Whitehall’s sneering contempt for us

“Matthew Rycroft,” reported the Daily Telegraph on the 29.12.22,  “the most senior civil servant in the Home Office during the failure to tackle the surge in small boats crossing the English Channel has received a knighthood in the New Year Honours,” The article went on , “Mr Rycroft has overseen major backlogs in dealing with passport applications and defended the right of some senior civil servants involved to work from home” and, “has also been accused of attempting to “frustrate” the Government’s “anti-woke” agenda by telling colleagues there is no need to “slavishly” follow official policy.

A Familiar Tale

The Fall of Rome to the Goths

The King of the Goths who no longer dissembled his appetite for plunder and revenge, appeared in arms under the walls of the capital, and the trembling senate, without hopes of relief prepared by a desperate resistance to delay the ruin of their country. But they were unable to guard against the secret conspiracy of their slaves and domestics; who either from birth of interest, were attached to the cause of the enemy.

At the hour of midnight the Salarian gate was silently opened and the inhabitants were awakened by the tremendous sound of the Gothic trumpet. Eleven hundred and sixty three years after the foundation of Rome, the imperial city which had subdued and civilised so considerable a part of making, was delivered to the licentious fury of the tribes of Germany and Scythia.  Gibbon Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Gibbon.




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  1. Steve Moxon’s books and website are particularly helpful in understanding the harmful subversion of our civil service & immigration control by woke ideology.