BAME is racist. I’m just British.

11th August 2020 22

Growing up, I was always labelled ‘half-caste’. These days that’s seen as offensive, with supposed connotations of impurity along the lines of a muggle-blood from Harry Potter. After that, ‘mixed-race’ became the in-term, this too suggests that one doesn’t belong to a race but is a mixture of multiple. ‘Coloured’ was the all-encompassing word for non-whites, which once it became … [Read on]

Only whites can be racist?

8th January 2020 22

I was racially bullied as a child. It’s not something I talk about often, in fact, I don’t think it’s something I’ve ever discussed as an adult. I’m about as anti-victimhood and anti-identity politics as a person can be but bear with me on this one. I had a very loving family, but growing up wasn’t always fun for me. … [Read on]

They want to replace Mozart with rap in schools

27th June 2019 26

A national charity named ‘Youth Music’ has just published a report funded by Birmingham City University, calling on the government to ‘shake-up’ the music curriculum by teaching hip-hop and grime. While Youth Music kindly say they don’t want Stormzy to replace Mozart entirely, we all know there is finite room in the curriculum, and every addition means a subtraction somewhere. … [Read on]