The Windsor Framework – The Last King of England?

The terms of this treaty are simple. In return for the lifting of rules designed to wreck trade between Britain and Northern Ireland imposed by Brussels, the EU under its unelected President Ursula Von de Leyen ( did you vote for her when we were in the EU?) Britain has agreed to recognise the European Court of Justice having final sovereignty over a substantial part of our country.

The Court will not exercise its full sovereignty yet, that will come when Ireland, under a future Sinn Fein government, lays claim to Northern Ireland following a unification referendum in which a more fertile Catholic population outvotes an ageing Protestant one.

Dublin of course takes an entirely different view of what constitutes ‘our country’ than London. It feels it has every right to have its lands back if it can get them. After all who are the Northern Ireland Protestants but descendants of a bunch of Elizabethan ruffians and looters, who with permission from the English Crown, invaded Ireland and stole everything? The DUP doesn’t deserve a hearing.

As for a British Prime Minister arriving in Belfast to promise a large part of Ireland was British; from Dublin’s point of view how would the British like it if Cornwall was Irish by right of conquest with the Taoiseach popping into Truro every now and again to announce  Cornwall would always be Irish?

Notwithstanding our bitter mutual history, the principle of Brussels assuming sovereignty over parts of Britain that secede is now established. Scotland under its new Muslim 1st Minister – how representative can you get of a typical Scot? – will sooner or later leave. No doubt Wales will in time. Who knows after that? Cornwall? What will drive them out? The present government’s failure to control immigration. The three territories will not be leaving anything that is recognisably British or English. Indeed, will what was once the United Kingdom have a representative government at all?

In such circumstances would it be really that astonishing if in half a century the native English population of Britain had moved to Ireland? By that time with mass populations fleeing either war, dwindling food supplies, (noticed your supermarket shelves recently?) depopulation or a climate too hot or too cold, frontiers will be closing, and governments choosy who they allow in. A modest English diaspora of 5 million might be welcome in Ireland. Only 5 million? Thanks to declining fertility, and a lust for goods rather than babies, there won’t be more than that of us left, nor for that matter many Irish.




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4 Comments on The Windsor Framework – The Last King of England?

  1. Sadly, by his obeisance to the EU and WEF, Charles Windsor-Mountbatten has proven himself totally unfit to be King.

    • The constitutional convention is that the Monarch acts on the advice of elected ministers. Your quarrel should be with them and the parties of finance and/or woke. We need different politicians, not a republic.

  2. Well, large numbers are emigrating to Australia and New Zealand (not Africa or Asia, for some reason). It is up to the native English to halt the trend and to rebuild England, and renew the Monarchy. Join The Royal Society of St George and effectuate its Founder Principles.