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Politicians react to shocking census and immigration figures with a shrug of the shoulders 
The facts are there for everyone to see. Immigration has changed the country.

In some parts, Britain has been transformed in just a few decades, picking up pace since the turn of the century.

In historical terms, it has happened in little more than a blink of an eye. No surprise that the likes of the BBC and high-net-migration apologists, and even members of the government, have either welcomed the record figure, played it down by claiming exceptional circumstances or have simply ignored it.

When our founder and president, Lord Green, asked the government in the House of Lords how they intended to meet their commitment to reduce net migration given it had climbed to over half a million in a year, they avoided a direct answer, focusing instead on illegal immigration.

Lord Green went on to say, “……half a million immigrants in one year is truly extraordinary: more than the population of Manchester or Edinburgh….it is now clear that the Government’s points-based system has opened up nearly half of all full-time jobs to immigrant workers…..”

And yet, the CBI has demanded a freer hand to bring in even more migrant labour. They are truly hooked on cheaper foreign labour, even as we learn that there are over five million registered for out-of-work benefits and millions more who are now economically inactive.

The post-Brexit ‘points-based’ system has made it easier for people in 80% of the world’s countries to come here for jobs, and opened up 50% of all British jobs to foreign competition. All this in the name of ‘taking back control.’ See Lord Green’s full question to the government in the Lords here.

No wonder that according to polling conducted by Professor Matthew Goodwin, 33% of Britain’s voters want a party that will campaign for lower immigration.

Turning to illegal immigration, the inclement weather has led to a lull on the Channel this week.

This week also saw the government setting out its strategy for tackling illegal immigration. We broadly welcome the plans to make it easier to deport those trying to game the system, and to reject those who come from safe countries and use Modern Slavery laws as a back door for economic migration.

However, the longer it takes to have the right legislation in place or to implement existing legislation, the more attractive Britain will be, both for migrants and for the people smugglers.

Permanent Settlement: By Which Routes Did Those From Outside The European Union Come Here?

This analysis, published early this year, looked at the original pathways into the UK for the 1.5 million non-EU migrants who have settled in the UK since 2009. It underlines a finding by the Migration Advisory Committee that the family immigration pathway has been the main non-EU route leading to permanent residency.

It also finds that nearly 300,000 non-EU people who originally entered the UK on a study visa, were eventually granted permanent settlement. This, after many (clearly unfounded) claims by immigration activists that few non-UK students remain here after completing their studies. These Home Office statistics show that claim to be wrong.

As another blog shows, when the government puts in place policies based on distorted and inaccurate information, the consequences can be severe, with study visa grants approaching an eye-popping 600,000 in just the past year. Read our full blog here.

See below for some reactions to this week’s news:

Conservative Home: Small boats. Ministers must ensure that it is impossible to claim asylum in Britain after travelling from a safe country

‘We welcome this very good CPS report, on which we were pleased to comment early on in its drafting. However, as one of the authors, Karl Williams, notes, illegal immigration is only a part of the wider problem of the overall population explosion in recent years. Clear proposals for reducing immigration has to be the ultimate objective.’ 

Telegraph: Universities pay to attract Indian students with ‘bring your family’ campaigns

‘The dependency of our higher education institutions on overseas students, and the ability for many who come here to study to bring their family, are key drivers of the increase in net migration and consequent population increase. It is a gap in immigration control that must be plugged.’

GB News: EXCLUSIVE: ‘A clear majority of the country feel that migration is too high’

‘This follows more eye-opening polling by Prof. Goodwin. When will the government take heed and the necessary action to reduce net migration? The people are losing patience, are fed up with being let down and are now mulling over whom to vote for next time round. Who can blame them?’ 

Express: Man found in boat in Channel has tried to illegally enter the UK several times since 2007

‘This report exemplifies what is wrong with our border control. Vested interests rule the roost, while the integrity of our border is shattered and our security is threatened. Up with this we simply will not put!’

Having taken the trouble to write to their MP, we know that many are frustrated by the responses they have received. Indeed, in some cases, there has not even been a response, which is doubly annoying.

Our experience at MW has been that while Members of Parliament may effect disinterest or send a dismissive reply, contact by a constituent is never lost on them.

One thing we know for sure is that the apparent love that the bulk of the political class has long had for immigration, is not an affection shared by voters. With this in mind, do please write to your MP today.

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Our supporters are all as concerned about the future of our country as we are. Some have been kind enough to remember us in their will. If you wish to consider leaving a bequest to Migration Watch UK, or wish to discuss anything else, do please get in touch. Our email is: admin@migrationwatchuk.org


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  1. We spend vast amounts on the NHS. In most clinics in Hounslow 80% of patients are not white British. Many have conditions at 50 that natives have in their 70s or 80s if at all. This does not include the children of consanguinous marriages with genetic conditions. On top of this many south Asians bring over their parents for family re-unification.
    Eventually the cost collapses the system.

  2. The “liberal” mantra: “We need them [immigrant labour], and they [refugees] need us.” The first repeated by the Social Market Foundation that wants millions from Nigeria, Pakistan and India to replace the senile and diminishing “White British”. The second from the Woke Pathocracy of “church & state” – arranging “safe routes” for the entire Global South to escape to this one little island in the North Sea.
    Being prepared for the future? Well, TV advert programming is a start. And the demolition of our “racist heritage” is another.

    • Are the “Danny Boyle”-style Coronation Celebrations designed as the royal icing on the cake of woke as the Great Replacement proceeds with the Great Reset? What is on offer? BLM Gangsta Rappers (qv Mali Boys on Wikipedia)? LGBTQIA Drag Queen Dancers? Blind Bollywood Child Choirs? Readings from the Quran by Ladies in Burkas? Perhaps the Chinese Communist Party could be approached for some help with the funding given how much of “Britain” it already controls?

      • We are now told the Coronation will celebrate Diversity, and HMTK’s local Bangladeshi “subjects” praise him as an “anti-racist”. A thorn by any other name. Still, he will no longer appear on the stamps of Oz. New blood is thicker than old water. God save the King. Frustrate the knavish tricks.