BBC thinks it is not ok to be White

Scott Adams, creator of the cult comic strip character Dilbert, the put-upon office worker who mocks the fads of corporate culture, was accused by the BBC today of a ‘racist tirade’ against blacks.

The BBC reported that Mr Adams ‘who is white [my italics], said black Americans were part of a “hate group” and white people should “get the hell away” from them’ – ‘racist comments’ that were ‘widely viewed as encouraging segregation’. Consequently, the company distributing Dilbert has severed ties with Mr Adams, Penguin has dropped its new Dilbert book, newspapers have dropped their Dilbert comic strip, and Mr Adams says his career is destroyed.

But read on to discover the context of this ‘racist tirade’ and it turns out that Mr Adams is not quite the latter-day Jim Crow we had been led to believe. His comments were made in response to a survey in which black respondents were asked whether ‘It’s OK to be white’, and Mr Adams described the 26% of blacks who disagreed with the statement as belonging to ‘a hate group’. He went on, ‘I would say, based on the current way things are going, the best advice I would give to white people is to get the hell away from black people because there is no fixing this.’

So, it turns out that Mr Adams was accusing the 26% of being racially prejudiced against whites and arguing that whites, for their own good, would be well advised to stay clear of them. We need only reverse the colours – suppose that a survey had revealed that 26% of whites had said it was not OK to be black and imagine the subsequent furore about ‘white racism’ – to see that Mr Adams remarks were, in the circumstances, fully justified.

It is not Mr Adams but our grotesquely biased liberal media – its post-Marxist assumption that it is OK to hate whites and cancel them (because they are irredeemably tainted by colonial guilt), that it is OK to hate the West and its civilization – that is poisoning race relations, feeding resentment of whites against blacks, feeding hard-core white supremacists and real racist bigots.

As for Dilbert, he will surely become another rallying symbol, not merely for ‘white supremacists’, but for any of us who believes ‘It’s OK to be white’.

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1 Comment on BBC thinks it is not ok to be White

  1. I see that even the Daily Mail is jumping on the bandwagon desperate to prove its anti-racist credentials, making repeated reference in its reporting to Scott Adams’ ‘racist rant’. It also reports that Adams said, ‘You just have to escape. So that’s what I did, I went to a neighborhood where I have a very low black population.’

    Yet all Adams has done is spelled out the logic implicit in critical race theory, which is separate development, otherwise known as apartheid. Everyone benefits. Blacks are immunised against discrimination and accumulated microaggressions. Whites can get on with their lives.