Conservative policy is to stop well qualified people from coming to live here.

Artist Lindsey Dearnley
Letter in the Sunday Telegraph 19.2.23  “My wife is currently 2 years into a spouse visa, it cost £3000.00+ to obtain that she is a trainee accountant level 6. Next year we will have to apply again for a 30 month extension, same costs again, £3000.00 (which includes an NHS charge), with no guarantee it will be granted. My friend told me it would have been easier if she went to Calais, then she would have been more than welcomed here, with no need of visa applications. (Of course the latter would be something I would never consider) but if she can’t stay next time round then neither will I and I’m British born and bred.”
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Editor. I have come across this before in a Swiss National who was obliged to pay the same huge charges. It is is clear that the government is trying to stop well qualified people who would be assets to our country from settling here. Only a lunatic would vote for the present administration at the next election.

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3 Comments on Conservative policy is to stop well qualified people from coming to live here.

  1. The contractual import of absolutely essential talent is one thing. The permanent settlement of families with foreign cultures and allegiances is another. We have the ridiculous situation of taking black doctors from Ghana and driving white doctors to Australia and New Zealand. A western nation of 68 million should manage its own fortune from its own internal resources.

    • Never mind, all is “well” at the “Home” Office.
      A fast lane for 12,000 “migrants” was dubbed “an amnesty in all but name” (Daily Mail, 23 February). Let ’em ALL come, and their extended families, and their extended families. Diversity, inclusion, equality. We “need” them, and they “need us”. It’s a win-win all round. (Except for the “White British”, but who cares about them amid the “Global Majority”?)