Rishi Sunak’s plan to allow even more illegal migrants to come here and settle.

Free housing, health, education and damages too

What a joke! There is only one solution to illegal immigration, get rid of the people smugglers. Who are they? The  Home Office Immigration Department.

Under Home Office (unspoken but universally applied) rules, an illegal migrant, or any migrant for that matter, does not need permission to settle here and conduct a business or enjoy free health care, housing, and education for their children, as well as social security. All they have to do is to set foot on the beach at Dover, pick up a mobile phone and an immigration lawyer’s telephone number from a charity, then vanish. Getting a set of false papers is as easy as buying a book of stamps at the post office. Taxes? Illegal migrants don’t pay taxes, you pay them. Rishi Sunak’s plans won’t make a whit of difference, he is just the Prime Minister, the nominal head of a useless government. It’s Home Office Rules ok?

Immigrant health care?  Hospitals and GP practices are specifically forbidden to ask for credentials, although many do if they have a bit of sand. But it never comes to anybody being refused as the DHSS has ruled that as long as you were born on this planet, if you can get here, medical care is free.

There are a few exceptions. If you are white, middle class, honest, wealthy, and a possible asset to the UK, you will be charged huge sums of money for a visa that can sometimes take years to obtain. Some are made to pay indemnities in case they get ill while here.  You will be badgered endlessly for forms, certificates, and proofs of this and that. Why? White people cannot claim they are being refused entry on the grounds of race, it’s quite safe to talk to them in person and they don’t have belligerent lawyers at hand encouraging them to break the law. Nor do they have government-funded refugee charities on hand to plead their case on TV.






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7 Comments on Rishi Sunak’s plan to allow even more illegal migrants to come here and settle.

  1. According to the OBR, net migration will settle at around 245,000 a year which Migration Watch UK says is a fantasy; “the Government has no intention of getting a grip on the scale”. At least 1.6 million will arrive over the next five years, notably non-EU arrivals including students (families in tow).
    Immigrants legal and illegal need housing, so more builders will be invited in. As more patients from abroad fill our hospitals, so we must bring in more hospital staff from abroad; an INTERnational health service. This will have to patch up for the rapid emigration of medical personnel to what they still imagine is a White Australia and an English New Zealand.
    Ponzi Sunak.

  2. @ James Monteith
    Glad to see your intervention; I was going by the census 12 years ago. Parrish talked sense in the weekly, as do Shriver, Liddle and Murray.

  3. Before the “leadership” of the “stupid party” [J.S.Mill] fell into his “grahan sangya” Rishi Sunak identified the Equality Act as a major source of the woke problem, but has not yet touched this Sacred Cow. Whether his latest “Illegal Migration Bill” will do its supposed job, remains to be seen. So long as all the countries of western Europe, including Brexit Britain, remain open to ever-increasing incursions from the Global South Majority Heritage, it seems unlikely.
    The proverbs “When in Rome…” and “Birds of a feather…” being ignored in setting up white homelands as multi-ethnic host societies, is it likely that “A stitch in time…” will animate London, Paris, Berlin, Dublin or Madrid, as the unemployable youth of Africa gaze lazily and longingly at the northern fleshpot?

    • Is it now a universal “human right” to come and live in Britain, if only in Britain?
      How many are likely to exercise it?
      At what point would life in Britain become as intolerable as it is anywhere else?
      At what point does even compassion become impossible?
      What would have been Archbishop Weepy-Weedy-Wokey-Woolly-Wobbly’s advice been on the Titanic?

      • Asylum claimants are not the only factor.
        Last year 268,000 foreign nationals were granted work permits, up to 95% rise on 2019. 1.56 million visas were issued compared to 1.02 million in 2021. There was a huge increase in students bringing in family members 136,000 last year compared to 16,000 in 2019.
        But foreigners already own most of Britain’s economy, so why not make a foreign population to follow suit, instead of stale and pale English, Welsh, Scots and Irish – Indian Hindus, Arab Muslims, Chinese Communists and African Refugees? Inclusion, equality and above all a diversity so vibrant that it makes this island truly multi-cultural and pay for its imperial evils?

        • @ W. Smith
          Well, according to “The Spectator”, 11 March, (as much a “right-wing” journal as the “Daily Mail” is a royalist one), we must maintain a “compassionate agenda” by generously “strengthening Britain’s [morally] historic duty to the [entire] world’s displaced”.
          So instead of imposing border controls, why not use what remains of our naval and air transport facilities to go and bring here all the hungry, sick, persecuted, displaced, conflict-zoned and indeed unhappy people, and their relatives, all around the globe who would prefer to live in England. Just imagine the incidental benefits of Somali knife-grinders, Vietnamese horticulturalists and Albanian wrestlers! The editor has described unprecedented “immigration” as a “stunning success”, so why not have as much of a good thing as possible?
          The Editor’s own Twickenham home-town has only 30% people of colour, and the Stadium would make a nice starting place for the first arrivals that could be provided with food, clothing and then lovely local homes like his own.

          • I know Twickenham well, and it is overwhelmingly white. If white is broadened to include Irish and ‘other white’ (like Fraser Nelson’s wife, who is Swedish), the figure is more like 90 per cent. Hardly the multicultural melting point that Nelson seems to favour. But then house prices of over £1 million for a semi put it beyond the reach of the average Somali or Albanian refugee.

            It is interesting that in this week’s Spectator, Matthew Parris spills the beans on the righteously compassionate liberal editorial view, or ‘pose’. He pointed out that ‘safe passage’ to all those ‘facing war, persecution and violence’ would amount to billions of people. Which is why talk of admitting all genuine asylum claimants, under the existing definitions, is romantic nonsense, and the Australian approach is the only one.

            Fraser should try taking the bus to neighbouring Brentford, Isleworth, Hounslow, Feltham and Hanworth, where he can experience the real consequences of multiculturalism, namely a parallel society where the English have all but disappeared. But then, perhaps Fraser Nelson, who is a Scot, has little time for the English?