Down with the White Man in Art

16th March 2023 7

Woke up to the joyful news that Beeston Council, Nottingham, under the guidance of their Civic Society, has decided to allow local road tunnels to be spray-painted with graffiti. According to Jeanie Barton of the society, the arrival of unintelligible writing in thick black lines and accompanying childlike bubbles in sugary colours is a ‘poignant’ commemoration of fifty years of … [Read on]

Will Aberdeen University be banning all computers, mobile phones and fashions for fear of slavery links ??

2nd March 2023 1

The University of Aberdeen has bravely conducted a ground-breaking review of its historical funding, in which it ascertained that the family of Mary Ann Baxter, the lady who donated the equivalent of £14.4 million by modern standards and indeed co-founded the university, made some of her money by selling a type of cheap linen used as clothing for slaves. This … [Read on]