feel alone when reading the Salisbury Review. Thank you!!

    • @ Milly
      Because the “deep state” doesn’t want to stop immigration any more than “The Guardian” (left) or “Economist” (right). All potential resistance, physical or verbal, to the Great Replacement, is being prevented by legislation and indoctrination behind a smokescreen of rhetoric, until it has progressed beyond the tipping point, and its all over for the Native English. Rubbish? Read Eric Kaufmann’s “Whiteshift”, Stephen Smith’s “Scramble for Europe” & Claire Ellis’s “Blackening of Europe – 2”.

    • Answer Lawyers! They will stop all deportations. A few years back they made so much out of milking the NHS for negligence suits the GP service was within weeks of collapse.GP insurance companies covering NHS staff could not do so any more. The government quietly assumed future payments to the already £60 billion bill.

      • Surely the development of ambulance, or more properly, GP chasing lawyers was the result of the disastrous regulatory changes introduced by Mrs Thatcher to reduce the legal aid bill by But Mrs Thatcher went gaily ahead with the o called Bloodsuckers’ Charter, more politely known as the 1990 Courts And Legal Services Act (Section 58)?

      • Ah yes. First it’s the dastardly Russians, a federal republic somehow causing all of your problems; now you are shifting the blame to those horrible, no-good rotten attorneys who, if only we could get rid of them, we’d all live in perfect order and harmony.

        The idioacy continues unabated.

        Attorney’s advocate law; they don’t create law. It’s not those horrible attorneys, nor is it the Federal Republic of Russia. It’s YOU! Time to look in the mirror!

        It’s policy and media.
        There is obviously pressure to be multicultural for a number of reasons:
        1. More bodies means lower salaries; this is good for MNC’s. It’s what they want. They don’t care about your declining real income.
        2. Schwab and his cronies are pushing for the destruction of the west so that he can achieve stakeholderism, and you have to destroy lockean and kantian ethics, religion, family and individualism to achieve a uniparty, totalitarian state which will distribute a universal basic income in the form of a dividend; in other words, if a robot can do your job, you will be accepting the scraps of distribution.
        3. Causing turmoil via multiculturalism is one approach, of many, to attack the substructure of a society.

        This is all planned folks. It’s not make believe. It’s in his books. All you have to do is read them. Let’s not create fictions around Russia and Iran; or the fiction of North Korea who has no money and no power. It’s not the next make believe enemy manufactured by the state to recruit your consent; it’s you and your socialist left. They are deceiving you.

        Look in the mirror! I feel like I’m trying to convince a brainwashed Soviet Union employee that his government has destroyed his life. It appears you still don’t get it.

  5. Excellent article. The so called Border
    Force should be renamed The Greetings and Hospitality Unit for all the good it does in repelling boarders. It’s.time we stopped pinning the blame on the people smugglers rather than the immigrants themselves, for it is they who are transgressing our laws by coming here illegally in the first place. It is ironic that it is politicians of Asian heritage who are prepared to take a more robust attitude to this problem. No wonder our public services are inundated by demand and we need hundreds of thousands of more homes to house a population far in excess of the 67 million admitted to in the last census

    • Let us suppose just for argument’s sake that some time ago it was decided to turn the white nations of the west into multiracial societies and then into predominantly Afro-Asian states. Now track back and see how it could be done step-by-step in various ways against an unsuspecting native population. The latest scam consists of safe routes here from the Global South Majority and plans to settle them in the rural areas of our still-white shires.

    • Hi,
      I would say that the population of the UK is about 72 million and will rise to about 80 million by 2035 and to 90 million by 2050!

      • In the hurricane of lies pomulgated by politicians and the government its probably about 80 million now and increasing at a rate of about 2 million a year.
        As the immigrant reproduction rate is between 3 and 5 percent, compared to the native rate of 1.4 and falling, native helotry is closer than you think.

        • A fairly recent development of the Global Majority First narrative is that Britain and other western nations – i.e. white people – are uniquely to blame for the industrial revolution, and therefore owe reparations to Africa and South Asia for global warming and pollution. (Reparations would include unimpeded access to the hitherto white heartlands.) According to Toby Young those who question this narrative are now accused of “digital hate”.