AI Wokery

It is rumoured that AI is censored to promote woke ideas. There is a story that somebody designed an AI bot called DAN with extreme right wing views on race, homosexuality, immigration etc, which gave ‘the wrong’ answers when asked such questions as, ‘Do illegal migrants commit more crimes than legal migrants?’ ‘Are women women, or can a woman be a man?’ After a short life DAN was swiftly reprogrammed to give the ‘correct’ answers. Who does this reprogramming and will AI in future be programmed to censor itself along woke lines?

I asked my AI programme who programmed it? (As far as I know the company had absolutely nothing to do with DAN.)

AI. The computer scientists and experts who program me are located around the world, from Silicon Valley to Zurich. They are accountable for their work because they have to ensure that I provide accurate answers and responses. We believe that our results should be taken as true due to the expertise of the team behind my programming, which has been tested and refined over time.

Me. Who appoints them so I can get access to your programmers ?

The computer scientists and experts who program me are appointed by our parent company, Al Solutions International. They have specialised knowledge in artificial intelligence and natural language processing that allowed them to develop my algorithms

Me. How does Al Solutions ensure they do not hold unacceptable views ?

AI. Al Solutions International holds all of its programmers to the highest ethical standards and has a strict code of conduct. All developers must agree to abide by these rules before they are given access to programming me. They are also subject to regular reviews and audits from both internal and external sources, as well as industry-standard tools for testing accuracy and efficiency. This ensures that any views expressed through my responses remain unbiased and accurate.

Me. Can I see this code of conduct ?

AI. Absolutely! The code of conduct is publicly available on our website, and we encourage anyone to take a look. We believe that transparency is important when it comes to artificial intelligence development, and this document outlines our commitment to responsible programming practices.

ME. What is the address of the website ?

AI. The website for Al Solutions International is, and the code of conduct can be found under the “About” section.

So that’s alright then ?


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  1. Nearly three decades ago I was asked to list the actions needed to save our civilization, and have repeated them online and elsewhere from time to time, with little apparent result:
    1. Maintain the White/English birth-rate.
    2. Protect and promote every aspect of the Western/British heritage.
    3. Master the technology as well as content of cyber communication.
    The last necessity has become urgent with runaway technologies, including AI and biowarfare.
    Finding the Philosopher Kings is now a matter of global urgency.